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Season Pitching Stats for Triple-A Pitchers

Mike SteffanosWednesday, June 20, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Updated Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Note: These stats have been updated here.

If the clock strikes midnight for Jorge Sosa or a starter gets injured, the replacement will most likely come from the New Orleans roster. Here are updated season stats for Adam Bostick, Phil Humber, Brian Lawrence, Mike Pelfrey and Jason Vargas. If I had to guess who might get the first call, it would be Humber or Vargas unless they chose to ignore Lawrence's numbers and go with his experience.

With a 6.71 ERA and a 1.68 WHIP in 12 games, it's a safe bet that southpaw Adam Bostick will not be getting a big league call anytime soon. He has a great curveball and a lot of talent, but control problems have always held him back. This year it hasn't been the walks as much as the 12 home runs allowed and high hit totals.

Adam Bostick (3-5)
4/9@MEM52244423.601.6080-46   57.5%
4/15NAS5.15532418.441.3176-46   60.5%
4/20MEM60024200.000.6770-47   67.1%
4/26@OKL4.277940113.501.9374-51   68.9%
April   (4 games)21.0141418141046.001.33 
5/1ROU265631122.503.5065-40   61.5%
5/6IOW5.21153211.591.2490-53   58.9%
5/12@LVG52163401.802.0081-44   54.3%
5/21ALB21131104.502.0033-26   78.8%
5/25@OMA64463026.001.0090-58   64.4%
5/31CSP2.255742016.873.3773-42   57.5%
May   (6 games)23.1191733171046.561.84 
6/7@IOW497931220.252.5077-52   67.5%
6/12@ROU5.12277223.381.6987-54   62.1%
Season   (12 Games)53.24440674123126.711.68 

Phillip Humber has been experiencing a somewhat up and down season in New Orleans. His 7 wins and 77 IP lead the club, and he has had some strong outings. He's also had some real stinkers and has been tagged for 11 home runs on the season. The month of June has been a struggle with 3 homers given up in his last outing and 13 hits allowed his previous start.

Philip Humber (7-5)
4/5@NAS51114301.800.8088-54   61.3%
4/10@MEM344461112.001.6763-40   63.5%
4/16NAS61154201.501.1774-45   60.8%
4/21@ALB71163011.290.8677-51   66.2%
4/27@OKL55563319.001.8098-52   53.1%
April   (5 games)26.012122220934.151.19 
5/2ROU55574209.001.8088-54   61.4%
5/7IOW63377014.501.1787-64   73.6%
5/13@LVG71156101.290.8689-60   67.4%
5/19OMA54443317.201.4085-48   56.5%
5/24ALB54336315.401.2094-57   60.6%
5/30CSP622107013.001.6789-66   74.2%
May   (6 games)3419183633944.761.32 
6/4SLC6.23375104.051.20103-66   64.1%
6/10@IOW5.133134015.062.4496-60   62.5%
6/15OKL5.26686139.531.5999-65   65.7%
Season   (14 Games)77.24342866820114.871.36 

Veteran Brian Lawrence got off to a nice start with the Zephyrs but has been ineffective in 3 of 4 starts in June.

Brian Lawrence (3-2)
5/21ALB61147101.500.8385-55   64.7%
5/26@OMA71162001.290.8682-62   75.6%
May   (2 games)1322109101.380.85 
6/1CSP475921111.252.5080-54   67.5%
6/8@IOW76683207.711.4385-59   69.4%
6/13@ROU71148101.290.7189-61   68.5%
6/18OKL5.15584118.441.6980-60   75.0%
Season   (6 Games)36.121193926624.711.24 

Mike Pelfrey has solid numbers since his demotion, but continues the bad trend of throwing too many balls and running high pitch counts. Becasuse of that, he is averaging just over 5 innings per start.

Mike Pelfrey (2-1)
5/18OMA5.21173201.591.5999-60   60.6%
5/23ALB61144001.500.6796-58   60.4%
5/28@OMA3.25471219.822.4598-59   60.2%
May   (3 games)15.176188413.521.43 
6/3SLC50032400.001.4091-52   57.1%
6/9@IOW62237103.000.6797-58   60.0%
6/14@ROU52267213.601.6098-60   61.2%
Season (6 Games)31.1111030241122.871.31 

Jason Vargas has been solid in 11 starts in the Big Easy. After struggling with his control badly last season he seems to be throwing more strikes this year.

Jason Vargas (5-4)
4/6@NAS62264003.001.0065-50   76.9%
4/11@MEM61084000.001.3394-62   66.0%
4/17MEM61115301.330.6784-46   54.8%
4/22@ALB5.27676219.531.59100-61   61.0%
4/28@OKL465712013.502.2582-48   58.5%
April   (5 games)27.217142920714.551.30 
5/3ROU3.144833110.803.3097-58   59.8%
5/8@TUC4.24357505.792.14104-62   59.6%
5/30CSP63365214.501.3394-54   57.4%
May   (3 games)14111019151026.432.07 
6/5SLC6.21137101.350.6096-63   65.6%
6/11@ROU64452226.001.1794-61   64.9%
6/16OKL63373204.501.5095-60   63.2%
Season   (11 Games)60.1363263472254.771.41 

About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Comments (3)

What this team needs is a Carlos Beltran, a Carlos Delgado and a David wright to drive in some runs, Oh! check that, we got them?

Mike - After my eyes glazed over from all this data, my gut said to me that Vargas would be my choice to come on up if needed.

The problem with all these guys is, none of them is going deep into games. If you can't last seven innings in Triple-A (and only five such starts appear in your entire chart), you'll have problems going five in the bigs.

Pelfrey's numbers are okay, but I'd hate to see him get called up, put into the rotation, and suffer April/May deja vu. Give him the season; call him up in September.

As for Brian Lawrence, when he's been good, he's been very very good. But when he was bad...well, you know the nursery rhyme.

Al - But we could use the 2 Carloses to actually drive in some runs.
Nostra - I think even Vargas needs to throw more strikes. I'd like to see Humber get it together.

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