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Anyone? Anyone? Buehrle? Buehrle?

Adam WarnerTuesday, June 19, 2007
By Adam Warner

So I heard that noted Met booster, Michael Kay, on the radio yesterday talking about a trade for Mark Buehrle.

Namely, we give them Lastings Milledge and Mike Pelfrey for the 28 year old free agent to be.

My first thought was "stick to the Yankees". Well, not that polite, lol.

On second thought, not sure it's as nuts as it sounded on first thought.

I mean, assuming he signs.

The Plusses?

Well, he's having a nice year in every which way.

4-3, 3.45 ERA, 6.5 IP's per start, over 3:1 K to BB ratio and he's a pitch-to-contact sort. And that's all for a lousy team playing in a tough division and in the much tougher-hitting AL. He does strike me as a guy who could really thrive in the NL.

I kind of thought he crested, but looking at his stats he really has been good for all but last season.

And he's the world's quickest pitcher; he practically incorporates the throw back from the catcher into his delivery.

The minuses?

Well, I realize Milledge and Pelfrey won't get as much back in return now as they would have a year ago. But they are still big and young prospects.

Can we get more for them?

Also, it's like a media crusade that the Mets NEED another starting pitcher. Of course the Mets do. Everyone does. But is it a pressing need relative to other ones?

I mean it would bump Jorge Sosa to the bullpen/minors now. He has a 3.42 ERA. And we can't assume Pedro is coming back, But he might...and then what? Glavine in long relief?

To me offense is a bigger issue.You have a guy like Adam Dunn available. He's 27 and can't run or field, but great OBP and mongo power. And plays both 1st and left. Even if Alou actually comes back, they could rotate Dunn, Alou, Green and Delgado in 3 spots.

What about Jermaine Dye? Also a free agent to be. Not as powerful, but better avg and speed and a good glove? That seems like more of what the Mets could use.

So I guess as I write it out, I like Buehrle, just not sure he's the answer.

...maybe on 2nd thought, we can stand to axe Sosa.

About Adam: I am a professional options trader, and financial writer. I pen the Daily Options Report blog and contribute to numerous other sites.

I'm a 41 year old huge Mets (and football Giants) fan since the mid 70's. I trek out to Shea every Opening Day, and a few other times a year, from the Jersey burbs

I'm a "non-doctrinaire" stats junky. And by that I mean I follow it, but certainly don't swear by it.

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Comments (7)

How about Milledge, Pelfrey and a grade-B prospect (Niese, Mulvey, Carp, etc.) for Buehrle AND Dye ? I don't think that is unreasonable from Chicago's standpoint considering that both White Sox are going to be free-agents at season's end. Personally, I'd like to see the Mets hold on to Milledge (as well as Gomez and Fernando Martinez), but it's something to think about.

yeah it's funny, I was thinking maybe something like that. 3 guys for Buehrle AND Dye. THAT would probably make sense for both teams.

I guess I could make my point simpler and just say Buehrle instead of Sosa obviously is an upgrade, just not sure it's worth giving up Pelphrey and Milledge to do it when there's more pressing need for a bat. But increasing it and getting Dye might.

Milledge and Pelfrey for three or possibly four months of Mark Buehrle would be nuts for this team. Deals of this sort are precicely how teams go into decline; and the Mets system isn't so strong that their most prized prospects can be dealt away in such an unequal exchange.

The starting pitching is here, the Mets "just" need to get the work out of the available talent. Easier said than done, I realize, but that is the task.

If I was going to add anything it would be the lefthander-killer role that Alou is supposed to be filling.

yeah, Dye would fill that bill. He's like Alou but younger and a good fielder and faster on the bases.

Why would anyone want Jermaine Dye? He's batting .232 with a .290 OBP and his power numbers are way down. I understand some will argue that the Mets lineup will help him, but I would take the flip side and say that he'd be coming into a situation where he'd be expected to help lift an offense that hasn't performed well all year (they really haven't ever fired on all cylinders). I don't see Dye as that kind of player at all. My impression is that he is better in a situation where he can be a complementary power guy in a lineup, not a guy who's expected to be an anchor. And as crazy as it may sound with all the marquee names on this team, unless the Mets really started to click before he came aboard, he would in fact be coming here with very high expectations. Is that the type of environment that a guy like Dye is going to thrive in? In the toughest place to play in the world?

Also, looking forward, he will be 34 at the beginning of next season, so he's really past his prime at this point. I also think he's being way overrated off his career year last year. If you look at his stats over his career, he's never been a high on-base guy at all and his power numbers have been pretty inconsistent. Oh, and he's been prone to injury. I don't think Dye is a fit here at all, even if it is only a "secondary" part of the deal for Buehrle.

Dan, I believe you have made your point.

Ill take a Rental thats gonna give us a championship Anyday if the deal with buerle goes thru we have PEDRO/BUERLE/GLAVINE/MAINE/PEREZ With Duque Coming out the bullpen remeber if it wasent for Duque coming out the Bullpen for the white sox against the Red sox lord knows where they will adding Duque to the Bullpen also give us the option of trading Heilman which is sorta not coming up o par

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