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Rhymes with "Grin"

Mike SteffanosSaturday, June 23, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 9 - A's 1
Played Friday, June 22, 2007

For only the fifth time in fifteen tries in June, the Mets managed to walk off the field with a win last night. For Tom Glavine, it was the sixth time that was the charm in finally achieving career win number 296. Although he had some rough stretches early in the game, Glavine pitched into the ninth inning and contributed offensively as well with 2 hits, a run scored and a pair of ribbies. He benefited from a generous strike zone and from facing a team that probably was a little too willing to take the first pitch he threw, but he also threw strikes and was effective pitching inside. The game was a step in the right direction for the veteran lefty.

Tom Glavine (Last 5 Starts)
Season (16 Games)96.250471044832134.381.419-7

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Offensively the club showed many hopeful signs of life playing both small ball and with home runs from Beltran and Shawn Green. Carlos Delgado had a pair of sharp singles and Reyes had a pair of hits and scored the first run.

On the defensive side, Carlos Gomez had a strong throw in nailing Nick Swisher at third to end the first, aided by a great diving tag from Wright. The turning point of the game came in the fourth on a great play by Reyes. With the Mets clinging to a 2-1 lead, the A's had runners on first and second with 2 outs and Bobby Crosby at the plate. Crosby smashes a ball to Reyes' right that he made a fine diving stop on, and then proceeded to start the inning-ending double play from a seated position. Glavine really settled down after that, and the Mets eventually pulled away.

After the game, I was talking with my mom. She asked me if I thought this was the game that would right the ship. I laughed and admitted I had no clue. Just as a good game or two doesn't mean Delgado is out of his slump, the same has to be said about the Mets at this point. I felt really good about them after this one, better than I have felt since I have before the free fall began. I guess that's why I laughed. Still, I have no real clue into the mindset of this Mets team. Certainly this was a game to build on. Let's hope they do just that.

Box Score

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Comments (5)

Man, we needed a game like this. Glavine absolutely benefited from both a generous strike zone and a team that let him get ahead in the count. He was shaky early, and but for those two factors, the game could have just as easily gotten away from him. That said, it was an improvement, and he certainly won't face offenses like the Tigers and Yankees very often through the rest of the season.

I hope that he can be a little better than .500 for us the rest of the way, get his 300, and hang 'em up. No disrespect to all he's accomplished, and there's no shame in a great pitcher declining at 41 years old, but if we do make it to the WS, I doubt I'll have a lot of confidence going into his next starts against an AL lineup.

Beltran, Wright, Green, Delgado. It's a different team with those guys hitting like they're capable of. I also think that a lot of the team's recent pitching problems can be traced to the offense's struggles. It's a lot different to be on the mound with the sense that your team is going to put up 5+ runs for you, or better yet, when the team has already put up 5 runs for you, rather than feeling the pressure to be perfect on every pitch. And the longer it goes like that, the more difficult it gets.

If Schoenweiss hasn't gotten it together by the All Star break, you really have to think about shutting him down. Not a ton of options in the organization at this point, so perhaps a trade. But continuing to send him out there pitching like this is sheer and utter cruelty for everyone involved.

Does last night's game signal resurgance? The box score points to "yes." But let's get another one tonight just to be on the safe side.

PS, I meant that I hope Glavine hangs 'em up after the season, not as soon as he gets his 300th.

I was thinking Glavine needed another season to get his 300. I feel good about last nights win, just something in the air. It was like old time a team effort. I think we turned the corner. We should bury Schoenweis and just use him in blowouts or mopups where he can't hurt us.

That WAS huge and I am happy for the G-Man. i hope that takes a load off him. But for some questionable relief from Heilman in particular maybe Tommy is 9-6. But nonetheless it now looks like we CAN honor him sooner rather than later. Heck maybe he gets than elusive 2nd WS ring.

On another subject the Mets seem disillusioned with Moises. enough to be linked to Jermaine dye. HMMM. Milt is a FA at seasons end, alsothere are adequate rentals available...after all Green and Alou are FA at seasons too. Point is I would not pay (high) for an OF, even in the off season.

I'm glad you pointed to Carlos Gomez's highlight.

aj - I guess 2 wins in a row points to resurgence even more, even if the second won wasn't a masterpiece. I knew what you meant about Glavine.
Al - If he doesn't get it this year it will be because of injury. The sooner the better for me, so it doesn't become a distraction.
Ed - I'd be really disappointed if the Mets gave up much for an OF, too. Makes no sense with all of their prospects. Omar signed Alou to hold the fort for a year. I think if Delgado starts hitting and Beltran keeps it up talk of getting another bat goes away.

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