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Mets Redux

Joyce MandelkernMonday, June 18, 2007
By Joyce Mandelkern

I would like to come in off the ledge. I don't like heights and it is getting crowded up here. I have decided to be rational and logical, as opposed to emotional, or as I prefer to call it, passionate.

Prior to Friday night's game, I said that the Mets were not going to win another game this season. Thank goodness I was wrong and perhaps that was a bit emotional as opposed to rational. Even when I said it I didn't believe it, because I am an intelligent person and I know losing streaks happen, but this one just feels so bad. We have such great expectations this season. Sometimes when you have great expectations, it can lead to great disappointments. I have been a Met fan for so long, I should be used to this feeling, but I am not. Now I am spoiled and I expect to win almost every game and certainly every series for the most part. I also expect that if they fall behind they can and will come from behind and win. I no longer have that feeling. And I suspect that neither do they at this point in time, and that is the problem. It seems my Mets from back in the day have returned and that is what is bothering me.

I didn't especially care that it was the Subway Series, which I hate to begin with. We just needed to win a series. I am thrilled to have beaten Clemens whom I detest. I found it laughable that all the Yankee fans were happy with his $4 million dollar loss (start) Friday night. Personally, I'm not happy with any loss by a Met starting pitcher, nor do I believe in moral victories, but hey, that's me. And that brings me to Saturday's game.

I know most of you are a lot more patient with Tom Glavine than I am. And that probably goes back to my irrational side. I'm fiercely loyal by nature. I have never quite shaken the feeling that Glavine is a Brave in his heart and only a Met because we wanted/needed him and they didn't/couldn't. I didn't like how he handled the off-season. I find him whiny on top of that and this goes back to when he first came to our club and he was awful and so was the whole team. His 300 game win milestone means nothing to me other than that he would actually win some Met starts to get there. Obviously, he won them as a Brave, some as a Met and that's that. We are just a vehicle to get him there. Sometimes I feel that quest for 300 means more to him than the overall season the Mets have. I hope I'm wrong. All I know, is that we gave him 3 leads on Saturday and he couldn't hold any of them. We gave him run support and it didn't matter. Watching him on Saturday was torture for me and I was screaming at the television. Yes, he is a hall-of-famer, yes we need him in the starting rotation, and yes, he will "right" himself, but he will never be a Met to me.

There is nothing to be said about Sunday night's game. We didn't pitch, we didn't hit. The Yankees did both. The only consolation I took was that I knew going in that we were playing with house money. Once I knew that both the Braves and Phillies had lost, I relaxed. How sad is that?

I find the most amazing thing of all to be that we are still in first place. And I am trying not to lose sight of that fact. With all of the injuries and all of the losses, we are still in first place. And that is what I said to all of the Yankee people when they came after me today. "We are in first place, and you're not." OK, so I sound like a 5 year old. I also pointed out to them that even with their win streak they lost a game in their division. Like I said, I am fiercely loyal.

Pete and I are heading out to Shea tonight. I am curious to see what kind of reception the crowd gives the boys. I will stand and applaud as I always do and then I will start to negotiate with the baseball gods in hopes of getting the worm to turn.

About Joyce: I am an insanely passionate die-hard Mets fan since 1962 who is also a season ticket holder and usually can't bear to look and buries her head in her hands or starts pacing when I'm home when things get tense...   Read More -->

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Comments (2)

I thought about going. But I ended up not going. I suspect Glavine's 300 mean more to him, which is why I hope he gets it soon. 300, and 304 wins are pretty much the same, so the only other thing he could do this year to pad his resume is another title, a World Series MVP, something of that nature. And that works for me.

Welcome in off the ledge, you'll find it's calmer in here. You appreciate the wins more when you think of them as wins, and not as which player went 0-5 with 2 strikeouts.

Oh, and I'm really hoping Beltran doesn't get booed tonight, but It seems inevitable.

devil's advocate and n00b perspective:

--I think Tom Glavine actually enjoys being a Met quite a bit. Remember how he stood up for Lo Duca with all the gossip nonsense last year? Him and D. Wright, and frankly, I'm glad Glavine was there because David cannot handle the press well, not in that sort of situation. Glavine didn't need to involve himself in that mess, and yet he chose to be highly visible. That's not something you do as a mercenary pitcher-for-hire, imho.

--I get the sense that the next time someone asks Glavine about his 300th win that he will be using them as the first pitch in that game. His irritation is visible, and it's NOT at the Mets, it's at the repetition of the same boring-ass question.

As for the off-season, I feel like most of the mess was, once again, made by the press. I think that if you asked Omar and Glavine individually, they'd probably tell you a much different story. The press likes to escalate situations where there isn't one. What I f'ing hated was the fact that they needed to report to us every five minutes that Glavine was still thinking. If we didn't have the deluge of media I bet it would have seemed a lot less like Glavine was trying to play something. I think he was honest with his concerns.

I'll be honest and say that I don't like the whole "He's not a real X" line of thinking because it's something I've always heard the Fans Of That Other Team say. There's a whole movement of them that insist that A-rod isn't a 'real' Yankee. There are people on the Mets whose attitude I find less inclusive or wanting to belong (David Newhan, for example, always struck me as smarmy) but Glavine isn't one of them.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this. What do I know, really. But I do feel kinda strongly about it.

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