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Fun, Fun, Fun

Mike SteffanosTuesday, May 22, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Sigh... Two days before moving day and the water heater dies into a pathetic puddle on the basement floor. Replacing it will be tonight's project.

While I sacrifice another finger or two to the joys of home ownership, and my admittedly long-shot chances of walking through the pearly gates some day to the resulting outpouring of language, please enjoy our friend Gary Sparber's Mets - Yankees pictures from Sunday night.

Oh, and let's beat those Bravos tonight.

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Comments (3)

Ah, the water heater.

You got off easy; my furnace went out last week; and as it also heats the water in this house we were taking baths with stove heated water for several days. That and five grand you weren't planning on spending will cheer the hardest heart.

So, here's another quote to soothe the savage beast, made after the second Yankees game, from someone who calls himself Baseball Crank:

"Would you rather be a Yankee starting pitcher or the drummer for Spinal Tap?"


Sorry to hear about your water heater Mike wish I could float you a couple hundred, but I'm house hunting in Atlanta now. Things will get better for you real soon, chin up! Thanks again for this Blog, it makes my day, the writing and knowledge is much appreciated.

dd - In a way it worked out. We decided against replacing the electric hot water heater with another one last night. We're going with an oil water heater instead. More money now, but it will save in the long run.
L.J. - I appreciate the thought. We'll be fine. Guess we won't be going anywhere on vacation this year, but we already expected that anyway. Good luck with your search.

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