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Mike SteffanosWednesday, April 4, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

On MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone quotes Bob Klapisch from a Podcast on NorthJersey.com regarding Willie Randolph's decision not to require that his team watch the Cardinals' dual ceremonies celebrating their championship:

I thought it was a mistake on Randolph's part. It's a show of respect that you give to the other team. The Cardinals won that thing, fair and square...and I think the Mets owed it to the Cardinals to be good sports about it.

I think Randolph is a terrific manager, I think he's a real pro, and he basically understands the respect element of the game, and has all along, both as a player and manager - but, in this case, I thought that he made a mistake in not demanding that the Mets be part of that ceremony.

The Cardinals did indeed win fair and square, and kudos to them for what they accomplished. The decision of the team to milk this championship for all it was worth, spreading the celebration out for 2 nights, was within their right. The job of ballplayers, however, is to prepare for the game that they are being paid a lot of money to play. The Mets elected to prepare for the game rather than sitting on their hands for two nights watching the Cardinals' drawn out ceremonies.

I'm not quite sure why the Mets "owed it to the Cardinals" to watch, anyway. I didn't blow a gourd over the Cards doing the Jose chant in their locker room after winning game 7, as I figure a team has a right to celebrate a tough win how they see fit. There was an element of disrespect in this mockery, however, and it begs the question of what the Mets owed the Cardinals in return.

Of course the real problem is that Randolph didn't elect to mimic what Joe Torre did on opening day of 2005. (Funny that the Red Sox only needed one day to celebrate a championship after waiting almost a century to achieve it.) Too bad. The Cardinals had every right to choose how they would celebrate the world championship. They had no right to expect the other team to take part in their celebrations. Let's move on to something important.

About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Comments (15)

Willie and the Mets don't owe anyone anything. This is a professional sport, and professionals are only required to do what it takes to win on a nightly basis. They have no obligation to quietly endure a prolonged celebration from a less than gracious winner.

The only thing the Mets did owe the Cardinals was a good beating. So far, they've done their part to honor that commitment.

Why would any self-respecting Card player or fan want "pond scum" around when they're celebrating? Klapisch conveniently left that bit of historical data out of his call for gentlemenly conduct. Wotta putz.

The Cardinals can have their pre-game celebrations; that's 2006. This is 2007. And by all accounts, the Mets came to not just play, but dominate the Cardinals. If the Cardinals or anyone wants to complain about the Mets not partaking in their pre-game celebrations, then they should play like the celebrations have no effect on their pre-game warmups. The Cards played sloppy defense and baserunning through the first two games; the Mets did not (asides from Reyes' botched stolen base).

Also, Willie mentioned that he didn't like seeing Keith Hernandez out there celebrating with the Cardinals. No one remembers him outside of St. Louis for his tenure there; everyone remembers him as a Met (and to this day, he remains far more tied to the Mets than any other organization). Willie was right when he said "that just isn't right", about Keith and the Cardinals.

Maybe that also factored into the Mets' thinking. They didn't want to leave that kind of a sour taste in their mouths, going into the game.

Um, yeah.

The best indication of respect a team can show is to take their opponent seriously, to get up to play them. This the Mets did; they really, really respected the Cardinals, all three games, by a collective score of 20-1.

That should read, a collective score of 20-2. Sorry.

The cards can stay away from our ring ceremony next year, we won't get mad. I love Keith wearing Met blue and orange that day. I watched the whole game last night,Main was the man, with a few homeruns and good defence, even though I needed tooth picks to keep my eyes open it was great to see.

Nice title. I would extend that 'professionalism' to the Mets use of the pre-season. It seems that the Mets are 'focused' on winning.

I listened to Mike and mike this morning and tim K was all over the Mets bandwagon. i hope someone posts the wav file of his comments. He said (of course) the Mets offense is hands down the best in the NL. I'd still like to see some Lastings in RF.

I am gushing over John Maine. I was ecstatic when we traded for him, I even remarked he was a 'key'to the mets 2006 campaign. For much of last yr, highlighted by his 28 (?) inning scoreless streak he was the Mets best pitcher. Then he was probably the Mets playoff MVP. At this point he is making talk of acquiring a Dan Haren/Rich Harden moot. Definately, he has quelled any thirst for Kris Benson. in the sweep of the champion Cards (al Pujols, Yad molina, Preston Wilson, Eck) maine was our best pitcher. if ollie has acquired any confidence I sure he will be great too.


Ouch. That "Burning down Atlanta" bit stings. What say we just ream the Braves and leave the city standing, hey?

And speaking of things Southern: methinks Phil Humber is starting tonight for New Orleans. Humb, baby!

What do they call the N'Orleans team anyway? Is their nickname the Mud Bugs? And if it isn't, why isn't it?

(It's the local name for crawfish)

I agree with you Mike, 110%.

"The only thing the Mets did owe the Cardinals was a good beating. So far, they've done their part to honor that commitment."

There really is nothing left to say.

Mets only owe themselves. Cards did win fair and square in 2006, no complaints, no crying. Now it's time for the Mets to show that 2007 is the year they put it all together and make a World Series championship their own! A 3-0 start, against the "lost" looking Cards was a good. Sure they(the Cards) were not at full strength but the Mets are missing some significant parts to thier team as well. So to heck with Klapisch and that sad look mop he calls hair, to heck with the Cards who look like the stumbling bumbling Bad News Bears(we know they are better than what they showed), to heck with Casper, and the Diaz Brothers, the Mets will stomp them all like cocker-roaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris Benson for John Maine & Jorge Julio
Jorge Julio for El Duque

All together: Thank you Omar

Salman, my friend, you get the "line of the day" award for that "good beating" line.
geezer - Klapisch is a pretty good writer, but seems much more tuned into what's going on in the Bronx than in Queens. In a podcast from near the end of spring training he referred to Milledge as a "punk", and said the Mets should have traded him while he still had value. When I heard that, I honestly wondered if he was even really paying attention to what was going on in Mets camp.
Jason - In fairness, I don't think I read one thing where the Cards complained that the Mets should have watched their celebration.
dd - I wonder if some will see the Mets sweeping the series as a sign of disrespect?
Al - I did run a little late for an early riser like you, didn't it? I wonder what happened to teams playing day games in April.
Ed - You were right on Maine from the beginning of last year, mu friend. I am your witness.
'62METSFAN - You think La Russa needed a few pops after these three games?
dd - It's the New Orleans Zephyrs. Mud Bugs would have been cooler. Humber's start will be televised this evening on SNY, just in case you don't know.
itsmetsforme - That was a great line, wasn't it? As bloggers, are we allowed to take credit for anything on our site, even if we didn't write it?
L.J. Phipps - Amen to all.
Sydd - Not to mention, thank you Anna.


Zephyrs does not work. zepherus was the Greek diety representing the West wind...not appropriate. tides would have fit, but alas....However I think Hurricanes might have impact..

I definately think like this guy as my mascot

Ed - I'm not sure that people are ready to have a team nicknamed the Hurricanes in New Orleans this soon after the real thing.

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