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On To Atlanta

Mike SteffanosMonday, May 21, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Yankees 6 - Mets 2

Damn, I wanted that sweep...

This is three bad starts in a row now for John Maine, featuring too many pitches, too many walks and too many runs. He's lost the excellent fastball command he had for the first month of the season, and the ability to pitch down in the zone. On the plus side, his off-speed stuff seems to be coming along pretty good.

When Maine was light-out for his first six starts, I wondered how he would react to a personal slump. I confess that I hoped the answer to that one wouldn't come quite this quickly, but now I'm curious to see how he makes the adjustments necessary to pitch effectively again.

With respect for all he has done, I think if I was manager of the Mets I would give Delgado until Moises Alou returns at the end of the month to start looking confident at the plate. Right now he just doesn't belong in the cleanup spot, and I'd like to see someone batting behind Beltran right now who is productive. I know that Delgado endured a prolonged slump last season and rebounded nicely, but although he has some good games here and there, he's shown no sign of really coming out of this one.

Move-in day is still Thursday. This whole week is going to be nuts. I'll do my best to post every day, but I may miss one or two. Sorry for the brief one today.

John Maine (5-2)
TOTAL (9 Games)55.1171744493052.771.347-2

Box Score

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Comments (4)


It seems as if the Mets dont do sweeps. But they win series. With 2 in the books I was not looking for much on Sunday. But boy is Wright looking good.

delgado: From my observations and some other banter it appears Delgado has lingering effects from his elbow tendinitis. I suspect he needs to either adjust to the pain or unadjust from bad habits made because of pain.

With Ollie and Sosa doing so well and Glavine being Glavine Maine's issues are small. I think too maine's release/motion is off a degree or two but he will be fine. Ollie pitched a GEM friday. I was as nervous as Nostra...but wow. Some of those strikeouts were picturesque.

On that note: I'd like to see Vargas once more before El Duque comes back. I am also curious to see how he would do as a longman.

mike...after i watched atlanta lose yesterday, i figured we were playing with house money...and as much as i would've loved a sweep for emotional reasons, i still think given the choice, a sweep of atlanta is much more impt and i would've made the following deal - 2 out of 3 from the damn yankees and a clean sweep of the braves in atlanta. lets hope i get my druthers...maine has been flirting with diaster and odds are he would'nt continue to keep extricatting himself from these messes he was getting himself into. calling dr rick, calling dr rick...pete makes a good point re: delgado - maybe its not so much that his elbow is still bothering him, as it is that he missed so much of his regular off season prepartion after the surgery that it is still affecting him. in any case, he is hurting us batting cleanup. so not happy with schoenweis...have i said that before?? well, i'm saying it again! he may be beyond even dr. rick's help! all in all, while i was disappointed last nite, i can't honestly say i was surprised...but 2 outta 3 ain't bad...

A quote from a chap, writing in an email group over the weekend:

"by the way, anyone else shudder at how easily the red sox dispensed with the braves?"

Yeah, Dan, I did.


The Red Sox are looking good . But they are hot right now .

You're never as good as you look when you're winning !

And you're never as bad as you look when you're losing !

Something to keep in mind when we inevitably lose a couple in a row . The sky isn't falling today and it won't be the days we lose either !

And the Red Sox aren't quite as good as they look right now !

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