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An Improbable Victory Stretches Win Streak to 4

Mike SteffanosTuesday, June 26, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 2 - Cardinals 1 (11)
Played Monday, June 25, 2007

When Carlos Gomez homered off Mike Maroth in the third inning to put the Mets up 1-0, it was their second hit of the game. It took the Mets 8 innings to get their next hit. That kind of hitting should have sealed their fate in the series openr against St. Louis, but great pitching by Jorge Sosa and 4 relievers kept them in the game until their third hit of the game sailed off Shawn Green's bat and deep into the Flushing night.

After Sosa limited the Cardinals to a run on 6 hits through 6, it looked like it might get away in the seventh when Joe Smith walked leadoff batter Gary Bennett and then gave up a single to Maroth. The Cardinals caught the Mets napping with a double steal with their catcher and pitcher, and things looked dire with runners on second and third, no outs. But Smith came back and induced a soft grounder from Taguchi and striking out Aaron Miles on a slider that stayed up. After intentionally walking Pujols, Pedro Feliciano retired Spiezio on a comebacker to end the threat. Like the Mets, the Cardinals would not get another hit until the eleventh.

Give Sosa credit for this one. He came back from 2 awful starts to keep his team in a tight game. He threw a few more balls than I would have liked, but it was a solid effort. Having said that, I wasn't surprised when they took him out after 6 innings and 101 pitches. I thought the Cardinals were starting to read him pretty well over his last couple of innings.

Jorge Sosa (Last 5 Starts)
Season (10 Games)59.1272551342053.791.187-3

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While the offense as a whole was quite disappointing (yes, Maroth was sharp, but give me a break), Carlos Gomez continues to shine as he makes a case to stay with the Mets. That home run was quite a shot, as he continues to display the tools that make him an elite prospect.

After the game Wagner, who was dominant in 2 innings of work, called Pedro Feliciano the best reliever in the bullpen. He has come quite a way from being the guy who was sent down after spring training this year. Not only has he become one of the best lefty relievers in the game, an argument can be made that he is one of the best relievers from either side, period.

After a long stretch of finding ways to lose, at the very least it was good to see the Mets pull one out like this one. Still, I hope they bring the bats to tonight's game.

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Comments (6)

Whew. Glad they held this one at Shea; it was the sort of game where the homefield advantage really comes into play.

It never ceases to amaze, how this good offensive team can make a mediocre pitcher look great for an evening. Fortunately the team can also prevail against a Brandon Webb occasionally.

Feliciano is in a groove. Did you catch how bad he made Chris Duncan look? And while his dad was watching, too.

Maroth was a product of my current hometown of Orlando, Florida. He went to high school at Boone, and to college at UCF, the (not Golden any more) Knights.

You have to have some kind of stuff to lose twenty games, and Maroth sure did a few years ago. It was sick watch him Delgado to chase several pitches, each one further outside than the last, en route to striking him out in the seventh. If only he'd been able to show such stuff last October.

This was the first game all month in which I turned on the TV in-game, and expected us to be ahead. And we were. And we ended up there eventually.

They're pulling out of their tailspin now, and scoreboard-watching the third-place Braves is irrevelant for the time being. I like that. And the pen, much more rested than they've been in weeks, is looking sharper. I really like that.

This game was who is going to blink first game. I am glad we didn't blink but continued to stare them down untill somebody,please anybody, could hit the ball so I could go to sleep with a win.I think Delgado needs glasses, because he surely isn't seeing the ball. He really looks bad most of the time. He looks awkward with his swings, missing and fishing at the ball,Mr. Delgado get your eyes checked please.Gomez is raw but learning fast, I hope we keep him. With the trades coming up, I am sure he would be asked for in any of our talks with other teams.

These are the games we would always win last year. It's good to see the Mets pull through after a fantastic pitching performance by all the Cardinals pitchers. The thing that separates good teams from great ones is their ability to consistently win close games. We've done that twice in the past 4 games. Now we need to make it a habit.


It was a nice win. gomez and green homered and we had great pitching.

I have a penchant for prognosticating on team improvements and I looked at Maroth as someone who had labored for Detroit (21 losses in a 119 loss season), when they were very very bad. He was not that bad and I think last night he showed it. The birds are definately benefitting from Detroit's excess and I am glad for Maroth. The intriguing bend in this story is that with Wainright, Reyes, Mulder, Loop etc, and now Maroth, the Cards wont want Buerle.

I agree with Mike. Sosa has been a breath of fresh air but I dont see him as a permanent fixture in the rotation. The question is Pedro's health. These Mets certainly are buying Pedro time.

If Franco is hurt will he hit the DL?

dd - Agreed on both the offense and PF.
NostraDennis - No doubt Maroth is a solid major league starter, but they made him look like the second coming of Koufax.
Al - Every time I blinked it seems like 2 innings went by. I agree on Gomez.
Dave - I'd rather see us make a habit out of solid offensive performances like 2 f the 3 wins over Oakland, but I get your drift.
Ed - Same thing I said to NostraDennis about Maroth.

The bigger question about Franco is whether Medicare will pay for any treatment.

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