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Chunky Bits of Tid

NostraDennisThursday, June 28, 2007
By NostraDennis

I'm not one to look a gift victory in the mouth, but did anyone else feel a bit uncomfortable with the Mets getting a "W" for only six innings of baseball last night? Heck, if my boss told me he didn't care how long I worked, just as long as the job got done, I'd never come back from lunch...I don't want to compare baseball with those other sports that use clocks to determine when they're done playing, but a baseball game should last nine innings, no less. Unless you're at Shea, where every game should last exactly eight and a half innings...

Got to love Tom Glavine's comments on David Wright's hustle after his truncated one-hitter Wednesday: "You have to play each play hard, and obviously, he didn't try very hard." He was JOKING. But, seriously, we don't want the first no-hitter in Mets history to have an asterisk, do we?...Speaking of coming up short, the Mets have 11 hits in their last 86 at bats, hitting at an anemic .128 clip. But they've won two of those three games... This whole team's offense lately reminds me of Gary Carter's postseason in '86. Kid hit .214 in the postseason, but always seemed to get that hit when the Mets needed it. 12 hits and 11 RBI's is the definition of clutch hitting...

The opposite of clutch hitting is the plight of poor winless Redbirds hurler Anthony Reyes. He pitched one of his best games of the season Wednesday - five innings, two hits, two earned runs - and got nothing but his tenth loss of the season to show for it. I remember another pitcher named Anthony who was real good at stringing losses together. I'll be rooting for ARey to replace A.Y. in the annals of baseball loserdom...My money's on Glavine securing his 300th victory on July 31st in Milwaukee. But wouldn't it be cool for him to win it on August 7th, 8th, or 9th against the third-place Braves?...Hang on, let me say that again. "The third-place Braves". I just love how that sounds...

So Scott Spiezio has a finger infection? He really ought to worry about that strange-looking hairy red growth beneath his lower lip. That looks infected...Our favorite Molina, Yadier F, is coming off the DL just in time for Thursday's finale. I hear Orlando Hernandez has been warming up with a cardboard cutout of YaddaYaddaYadda in the batter's box - and a big strategically located target. Fire away, El Duque...Speaking of ancient pitchers, the Vertical Swastikas should have read the caveat in Roidger Clemens' contract: "Warning: Roidger's right arm can NOT be used as a flotation device."...

I've been jealous of my fellow bloggers. Seems nearly all of them have been making pilgrimages to Shea recently, even Buffalo-based Metphistopheles. So I went out and plunked down 28 bucks on four tickets to see the Daytona Cubs battle the St. Lucie Mets on the Fourth of July. A look at the St Lucie roster left me stymied. Joe Heitpas and Jose Castro were the only names even vaguely familiar to me. There's another Ambiorix (not Burgos, Concepcion), another outfielder named Shawn (but he spells it Sean) Henry, and my favorite name on the roster, pitcher Blake Eager. "Gimme the ball, coach!" Now if Eager went to college at Oregon State, would the headline have read "Eager Beavers win CWS"?...

My favorite team in the College World Series was UCI, the University of California at Irvine. This was even before the Mets drafted UCI infielder Tyler Vaughn. I spent a summer out there in 1979 with a college friend. It was a beautiful campus in a lush, lovely section of Southern California back then. And since then, they've added baseball, dropped it, and re-added it only a few years ago. For UCI to make it to within one game of the CWS championship this year was unexpected and huge. The school's bizarre nickname is the Anteaters, and UCI's home jersey simply has "Eaters" in script across the front. That Oregon State/UCI matchup is evoking a dirty joke which I will not begin to voice, lest Mike ban me for life...

About Dennis McCarthy: I was born in the Bronx in 1960, but moved to Long Island four years later. I became a Mets fan in '69, thanks to my Aunt Ellen, who still lived in the Bronx.   Read More -->

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Comments (3)

Couple of barbs/random thoughts.

A. I made a comment yesterday insinuating the Mets better get serious or they might not make the playoffs. That came out on Mike and Mike from the mouth of Buster Olney who was instigating that the Mets NEED a rental player. They have one in Moises Alou. While Gomez is cementing LF as his own for next year, Alou figures to play 'as needed' down the stretch. His bat is significant as atested to by our 33-17 start. He neutralizes the need for consistent production from Wright and Delgado in the clean up spots.

B That said I essentially agree with Mike that this team needs little. I'd like to see a 'Mike Lamb' added to the bench over Julio Franco. DW needs to sit a game (here and there) as does delgado- in fact it would be good to see Greeny get some more 1st base time, with Lastings/Ledee/endy in RF.

C. PiTCHING: Anyone see Dave Williams pitched 6+ in NOLA yesterday. The obvoius move is Sele for DW. I am happy to see Glavine pitch well yesterday. It will be nice to see him retire on the upside. He has a mutual option for next yr, but the Mets will be a contender again and I think will try to add a 'Zito-esque' figure to the rotation. (If not before).

D. Atlanta: Nostra the Braves are rebuilding. Steve Phillips is an (blithering) idiot if he keeps thinking of them as a contender. Rather tho they are spoilers. they have a good young nucleus, but they will deal Salty for a good pitcher. Look for them to use him to block a potential Omar deal. The breakdowns of Joey Devine & McCay McBride have slowed them down. But Escobar looks like a keeper at 3rd. Philly is the real enemy. Also the WC could easily come from the West. If Philly continue to nip at our heels into July 31st, I think the blockbuster could well happen.

haha. Sorry, I've been to 14 games at Shea this year. And i'm going to two more friday in Philadelphia. ;-)

I really think the Mets are going to hit in Philadelphia, and Colorado and Houston. Those three parks should wake us up.

Anonymous - Good points, all. The only thing I'll say about the many roster tweaks that could or should be done is that at least two dozen managers would give their right arm to have the resources at their fingertips that Omar's provided Willie this year. Instead, it's Willie's right arm in a sling.

Hey, it's better than having his ass in a sling.

Ceetar - I'll forgive you your ticket-wielding smugness solely because I love your "LoDuca going mental" avatar. Classic stuff, which we can all laugh at now only because they won that game.

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