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Glavine Shelled Again

Mike SteffanosSunday, June 17, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Yankees 11 - Mets 8
Played Saturday, June 16, 2007

For three starts spanning from lat May to early June, Tom Glavine pitched well enough to pick up career win number 296 but the offense let him down. The last two times out he was handed 14 runs worth of support but couldn't make it stick. The end result was a return to losing for the Mets after a one day reprieve.

Glavine has stunk for his last two times out, but this nothing that we don't see from him every year. I've come to expect a period from him where he doesn't have command of his pitches and looks this bad. This would be more worrisome if Oliver Perez and John Maine hadn't stepped up their game so much this season. In my mind, Glavine is basically the fourth or fifth starter on this club, depending on where you slot Jorge Sosa and whether El Duque is healthy at the time. It doesn't make it any easier to watch these games when he's really bad, but it makes it a little easier to put into perspective.

Ideally when Glavine goes through a stretch like this, you'd like to see Willie have a really quick hook with him. The way the back end of the bullpen is pitching, however, this is a problem. The only guys pitching really well for the most part are Wagner, Smith and Feliciano. For all of the sentiment to trade the admittedly up and down Aaron Heilman among some of the faithful, it's hard to see how this bullpen can afford to lose a pitcher who is at least pitching respectably well. Guillermo Mota looks lost right now, Aaron Sele can't replicate Darren Oliver's effectiveness from last year, and Scott Schoeneweis has a 10.8 ERA in June after posting a 9.9 ERA in May. I'd be clamoring for the return of Ambiorix Burgos right now if he wasn't shut down and possibly facing elbow surgery.

Right now, I just hope that Tom Glavine can turn things around quickly given the state of this bullpen.

Tom Glavine (Last 5 Starts)
Season (15 Games)88.24946984330124.671.448-7

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For all of the fact the Mets put 7 runs up yesterday, they missed a lot of opportunities to put up more. There are just too many guys slumping on this team right now. Carlos Gomez has done a nice job of keeping his head above water despite being pushed into the deep end of the pool. They really need to find a way to get Ruben Gotay more ABs while he is hot. I'm not as sold on him long-term as some of you are, but he's earned a shot at more playing time with his hitting.

Beltran looks so bad at the plate right now, you have a feeling if Alou and Chavez weren't both hurt they might consider putting him on the DL and letting that quad heal.

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Comments (5)

My first instinct is to order a very large beer and bowl of roast peanuts and dig into this debate/can of worms you just opened up.

My counter to your post is (the only thing kruk said right week) is it begins with Starting pitching. Evidence; last fridays win. In the previous 2weeks even Smith and Feliciano were exposed but Friday they came up big. Even Sho pitched well yesterday- why? because they are not being asked to pitch 2innings consistently.

When Glavine and El Duque melt as they have lately the bullpen is (as ? said Sat), exposed. Last yrs pitching MVP (hypothetical) might have been Darren Oliver for holding ALOT of games close in May-June in the middle innnings. Right now we have no longman. Mota wilts seeing more than 3 batters, ditto for Wags. (OK so I am repeating what U said in your 3rd para).

One of our long standing debates has been on el duque, who I recomend(ed) for the longman role...especially in lieu of Pedro's return. It is a role he has excelled in, for the Yanks and Sox, and with his age we should consider he cant be expected to push 180-220 innings/yr.

Glavine; I 'proposed' opening the season that he was the 5th starter. Now he looks like so many yester-yr aces before him...laboring to get thru June/July. Again like El he is 40 something and has pitched a TON of innings in his career. He reminds me of Hershiser in 1999. I realllly like Glavine, but I truly wonderhow Willie/Omar will factor him if he gets to 300 and during the stretch. Will they go to a 6-man roto?

Several things are different from last yr. Vargas, Pelfrey, Collazzo, Lawrence, Humber and even Mulvey are pitching well on the farm. Humber gave up a 3 run HR in the 6th in his last start to give him the loss. Again, I propose giving Humber a bullpen job in the role Sho & Mota are failing at.
Vargas won on Sat and he would be another option.mY 3RD option is Pelfrey.

On Gotay: I reference Ty Wiggington who was traded away but is often lusted after by Mets-bloggers. Gotay is a SH with power who beat out Mark Grudz for the start job in KC. defensively he is better than Kepp or Wiggy, and he has a good eye for the strikezone. If Glavine retires, (or in lieu of )I still say a front line starter will be imported. Buerle is a hot commodity ditto Oswalt and Harden. I still say Pelfrey could be dealt, hopefully we get that ace in return. Omar looks forward, and I am sure he sees Maine- Ollie and Pedro (+Sosa/El Duque/Humber/Pelfrey) with a Mark Buerle, AJ Burnett.

On B-ball tonight a great job was done by Eduardo Perez in breaking down why Griffey has been so good this yr. And in doing so he explained everything that is wrong with Beltran. Given the loss of Alou and Endy it explains why he has not sat or Dh'ed. But he does need some rest.

Mike - I was thoroughly joking a few weeks ago when I surmised that when and if Pedro returns, Glavine would be the odd man out of the rotation. Now I'm not so certain that was such a funny joke.

Just as surely as I'm rooting against He Who Shall Not Be Named to hit that 756th home run this season (and he just might be forced to wait all winter to do it next April, just like Aaron had to do with #715), I'm rooting for Glavine to win #300 this season. Because you know if he doesn't, the Braves will sign him to limp to that mark in early '08. I'd much prefer to see him get there in '07, hang up the spikes, and start the five year clock countdown to Cooperstown.

June's two-thirds over, and July can't get here soon enough for me.


Mike: Metsblog have provided a little kindling for my fire, both on Beltran and Buerle

If I ran the Mets I would send Mota down and bring back Pelfrey, pronto, to assume Mota's job. I would also designate/disable/release Schoeneweis and bring up Vargas or possibly Schmoll; I could live without the lefty "advantage" that Schoeneweis has provided so far. I am perfectly willing to see whether the gents I would recall can adjust to the bullpen; that is to sat, or, as I actually see the matter, whether any of them wants to grab onto a major league job.

I also would be greatly tempted to disable Carlos Beltran, even if it means Gomez in centerfield until Chavez can return, and some other person brought in either in a trade, purchase or from New Orleans. Beltran apparently can't play hurt as he is, and the team eventually needs him healthy even if it involves a short absense now.

I think a few players discovering the consequences of failure would have a lauditory effect on the rest of the team. Anyway it could only improve the way I have been feeling lately.

Beltran, Alou and Chavez would all be out; I'd be perfectly willing for the Mets to pick up a hitting outfielder for the duration. I don't think the Mets would have to overpay. Wonder if the Cubs have given up on their season yet? Guess not, dammit; they've got this guy Floyd that I rather like.

Ed - El Duque has a couple of bad ones in a row, but also a bunch of losses/no decisions where he pitched great. Glavine had 3 straight good starts where they scored no runs for him before these last 2. I find you're skapegoating of them unconvincing.

Look at Gotay's numbers last year in a full season of Triple-A, and you'll see why I'm not jumping on his bandwagon after 50 ABs. On the other hand, I did say he earned more PT.
Nostra - Amen on June.
dd - I hear you. On Schoeneweiss, no way they release him with a 3-year contract, but disabling sounds good to me.

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