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April Showers

Mike SteffanosMonday, April 23, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Braves 9 - Mets 6

I was as disappointed as anyone was after this game. I felt lousy all weekend with a really bad cold, and I've been doing a lot of painting at the new house. I think I can say definitively that paint fumes and head colds are a bad mix. The Mets play in the seventh and eighth innings yesterday afternoon didn't make me feel any better, that's for sure.

I listened to Saturday's game on the radio while painting, but decided to watch the game on tv Sunday and then go paint afterward. I was so annoyed when that game ended that I wound up painting until 10:30 that night, just to get my mind off it. It helped in that respect, but it didn't make the cold any better.

I describe my behavior after the game to make a point -- tough Mets losses to their chief division rival aren't things I shake off easy. After all these years, these are the games that haunt me a little.

Having said that, I still had to laugh when I read some of the post-game stuff where writers were bringing up the old standard of the Braves being in the Mets' heads. If you remember, we were reading the same stuff last year when the Braves took 2 of 3 of an April series at Shea. I guess that nonsense makes a good story line, but it's not the same old Mets-Braves dynamic anymore. Hudson pitched a great game Friday and the Mets bullpen let them down yesterday. This Mets club has some flaws to work out, but they are about execution, not psychological.

When the Mets signed Scott Schoeneweis this winter, my first reaction was to wonder what about this lefty's record made him worth 3 years and 10 million bucks. Omar seemed to be really high on him, however, and I'm sure that Peterson liked him, too. I've decided to give them the benefit of the doubt on this signing, but that's starting to wear off. He can't keep issuing walks like this, we're lucky Joe Smith bailed him out on Saturday. Same with Pedro Feliciano. His track record of success only goes back to last year, and he didn't sign a multi-year megabuck deal.

I can forgive guys for making a bad pitch and giving up a big hit. I'm tired of watching Scott Schoeneweis hand out free passes, however. He's very close to making my sh*tlist.

We'll leave David Wright and Carlos Delgado for another day.

It's time to head over to the new house for another night of paint fumes and the Mets-Rockies game on the radio. I'm still a little down from yesterday, but I'm not drinking the Braves Kool-Aid that some of the writers are trying to sell. It's April, not September. We may feel bad right now, but that's plain silly. Just please, could someone introduce Mr. Schoeneweis to the strike zone?

Tom Glavine (3-1)
TOTAL (5 Games)29.1131027161143.071.303-2

Mets-Braves Pics
Chris was at the game Saturday, and has some great pictures from the pre-game warm-ups and the game itself that he's sharing us. Chris says these pictures are absolutely best viewed in the large size found in the "all sizes" option.

Box Score

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Comments (3)

Your comment on Scott Schoeneweis mirrors my thoughts on the signing: Why? And, assuming there was a reason, why for three years?

Generally speaking it's hard to doubt Minaya, but this one had me mouthing those words that no Mets fan dare say aloud: Rich Rodriguez.

Sorry to go all horrorshow.

I'm afraid Show was a slight panic move, and in the market, probably wasn't even overpaying too much for mediocrity. I am generally a trust Omar guy, but so far, I think he got this one wrong. I was hoping Show was only issuing so many walks because of the cold and his stubborn refusal to wear sleeves, but it's looking more like he just kind of sucks. And I thought his whole thing was that he didn't give up home runs; apparently Renteria didn't get the memo. I'd rather have another mediocre righty than a crappy lefthanded specialist who walks the lefty he was brought in to face.

Hopefully Show will get it together, become what he was advertising himself as, and this will become a moot point. For now I say as soon as Mota's back, he and Heilman can get on a plane together somewhere & bring us back something else mediocre that Peterson can try to fix.

dd - I'm giving Omar/Peterson the benefit of doubt right now, because they seem to have rated this guy pretty high. It would be easier to continue to give him the benefit of the doubt if he wasn't walking more guys than Burgos.
m00kie - I don't think it was a panic move if you listen to what they said about him. That doesn't mean they weren't wrong.

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