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Please Don't Feed the Fat Lefty

Mike SteffanosMonday, August 27, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Dodgers 6 - Mets 2
Played Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Mets save some of their worst efforts for these ESPN Sunday night games?

Jabba The paying job is still crazy busy, so I don't have a lot of time for this one. Just as well, I guess. It was a fairly lousy game of the type that we were seeing a lot of in June and July, but really haven't seen since that loss against the Pirates. I've always had a loathing for the morbidly obese David Wells -- who bears a disturbing resemblance to Jabba the Hut as shown in the exquisitely Photoshopped image to the right -- so it bugged me how lousy they were in that game, but I'll give them the occasional stinker since they've picked up their game of late.

John Maine certainly has work to do to return to being the dependable starter he was before the All Star game, but I thought he was better last night than the result. He's figuring out how to be a big innings pitcher for the first time in his career, and we're lucky that his slump coincided with the resurgence of some other Mets players. Still, I'd love to see him pitch a couple of solid 7 inning starts in a row some time soon.

John Maine (Last 5 Starts)
Season   (26 Games)156.2716413513660193.681.2416-10

View John Maine's Full Season Stats

It's a big "duh" to say that the upcoming week is huge. I want to see the Mets bring their "A" game to this road trip. That doesn't mean winning every game, but it does involve competing hard against clubs that will be playing with a sense of urgency for their playoff hopes. Let's Go Mets.

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Comments (8)

Hey David, how's the gout?

I don't know. I can't see my own foot.

Mets had their opportunities, John Maine was not as bad as the numbers indicate. Some guys were rested and they took the first two and that was a plus. Last night's stinker against the Phils was much worse. Mets had the bases loaded, and other opportunities to score. Give credit to Durbin for fighting his wasy through. Mets have to pick it up. I predicted a 7-3 record through these 10 games (one loss in each series) so they need to adjust pronto. They hit well in Philly so I see them rallying back in the series and taking it. Move on to the Ted, take two, and rough up Cincy for two. Lets go Mets!!!!!!

I like your optimism. Even a split of these 10 games would be fine with me.

Optimism; I seem to remember that word.

In fact I am something of an optimist myself - or I'm cock-eyed, two things I often confuse. I do know I went to bed untroubled, and dreamt of headlines that read "Mets Lose; Davis Doesn't Mind."

Pedro is nearly back, they say, which means an end to the Brian Lawrence saga. It is hard to care about a guy you only marginally knew existed before he became a Met, particularly when he throws the ball eighty four miles per hour.

But Pedro: I like Pedro, even when he only can bring it at 88 mph or so; and of course there should be more to come; the arm should built up with time from the sugery. I know I should play it cautious, keep the expectations down and so forth, but for once I just can't do it. Lead me to that promised land, b'rer Pedro!

Looking at the web this morning, the Met followers are not very happy. It is a sad day in Metsville today. So many were thinking a sweep and now thats possible but not by us. Mike you said you would be satisfied with a split of the 10 games. Man does that sound great right now, sad but great. I turned off the tv last night when Mota came out to pitch another inning and I am glad I did.

Item: Phil Humber has been lights-out in his last two starts, something like 14 innings, one earned run.

If you look at Humber's numbers this year, practically everything has gone well enough, with one glaring exception: he has given up a bunch of home runs to lefthanders. Everything else - hits per nine, k's walks - is about where it should be to indicate major league success; seven and a half strikeouts per nine, about three walks per nine, etc.

I find that to be encouraging news. If Humber had simply been punk across the board there wouldn't be a lot of hope for improvement. But fixing one thing sounds like a less daunting task.

ps: I DID mind last night's loss. Mota needs a shrink or an exorcist, or maybe a ticket home.

I think maybe I need a shrink and an exorcist, too. The 2007 Mets will do that to you...

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