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Joyce MandelkernWednesday, June 27, 2007
By Joyce Mandelkern

I wanted to write this post when I got home from the game last night, but I was so frustrated, angry and disgusted I thought it best to wait until today since Mike has a no curse rule. I normally don't curse, but I was afraid that last night might've brought out the worst in me if I didn't sleep on it. I am somewhat calmer now, but still frustrated, angry and disgusted.

It just kills me to work so hard to stay in a game, get back in a game and lose the game the way we did. We do not hit. We are not out of our offensive slump and we are still playing sloppy defense, and if I was the official scorer, Jose Valentin would have had two errors last night. Our offense is not good enough to overcome sloppy defense, which there is never any excuse for anyway. Delgado is killing us. I would not have pinch hit Ricky Ledee for Carlos Gomez. He can make more things happen at the plate and I'd rather have him in on defense anyway. Besides, the game was tied at that point. I would have pinch hit Damion Easley for Julio Franco. The next fastball Franco catches up to will be his first.

Before I get to my major point of contention, let me say a few positive things - Shawn Green. Great at bat. Kudos for two terrific games. Thank you Shawn. And I'll give a thumbs up to Valentin for his RBI double. Wagner has been nothing less than superb. But then...and I am NOT second guessing here...I promise I knew this as soon as I saw the bullpen door open and saw who came out...SCHOENEWEIS. Right then and there I knew we were going to lose this game and so did everyone else sitting there. Why, Why, Why is he still on this roster? Put him on the DL and bring someone else up to pitch. They can't possibly do much worse or hurt us anymore than he is. It is impossible at this point for him to continue to pitch at Shea Stadium. He is hated and gets booed as he takes the mound. He is more than ineffective, he is terrible. I know I sound like a broken record but you can't keep running an injured pitcher out there game after game when he keeps losing these games for you. Mop-up duty is one thing, but putting him in big spots? Big contract or no big contract...he doesn't belong on the team at this point. Something has to be done.

I realize that with an extra inning game the night before the bullpen was overworked. Unless Billy said I can't go another inning, I would've sent him out there again. He had only thrown 10 pitches. My next choice would've been Joe Smith. If that hadn't worked, they should've called me out of the stands, because I couldn't do much worse and I'd play for nothing. My new mantra is anyone but Schoeneweis. Look, I'm sure he is a good guy, but we're in the business of winning baseball games and right now, he's bad for business. Let him go get healthy, send him to the minors to get "fixed" physically and mentally and then we'll give him another look-see. Just get him out of my bullpen now! Ok, I'm ranting, but don't you just want to hit Omar, Rick and Willie over the head sometimes? I don't care about the contract. I care about winning games. When I make a mistake I admit it. I try and correct it, do whatever damage control needs to be done and move on from there.

I think this was a terrible loss. I like that we fought back to tie the game, but I don't like the way we are playing baseball. The Cardinals are not a good baseball team and we are making them look great, and their pitchers look outstanding. Our starting pitching deserves better than what our offense and defense is giving them. We'll see what tonight and tomorrow brings. Let's just hope we get it all together before the Phillies series, because this kind of baseball ain't going to get us to the promised land.

Thank you for letting me rant. I'm done now.

About Joyce: I am an insanely passionate die-hard Mets fan since 1962 who is also a season ticket holder and usually can't bear to look and buries her head in her hands or starts pacing when I'm home when things get tense...   Read More -->

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Comments (4)

thanks for the (sad) truth ....

Joyce - I'm not as down as you were about last night's loss. I appreciated how they came from behind, how most of their bullpen did the job, and how they almost pulled off two consecutive extra-inning wins with virtually no hitting to speak of. There will be more games like Sunday was in the Mets' near future than there'll be games like Monday was.

Schoeneweis, Franco, Delgado - all are thorns in out fretful sides. The first two need to get pats on the back and trips to New Orleans and the coaching staff, respectively.

Delgado's a tough one, though. Can't sit your way out of a slump. So without a legitimate full-time backup, we're stuck with this Carlos and his June swoon. All right, his May/June swoon.

A series win against the Phillies would give the Mets a great psychological edge. A series sweep? Dare we even think such lofty thoughts yet?

Where the heck is Alou? If he comes back, you can put Green at first and Alou and Gomaz in the outfield corners. Your line-up is better your defence is better and Delgado on the bench? maybe better.

rev al - you're right in thinking that if we got some outfielders back (even milledge), green could play some first base - if they have the nerve to sit delgado for a bit. for what it's worth - pete tore his quad playing baseball when his was 17...it never did heal - he says every time he busted out of the batters box he re-injured it (he played college baseball). of course, this was a very long time ago and they didn't have the medical treatments they do know, nor did they really care how or if he was treated...and he didn't rest it. alou is 40 so it makes you wonder how or if he will come back and not only hit but play left...i don't think we can count on him at this point - i hope i'm wrong...joyce

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