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How Much Do I Hate The Braves? Let me count the ways...

Shari ForstTuesday, May 22, 2007
By Shari Forst

Those of you who know me well from the 7 Train know I hate the Braves more than anything. Even when they are in a downswing it doesn't last long. We all know when the Mets hit the wall it last for years, hence the dark periods of 1977-1984, 1988-1998, 2001-2005 and so on. I won't count from 1962-1969 because it was a relatively short time that they got themselves into the World Series for an expansion team.

Last season was the first bad one for Atlanta in fifteen years, but of course they are back with a vengeance competing with the Mets for first place.

Even when guys like Marcus Giles whose face I'd like to smack with a 2x4 -- he looked like the actor Robbie Benson had he run face first into an oak tree -- leave there are always new and annoying players to take their place. It's like cutting the head off a snake, a new one always grows back.

The Jones boys are still there-both with those smug expressions on their faces. Andruw- just annoys me by the spelling of his first name, and Chipper who loves Shea Stadium so much he named his kid after the soon to be a memory of a stadium.

Now Jorge Sosa takes the ball tonight against his former team which gave him his one great season. I hope he doesn't go to pieces like Glavine used to when he faced the Braves-those first few years it was almost like Bobby Cox was paying Glavine to lose when they played against him.

All joking and hatred aside, I want the Mets to take this series more than I wanted them to take the Subway Series. This is the one that is more important. The Mets need to exercise the demons of the Braves and Turner field and make a strong showing this week.

When the Mets can beat a competitive Braves team fair and square then I think we can all relax. I HATE that the one series they lost this season was to the Braves. I don't want them to lose to them whenever they play and end up side stepping them in the play offs like 2000.

I want 2007 to be for real-beat up on every team they can- and that includes the Braves. In order to do that Willie Randolph MUST refrain from putting Scott Schoene-WASTE in games from now on until Mota comes back.

That goes for Ambiorix Burgos too, these two are the newest version of what I like to call the "Disaster Twins" a name I reserved for Mike Stanton and John Franco a few years back. They come in and blow games open for the opposing teams. How much do we all miss Chad Bradford now? These guys have been awful. Even when John Maine or Glavine are not at their best they still manage to keep the Mets within striking distance until these two come in. ENOUGH with them. Keep using Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano, and even Heilman if you have to.

Another key to winning this series is to put the past behind them and play like they have been playing-taking two out of three from every team they face.

About Shari: Hi, I'm Shari Forst-my friends and family call me "Shaz", I am a musician who plays the drums and bass guitar, and life long sports nut. I have been a fan of the New York Mets since 1977 when I was 10 years old, and a a fan of the Jets and Giants and NY Rangers since then too. One of my dreams was to become a rock star, but since that hasn't happened yet I'm living my second dream of being a sports writer for MVN where I cover the NY Mets, NY Jets and the NY Rangers. I am also a frequent commentator on the High Heat Radio Show with Jay Hardin, and Life's A Pitch on sportstalkcleveland.com.

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Comments (20)


After this 'HR' Burgos was sent down. i still see Burgos getting his tools together this Summer. He brings alot to the table.

Well I don't know, I don't really agree, but if he does turn it around thats great and I will issue a big apology.

As a Braves fan, reading this made my day. To know we get under the skin of fans of opposing teams like this, well, it puts a big ol' smile on my face. Thank you!

Glad you liked it Casey.

Shari ,

I also enjoy beating the Braves , a lot more than I do the cross towners . The Yankees games are all hat and no cattle . The Braves games are the beef !!! And as far as the Braves being good all the time . Sorry Shari but you are showing how young you are . When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's they were a bad joke every year . The one decent year they had we B slapped them in the playoffs on the way to our first WS Championship ! And they stunk for a couple of decades after that also !

So actually a case can be made that after being as bad as they were for so long . That winning the division for over a decade straight just got them even again !!!

LMAO !!!

I agree Shari, it's about the Mets wanting it more, Willie pushing the right buttons, and each player being accountable for themselves. I live in the ATL and the sheer mention of the Braves makes my blood boil. I respect their team, manager, and GM, but their fans are as bad as Yankmees. I'll be in the stands tonight with my Black Mets Jersey on (no name, no number). This can be the start for the Mets to roll off a few W's in a row.

Sadly the Mets have lost two series to the Braves, not one. Also lost one to the Marlins.

First off, we're 2 1/2 games up on the Braves, a little more pressure on ATL to pull even.
Secondly, the Mets put the smackdown on folks on the road. You know Beltran's gonna light it up
And last, we have the pitching combo of Payback Sosa, Double Dutch PErez and another Glavin Smoltz rematch [this time it's personal] and Tommy still has more hair than John

Time to get the steamroller going!

Hi Eduardo-well thank you but I'm not as young as I sound, I remember when the Mets got Willie Montanez from the Braves when both teams were putrid. I also remember when Dale Murphy was the big deal on the Braves-in fact I have his Topps 1977 Rookie Card.

Sorry you were there LJ-what an awful game to see in person

Hi David-Thanks for the correction, I remembered the Marlins series after I wrote this, they looked bad in Atlanta again tonight. I really HATE that.

Wow Shari you did have to remind me about Willie Montanez didn't you . It had only taken me a few of decades to forget about him in a Met uniform . LOL !

LOL Sorry about that Eduardo-I remember being excited about him coming to the Mets as a kid-why I don't know.

I guess last nights game did nothing to quell the hatred for the Braves? Sorry to bring Jorge Sosa back to earth for you guys. Better you found out now than later....

HI Jake- just like Maine I knew Sosa would come back downto earth-all I hope is that he could be consitantly good and keep them in games- I just hate it when former braves wet their pants when they pitch against their old team.

Jake ,

I love baseball and don't hate any team not even the Yankees ! I do however enjoy beating the Braves and Filthies more than anyone else . But if you think that the Braves are going to keep playing over their collective heads the way they have been and that Delgado and will continue to hit near the Mendoza line . Wright will hit 270 for the year and that Mota , Dirty Duaner and Pedro are going to be absent from Shea all year you are dreaming bro .

Just like you talk about Sosa I guarantee that both Smoltz and especially Hudson will not continue their current tear . Hell Hudson wasn't even this good when he WAS good in Oakland .

So please , don't tell me how great the Braves are unless you are also going to point out the same of other teams because even with the braves beating us 5 out of seven and our two best hitters not hitting , our two best set up men still not with the team and our ace lounging in St Lucie the Braves are still looking up at us from the seat of your pants .

That would make me VERY NERVOUS if i were a Braves fan bro .


I believe you discount how much the bullpen hurt last years team. 30 blown saves is a lot for any club. If thet blow a league average 20, they finish with 89 wins. John Smoltz has a 2.85 ERA, so its likely going to rise less than a run. Hudson is at 2.42, likely to see about a run or less. Ive never once said that the Braves are going to continue at their pace or the Mets will, but dont discount the 2007 Braves. They weren't as bad as their record suggested. With an improved bullpen and improved Tim Hudson thy are going to be in the thick of the race.

Jake ,

I try never to take any team to lightly . That is a cardinal sin . But we have had our injuries already . If we sustain anymore to some of our stars the Braves might have a shot at the division . But if the law of averages starts to even out for us and we have few injuries the rest of the way . There is pretty much no chance that the Braves will be able to hang with the Mets IMHO .

The bullpen is improved . But as you have already found out it is fragile . Both Gonzalez and Soriano have had a lot of trouble staying healthy their whole careers. One is already down for the second time this year and from what i have read I threw harder than he is now in my prime back in the 70's . Soriano is pretty much like Alou for our Mets he is great while he is playing but you can count on some down time every year . And Wickman is a prayer buddy , an old guy fat guy with a bad back , how long do you think that will fly ?

Smoltz may do what he did last year . Then again he could run out of gas at any moment also . But I wouldn't worry about him much besides being one of my favorite players in the game he is also a class act and I hope he pitches well another decade ! But Hudson can just as easily be throwing to a 4 or 5 era as he has to a 2 . The rest are as or more suspect that Sosa IMHO .

Now the Braves are improved don't get me wrong I freely admit that , but so are the Mets . Just take a look at what we are doing to lefties this year . That was really our only weak spot last year . And when Delgado hits his stride the righties will have a veritable nightmere on their hands Smoltz included ! As for the pitching the stats speak for themselves and the big three we have coming off the DL later in the year are way more than anyone that any team can trade for at the deadline so there will be no big edge to be had by making a deal at the deadline. A deal by the Braves will at best close the gap that we will have from our boys coming off the DL . In fact they will be forced to make a deal any deal just to make a futile attempt to counter us getting Mota , Sanchez and Martinez back !

At any rate bro , Have a great season and hopefully your boys will get the wildcard and we can meet in the playoffs . I would love to show the rest of baseball that the NL East plays the best ball . Make sure your boys keep up their end of the bargain !

I know ours will !!!


The reality of the situation is Braves have won 6 of 9 head to head. No speculation about pitching will change that. It will be a race to the finish.

I don't believe that they can stay with us all year . To get up for the Mets for a series here or there is one thing to play at that same level all year 162 games is another .

I still say that the Mets will have a double digit lead by early August !

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