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LA = Losing Again

Mike SteffanosWednesday, June 13, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Dodgers 4 - Mets 1
Played Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The remorseless drought deepened last night in LA as the Mets dropped their ninth game in 11 attempts this June. What seemed to get a lot of ink from last night's debacle were the three home runs that John Maine surrendered on three pitches in the second inning. Yet Maine battled back from that to pitch a credible game. If the Mets offense displayed that type of resiliency we'd be in a lot better shape now.

Instead, they managed only 5 singles off Dodgers pitching. Equally as disturbing was that it only took Dodger pitchers 108 pitches to register 27 outs. If you watched the game and you got the impression that the Mets went down without putting up much of a fight, I think the facts bear that out.

Nothing else much to say about this one. I know some were calling for chin music for Hong-Chih Kuo after styling somewhat with a bat flip after hitting the third homer in that second inning. Sorry, but I can't get very upset about a pitcher hitting a home run and acting like that when pro hitters do the same. Even Lo Duca, who for the most part plays it right, was guilty of the same offense not long ago. The best revenge in that situation would have been making Kuo pay when he was pitching, and they obviously came up short there.

John Maine (Last 5 Starts)
Season   (13 Games)79.2272766683693.051.288-5

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Comments (4)

Key Words: Will and Enthusiasm

Last yrs team had alot of question marks. Piching, bullpen outfield, 2B.
X-Man was huge..at this point last yr, Valentin emerged from Kaz's NY phobic trance to seal the 2B hole.

Now the sores are open again. But, the candidates to step in are not getting oppurtunities. I think after this weekend the changes could come in. Both in the bullpen and 2B, to start. Jake Gautreau and Ruben Gotay are very much in line for an extended audition.

Dear God, why did you make me a Met fan? This was suppose to be my relaxing time. To sit back and hear the fans cheering and watching great plays and timely hitting, jumping up with joy with the ball going over the fence, wearing my Met hat proudly and sharing our good times on Mikes Mets. What happen Lord, is it something we did? Was it because of my joy that the Yankees were 1000 games behind and loving every bit of it. I'm sorry and I'll repent, can we now turn it around and win 10 in a row. It's getting very hard for this preacher not to lose it and flip out and burn my Met hat in public at the flag pole. Please help. Do you have some extra lighting bolts? Divine intervention would be nice about now. Thank you, Amen... P.S..Please remember I was a Brooklyn Dodger fan and I thought I paid my dues with them. Lord I am really trying to remain calm but we do need BIG time help,now... L.A. sweeps! Oh God, where is my Met hat and matches... I'm O.K., just trying to smile in this dry time.

Hey there! It's debmc, from FU.

What the other guy, above me, said.......... lol.

I was starting to wonder if maybe the fact that I haven't been able to see it live and in color because of the time differential really made an appreciable difference in the way I felt about it, but I decided after much consternation and soul searching that in fact, it did -- IT MADE IT WORSE!!!! Now, how did I come to that conclusion, you might ask? Well, very simple -- since I didn't watch the unfolding pitch by pitch, inning by inning, no hits by no hits, I simply don't have enough bad stuff upon which to comment and deride and chastize the team, and frankly, I FEEL CHEATED!!!! As bad as things are, I need MORE STUFF!!!!!!

I feel almost like the ghouls in Return of the Living Dead (which hopefully is an appropriate moniker for Friday's night's game) - SEND MORE STUFF!!!!!!!

Anybody who wants to, come on over to FU and vote in my poll as to when you think the Mets might possibly accomplish their next win.

Ed - Valentin has been playing pretty good since his return, and is an important leader on this team, so I can't see why you think there is an opportunity at 2B.
Al - It's not even the losing for me, it's the way they are losing them.
For those interested in voting in debmc's pole, the link is here:


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