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I'm Speechless...

Mike SteffanosSaturday, July 28, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

I honestly don't know what to make of this team right now. They're not really terrible, but not particularly good. I keep hoping for them to turn a corner, but they're a strange bunch. I think whether they turn it around this year or not this is a club due for a major off-season makeover, to change the dynamic as much as any other reason.

I hate writing b*tchy stuff, as I think there is more than enough of that out there already. Last year I enjoyed sharing my optimism with other Mets fan, but I believe the reason it resonated with many of you is that you knew it was honest on my part, what I really felt.

It's not that I'm really down on this team, or totally pessimistic about their chances. Actually, it's very strange to be this deep in the season and not have a clue what this club really is. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if a month from now they were comfortably in first, nor would it shock me if they just playing out the string on a disappointing season.

You have a feeling this club will make a move or two by the deadline. They could use a dependable reliever and maybe another outfield bat for the mix. What they need most, however, is an injection of spirit, and I'm not quite sure that that's out there.

If at the beginning of the year I was able to guarantee that the starting pitching was as good as it's been, you would expect the Mets to be 20 games over .500 and coasting towards October. Funny, after overcoming so many things last year, they don't seem to have that knack for rising above their troubles in 2007. I keep looking for signs that they're still capable of that, as I'm sure many of you are doing. Keep a good thought...

About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Comments (11)

Unfortunately, I think what the Mets need most is a left-handed, power-hitting first baseman. That has really been the missing link in the middle of the order all season. I'd be very happy if the guy there now becomes that player again. I just don't think it's going to happen.

While I don't disagree completely with Mike, I do wonder why there is so much negativity about the team with the best record in the National League and fifth best record overall. Are Mets fans becoming yankeesque in that anything less then total domination and perfection is unacceptable? Have we forgotten how many seasons we'd have traded nearly anything to have a team with the same record we do now? A team 4 1/2 games in front of the Braves in late July? A team 3 1/2 games in first within its division?
Perhaps a season fraught with trouble and worries will help to strengthen a team that last year cakewalked through the year only to fall short in the playoffs. The World Champions are more often then not the team that gets hot in September rather then the one with the best regular season record. Perhaps our hot streak will come in September this year instead of April or perhaps this team has no heart and will fall flat on its face come crunch time. I'm hoping for the former and not the latter.

What scares me this year of what is left, is that we have 9 more games with Atl. but even more is that we have 7 more games with the Phillies. They look like they want it more than us. Maybe we want to win the wild card this year? It seems the wild card goes deeper into the playoffs and w/s. If they are going to turn it on it will be against Atl. and Philly other wise we are dead.

I hear Louis Castillo name in a trade with the Mets, if you could add Pat Neshek to the trade, how far would you go to do it?

Paul - I think Delgado can be fine for this team through the remainder of his contract next season provided he's hitting 5 or 6 in the lineup. He's still a decent run producer, just not the ideal cleanup hitter for a contender anymore.
Gene - I didn't think what I wrote was excessively negative, just a realistic question for a team that has gone 24-28 since June 1, which certainly qualifies as more than a slump. The comparison to Yankees fans is also unjustified, and frankly doesn't even merit a response from me.
Al - I'm the wrong guy to ask. I've never been a big Castillo fan, and can't see giving up anything more than average prospects for him. Pat Neshek is a very good young reliever who is still very cheap salary wise. Why would the Twins deal him?

Al - Whoops, blanked on your first comment...

I don't think playing ATL and PHI bothers me, because if we can't beat them we don't belong in the playoffs.

I don't think we necessarily want DOMINANCE but you know, take a series or heaven forbid a SWEEP of a last place team. First place teams are supposed to do that sometimes. Like what Rev Al said, we have 9 games against the Braves, 7 against the Phils, and two important series against both those teams in SEPTEMBER. Not winning games like Friday night or Saturday night against the Nats leave no margin for error and therefore all those games against the 2nd and 3rd place teams are MUST-WINS.

Coop - What disappoints me, too, is that the Mets seem to accept a 4-3 homestand against the Pirates and the Nats a little too complacently. They need to stop talking about how they are still in first, because that has as much to do with the teams that are chasing them than what they have done. They need to stop talking about how good they can be if their lineup is all together and play to their capability with what they have. I wonder if the Braves pull off this deal for Mark Teixeira, which seems really likely, if that will finally create a sense of urgency for this team.

I feel the mets are in real trouble now. Without the carlos's doing much and Beltran now with a torn oblique ? ( I heard a report today that the MRI showed fluid in the muscle and according to the report results in a tear).This team is in real trouble. First off I think the braves have now aquired texeira from Texas. The Mets have a starting right fielder in Green who is hitting .260 something with 7 bombs and 29 Rbi's. I know Green missed some time but come on now. He also sits back on to many balls and watches them fall in. I don't like the idea of getting rid of your better minor league talent but, at times you have to do what you have to do. With Atlanta now getting Texiera , if the Mets don't counter this team may be out of it by seasons end. I called it when the Phillies started to play real well. That team is flat out playing great ball right now. With all these injuries to this Met team, with the pick up of Texiera by the Braves and the phils playing great ball. I am sorry to say that this team may be in 3rd by seasons end. I believe that this team healthy is tough but, when you have Delgado having one good game evey 7 games and Beltran now looking at a long time out, I am feeling the fall now. Sanchez, Padilla, Martinez would of course have this team in real top shape in the pitching department if they were healthy and they are not. We as Met fans may have to wait until next year to just hope to get back to the playoffs. I don't miss a game and I know this team very well. I can tell you whether this team is going to win before they even take the field alot of the time and I hate that. I am still rooting my butt off but I am very nervous about the state of this team. I do not want to see Pelfrey, Humber, Mulvey, Milledge, Gomez or the very young and talented Fernando Martinez traded but, I think Minaya and willie need to get off their high horses before this mess gets to deep. I will tell you I am not a Randolph fan and was always against him managing the Mets. To me he doesn't make sense in alot of what he does. I was at the double header on saturday night and what the hell was randolph thinking ? That could have and may have cost the Mets the game and a horrible split against the worst hitting team in baseball. I was sitting there saying why is he using marlon when he could use Castro to hit with the short bench.he could have had Marlon on the bench knowing that the pitchers spot would come into play in the ninth. I see and in my own opinion Willie do things like this alot of the time. I feel he needs to get away from the Joe Torre book of managing. Thanx for your time I had to rant a bit.

Rob Marlboro, NY

No problem, Rob. Maybe finally having their backs to the wall is what this team needs to wake up. Keep a good thought.

The Texiera deal is done and he is a @#$%^*% Brave!!!!! I really hope the Met brass wakes up soon.. I do not want to start depleting the minors in no way but, we need a big OF bat (dye) and relief help quickly. I think they would be ok with Gotay at second. I really like this kid.

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