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Games Unwon

Mike SteffanosMonday, April 9, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Braves 5 - Mets 3
Braves 3 - Mets 2

First of all, sorry for not posting this weekend. Lisa and I were working at the new house Saturday, and Lisa managed to fall off the front porch while carrying out a large piece of the vintage 1970s paneling we were removing from the place. She thought that she broke her ankle, but it turned out to be a severe sprain -- a fact determined after a ridiculous 4 hours in the local hospital's emergency room.

I'm somewhat upset at her for stealing my thunder. As the man, I felt it was my right to be the one to accidentally remove a vital body part or make some other such Al Bundyish blunder. Oh, well.

I missed most of Saturday's game in what Waterbury Hospital ironically named their "Prompt Care Unit", but was able to watch the "highlights" later that night. I did watch almost all of yesterday's game in between waiting on my injured honey. My thoughts were simply that the Mets dropped a pair of winnable games to the Braves this weekend due to the most basic of sports shortcomings, a failure to make plays.

On Saturday, it was about defensive breakdown. Yesterday it was about a lack of good at bats in key situations. The pitching has been all we could have hoped for, even if a couple of bad pitches did in Heilman yesterday afternoon. Scott Schoeneweis has not been impressive so far, but everyone else has.

A friend of mine who is not a Mets fan wanted to know if I felt the Mets missed an opportunity to "send a message" to the Braves this weekend. I'm not a believer in that; to me messages are for voice mail. Good teams find a way to pull out winnable games, and the Mets didn't this weekend. I think their offense, despite some decent efforts, has not been what it needs to be so far this season. Too inconsistent, but then again, it's April folks.

All I take from this weekend is that the Mets need to pick it up a notch, and I think they realize that, too. Anyway, the home opener is minutes away from starting. Time to turn the page.

Saturday's Box Score

Sunday's Box Score

Comments (10)

Glad to hear it's nothing serious with your wife.

Did George Orwell name the Prompt Care Unit?

dd - I've honestly never seen anything run as incompetently as that ER. Jeez...

Get well wishes to Lisa.

I am hardly bemused by anything yet. Lack of key hits? That carries over from the last 2+ yrs. AND AGAIN TODAY.......But its about 162 games. The Braves are good. so are the Phils. I hardly expect to eliminate them in the first week or start a season sweep.

That said I think Glavine's expectaion's are a 16-12/15-10 season. I actually have similar expectation's for Ollie...be patient with me.

On Offense: DW still is not right...

Mike, glad to hear that your wife Lisa is not seriously injured (although a severely sprained ankle hurts like heck!). Unfortunately, I've had to make trips to ER departments at many different hospitals because of my former job (as well as some personal trips too), and an average wait time ran anywhere from 4-6 hours or more! I've often thought that if you made it out of the ER, you stood a better than even chance of making it through whatever ailment you suffered from. I am more in the camp of stomping on my enemies throat when possible, and the Mets missed a golden opportunity this weekend in Atlanta. Not a particularly well-managed game yesterday, and the amount of runners being left on base is incredible, considering the number of runs the team has scored so far. Small complaints I concede, but potential trouble signs down the road maybe? And is putting on a suicide squeeze once asking for too much?

Ed - I just think their offensive approach still lags behind where they should be. As for Perez, all I hear from is people that think I am too optimistic about him. You don't think I'm optimistic enough. I don't think 15 18 wins is out of the question, but I'll need to see consistency over a few starts first, that's all.
George - The offense hasn't been great even in the games they have scored a few runs, but it is early and the weather has been cold. Their offense does need to get better, though.

I am not trying to be prophetic, but I did say Atlanta will be a thorn in our side this whole season. Ouch it hurts when we help them win. Today they are getting me closer to the Lord, they forced me to my knees before they turned it around. It looks like the hitting may be starting to get on track. Looking forward to your recap. Get well soon Lisa.

The weekend games were very frustating to watch, as were the first 6-7 innings of the home opener. But as you said, it's April and far too early to panic - especially when our boys are 5-2. I think the Phillies and their blunders might have finally reawakened the Mets bats.

I hope Lisa feels alot better. I have a home remedy of my own. Ice and wrap her ankle, bring her to Shea, and join me and thousands of other Met fans in chanting "Jimmy Rollins!"

It's very therapeutic.

Al - I think both Atlanta and Philly, plus maybe the Marlins, will be in the race all season. The problem with the Braves is that they have no depth. Hampton is gone for the season already; if Smoltz or Hudson goes down they will be in big trouble there. If Wickman, Gonzalez or Soriano goes down the bullpen suffers. If they can stay healthy the Braves can win the East, but it's a long season. Despite the horrible start I still think the Phillies are pretty strong, but they absolutely have to find a bullpen arm before too much longer, even if they have to give something valuable in return.
Salman - Lisa is a warm-weather girl. The only way I'd be able to get her to Shea in April is if I could afford a luxury suite, and that ain't happening.

Hi MIke- Congrats on the new house and I hope Lisa is OK.........

Thanks, Shari

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