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Pedro Sighting

Adam WarnerTuesday, June 5, 2007
By Adam Warner

Just caught this tucked into one of Will Carroll's Under the Knife columns at Baseball Prospectus.

We have a Mark Mulder sighting. The Cardinals pitcher will get on a mound for the first time this week, though this is more of a test than the start of something. Depending on how he performs and how his arm/shoulder responds, the Cardinals medical staff will put together a timetable. With Pedro Martinez also getting up on a mound soon, possibly this week, it appears that Mulder and Martinez are on very similar timetables, which is as expected. Given the information we have on both right now, I think we're looking at a minor league rehab in mid-July and a return around August. It's very fluid in both cases, and slight setbacks will means weeks lost. An interesting idea floated around some Mets circles essentially has Pedro doing his rehab in the Mets' bullpen rather than the minors. I'm not sure if it would work, or how his workload could be controlled, but I like that the team seems willing to consider it.

Has a big pitcher done this before? I can't think of it. Felix Hernandez had a return start earlier this year where he only went like 70-80 pitches, I think that got him to the 4th.

But interesting thought.

Not likely I got asked an opinion, but not sure how much sense it makes to skip the minors.I would think a minor league start lets you play with your pitches. If you feel like throwing 12 fastballs in a row to test something; he can.

Will ESPN break away from regular broadcasts to show the rehab games? There's some precedent there recently, lol.

But who cares really. Early August is the most optimistic timetable I have seen. If Pedro give the Mets ANYTHING it's clearly huge.

About Adam: I am a professional options trader, and financial writer. I pen the Daily Options Report blog and contribute to numerous other sites.

I'm a 41 year old huge Mets (and football Giants) fan since the mid 70's. I trek out to Shea every Opening Day, and a few other times a year, from the Jersey burbs

I'm a "non-doctrinaire" stats junky. And by that I mean I follow it, but certainly don't swear by it.

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Any other pitcher I would be skeptical at best about their prospects of EVER delivering anything . But as we have found out Pedro isn't just any pitcher and he isn't just any competitor either which , may actually be the biggest thing in his and our respective corners . For some reason I feel very at ease with our current crop of pitchers and with the return of Pedro to a very productive starter for the Mets in the near future .

Just my gut . Since Omar and WR were hired my gut has been having a very good run !!!

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