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Mets Bash Their Way to an Ugly Win

Mike SteffanosFriday, July 20, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 13 - Dodgers 9
Played Thursday, July 19, 2007

No style points for last night's win, but it's the game many of us were waiting for all season where the bats overcame a tough night for the pitchers. None had it tougher than Tom Glavine, who was staked to a 6-0 before he threw a pitch and couldn't parlay that into career win number 299.

Not much to say about Glavine. He wasn't spotting his pitches well, and they were hitting every mistake. I don't know what his lifetime numbers are in Dodger Stadium, but he had a bad one there last year. The Mets jumped out to a 4-0 lead in that game in the first, and then went up 5-1 in the second, but Glavine allowed the Dodgers to tie it in the bottom of the second on Furcal's homer. He wound up eeking out a win in that one, but maybe the moral is not to stake him to a lead in LA.

Tom Glavine (Last 5 Starts)
Season (21 Games)125.266631315841174.511.3713-8

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After Glavine left, Aaron Sele came in and settled the thing down. He entered the game with no outs in the third, the score 9-5, and the bases loaded with Dodgers and no outs. He got out of that inning with only one of those runners scoring and made it through 2 more, allowing only an unearned run in the fifth. For a guy who couldn't get anyone out for most of the first three months of the season, this has been an amazing turnaround. I have to admit I thought he was through. Kudos to Aaron Sele for hanging in there and proving the doubters like me wrong. I sincerely hope he continues to make me look bad.

As for the game itself, there was little from it that would make a video on how to play the game right. Fielding miscues were intertwined with baserunning blunders, and the only pitchers who really came out ahead -- other than Sele -- were the ones who didn't get in the game. But ever so slowly, the Mets are showing signs of being a team that actually plans to be around in October. For all the criticism and comparisons to Steinbrenner Omar Minaya received for the orchestrating the departure of Rick Down, the move seems to have finally shaken this club out of the strange malaise that brought forth 6 weeks of baseball that was very, very hard to watch. I find myself watching Mets games with a feeling of hope rather than trepidation, and it seems to me that this is at least a good start on the road to recovery for both the Mets and us.

By the way, I love having Marlon Anderson back on this team. He's a perfect bench guy and one of a very few who thrives at pinch hitting. Provided he is not overexposed by starting him in too many games, he will be a key component of a much stronger bench than the one we had early in the season.

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Comments (3)

Well they did give Glavin that blowout game they owed him, to bad he didn't show up. My tv went black soon after they scored the 6 runs, and it became a radio for the whole game. Just that channel and maybe it was best not to see it, was that just here in Pa. or did you guys have tv trouble to? Gotay and Anderson seem to be hot. This is the time to sit some who are not. I think I just made a poem.

Rev Al - That wasn't your TV tube. It was the local indecency censors, making sure a man of the cloth didn't have to see something with so little "redeeming social value".

You know the story about the lady in the balcony of the church who falls out of her seat in the front row, and desperately grabs hold of a chandelier for dear life. Unfortunately, thanks to her predicament, she's flailing her bare legs and showing off her undergarments. The preacher announces, "There is a woman in the back of our church hanging from a chandelier, and you can see up her skirt. Anyone who turns around and looks will go blind." An old man in the front pew covers one side of his face, turns around and says, "I'll risk an eye!"

Last night's game wasn't worth risking the eye, Rev.

Or maybe it was the last episode of the Mets-o-Sopranos. Nahhhh....

On rare occasion a particular, very unstatlike thought occurs to me while watching a player or a team screw the pooch. That thought is: they can hit; what they can't do is play baseball.

I sort of had that thought in the portion of the All Star game that I caught, watching Alex Rodriguez misplay Jose Reyes' twisting grounder into a hit, and also getting thrown out by a mile on the basepaths. It's a reasonable conculsion, isn't it? After all, Alex is an incredibly productive player who somehow has never delivered the Big Win.

And the last few nights watching the Dodgers against the Mets I thought the team version of the same thought. Nomar almost ran himself into outs twice that night, and Jeff Kent took himself out of the action too. Kemp's error in the first was particularly unforgivable; there was no play, no reason to rush, just get your glove down and get the ball to the infield. And last night was more of the same, with Gonzales and Pierre murdering a routine can o' corn into a run scored.

Usually these days the Mets play sound fundamental baseball. Back when Valentin was healthy and Chavez was available they played great fundamentally. The last two nights remind me of how much I hated the bad old days when it was my team booting the ball all over the park.

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