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The Lefty Who Couldn't Pitch Straight

Mike SteffanosWednesday, May 16, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Cubs 10 - Mets 1

I'm going to be very brief today, because blowout games don't command much analysis and I have 2 very large holes to dig for two 15 foot shade trees (Princeton Elm and Red Sunset Maple) in the front yard of the new house.

I guess with a couple of bad efforts in a row John Maine's hot streak is over, although it would be premature to call it a slump. The walks have resurfaced as a problem the last couple of games. I'm not really that worried about him, though. A baseball season is a series of ups and downs. He's pitched without his best stuff the last 3 games and managed to keep the Mets in games.

Scott Schoeneweis, on the other hand, once again brought a big can of high-test in with him from the bullpen, turning a 2-run game into a rout. Based on his stats, I had trouble seeing what Omar felt was worth 3 years and so much money in this southpaw back when they signed him. I felt I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, because the current regime has earned that. I'm not arrogant enough to declare this signing a bust less than a quarter of the way into the season, but I hold my breath whenever he pitches, particularly to righties. Also, ground ball pitchers with low strikeout totals need to keep their walks down. Schoeneweis was getting a little better at that heading into last night, but he walked 2 last night, both of whom scored.

At this point, it's hard to see Schoeneweis as anything more than a lefty specialist, and that's not worth what the contract he was given -- particularly since he's not even the best lefty in the bullpen. Feliciano is a better pitcher, period.

Aaron Sele, who I've been somewhat skeptical of, was bad last night after a couple of decent outings. He's in a tough position, replacing Oliver who was great last year, but I'm thinking there is an opportunity for Dave Williams here when he finally makes it back. Oliver just plain had better stuff than Sele has, and Williams does, too.

Well, time to grab my shovel. Move in day is one week from tomorrow. Hope I survive.

John Maine (5-1)
TOTAL (8 Games)50.1121236452732.151.257-1

Box Score

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Comments (5)

I won't declare the Schoeneweis signing a bust, since you insist, but I didn't like it the day I first heard of it, and nothing we've seen since has changed my mind one bit. His peripheral stats -- ten walks and two home runs in sixteen innings pitched; only seven K's -- don't hold much promise for improvement.

And self depreciating humor is a plus only in combination with other assets, I think.

Oh well; at least he hasn't recorded a rap record.

I think this was a bad move on the part of Willie to leave him in to face Soriano and Ramirez, with the game only two runs in seperation. He got lucky with Soriano who was an 0-for at the time. But leaving him in to face Ramirez to me was just a bad move on his part. When Schowy was still in to face the two sluggers, I got a bad feeling when I saw no right-hander warming up. Then again when Sele and Burgos came in they still ended up giving up a run a piece. I don't know, but with only a quarter of the season behind them, do the Mets need to make a move to help the pen? Come on Mota, Padilla, and Sanchez, they need ya!

Mike - While you've got the shovel, could you put the game tape from last night into the hole you're digging for those trees? I hear fertilizer's good for the root system, and last night's debacle was certainly full of it all the way around.

No matter, though - a win tonight and a Braves defeat, and we're right back where we were on Monday night.

Maine just didn't Have it last night , and the entire Bullpen needs to be tested now and again if Willie is going to know who and when he can count on come playoff time . Better to find that out now , than later in the season IMO . As for easley , the guy is a good Bench player for the Mets right now , but he's just that , a Bench player , and not a starter . I wonder if Omar is trying to hold back from getting a 2ND Basemen for the moment in some Deal in the hope of Valentin comming back from the DL in a reasonable amount of time . I also hear Burgos is getting called up again by the Mets . Let's hope the Kid learned something down there , and can give Willie a Solid option out of the Pen in the later innings of a game . The Mets Season is OK for me right now , but yeah , it could be better .


dd - One of the things that was supposed to be his strength was not giving up homers. I don't know, just a strange start for the guy in NYC.
L. J. - I think whether they need to make a move will depend on how well Mota comes back and if Burgos can give them something.
Nostra - You were a prophet, my friend.
Mark - I just don't think there are a lot of great 2B options out there. I hope Valentin can make it back.

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