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June Quagmire

Mike SteffanosThursday, June 14, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Dodgers 9 - Mets 1
Played Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I think we're all seeing the dreary sameness that permeates all of the recent losses, rendering these recaps a somewhat repetitive and masochistic quality. The Mets manage to score fairly early in the game and then the offense goes to sleep. They let opposing pitchers off the hook with low pitch count innings. Now the starting pitching, which has been great for most of the season, is starting to show the strain of trying to carry the team.

Case in point was Jorge Sosa last night. Although his control wasn't quite as it good as it has been at other times this year, he pitched well into the fifth inning. The a home run opened the gates to a bad inning, he stumbled again in the next, and the game was essentially over after six.

Jorge Sosa (Last 5 Starts)
Season (8 Games)50.0191937281653.421.066-2

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The Mets have to find a way to rekindle their offense. They need to learn how to draw a walk again and how to scratch out some runs when balls aren't sailing over the fence. As for me, I'm sadly grateful that there is no game tonight. I need a break from watching them lose the same game over and over.

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Comments (11)

What trade or signing could help the Mets? Some names that started to fly around, I see, Brandy Clark(L.A.) Mark Maroth(Det.) Dimitri Young(Nat) Eric Gagne, who I think is hurt? Is there a position player or pitcher that could fit in that would make a difference.

I thought that Milledge was close to coming back and could supply the RH bat they need. But he's not playing yet down at NO.

The team that just lost 9 of 10 is the same team that was playing well earlier in the year. Willie is a master at motivation, and has to come up with a way to get em going. I mean, Valetin and Green are back. Yes, they are missing Alou, and Chavez, but they most of the pieces back. No excuses now.

Gary, fair reminders: Beltran's playing injured, their bullpen's absolutely tired, and Green and Valentin are still getting back into regular everyday game shape. You're quick on the trigger to jump and judge, sir.

Jason B

Al - I would be surprised if they went after a starting pitcher, since they've been doing well. I'm not sure there is anybody out there that could be had for a reasonable price. I couldn't even imagine what a pitcher like Oswalt would command in the current market. Whether they go after a position player might depend on how long Alou takes to return.
Gary - I've heard he's back doing some actual running, but I don't know when he will return to the field.
Jason - I think you took Gary's comment with a harsher meaning then he intended. I actually agree with the no excuses part - the other teams don't care, and this team even with the missing pieces is a lot better than they are playing.


The Mets are the class of the NL but several losing streaks the newest included have exposed several achilles heels. The offense was supposed to cover up a suspect starting rotation. Yes, indeed Peterson has with strings, duct tape, and Ju-ju beads turned Ollie, Sosa, Maine, into credible starting force with senior citizens Glavine and El Duque.

The present slump almost harkens to why Omar signed ???mark ravaged Pedro Martinez who was worn out in the media as having that partially torn labrum. Pedro, especially that first year ALMOST (if not for Looper) led the Mets into the playoffs. He was a one man slump buster!! Something we do not have now.

For All Glavine's professionalism, he is not a slump buster. EL Duque is a master and possibly the best we have in that role. Ollie could be next once he develops the necessary arrogance (And stops throwing meat down the heart of the plate when frustrated).

Zambrano is all over the rumor mill as was Zito. But, I suspect that we will add a pitcher, if not Oswalt I think AJ Burnett would be nice. Toronto have Roy Hallady and Chacin. But AJ seems healthy has a contract in place (no FA games) and a move back to the NL could elevate his record. AJ Burnett bring a strikeout mentality that this rotation could benefit from.

On Alou: One only needs to see the Stats to see what he means in this line up.

Ed - If I'm the Astros and trading Oswalt I'm asking the Mets for Milledge, Heilman, Pelfrey, Fernando Martinez and maybe more. Same thing with the Cubs and Zambrano. Even Burnett would take something like that. I just wouldn't trade the cream of the farm system for one guy. I don't think that makes sense any more.

The starters are fine. The team needs to hit. Hopefully they'll wake up.

I think Oswalt is a free agent next year, so he would be like a renter and maybe the prise would not be that high. Millage, Heilman and a low minor player( not Fernando ) I would pull the trigger and hope we could sign him later. I would also concider a 1b/of hitter or a 2nd basemen. I heard they might start trying Fernando Martinez at 1st base, thinking he may fit better there for the future Mets. As for now we need a better fill in at 1st, and 2nd is still not chipped in stone. But I would not go crazy to fill that,I just feel we can do better there then what we got.

Jason, 9 losses in 10 games isn't quick on the trigger. Its nice to see that finally Willie is moving the lineup around a bit, moving Beltran up to the 2 hole, and Wright up to the 3 hole in front of Delgado.

Al - Oswalt is signed for 5 years. Zambrano isn't, but there are a lot of questions about his long term health.

Never mind. That really changes the picture on Oswalt and now I understand why you say it would cost ALOT.But wouldn't he look good in the rotation. Sweet dreams and nice thoughts.... Boy it seems very quiet about the game tonight?

He would look great. He's a big game pitcher, and if they had gotten him last season he might have made the difference.

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