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Season Pitching Stats for Triple-A Pitchers

Mike SteffanosSaturday, August 11, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Back in June we took a look at some of the pitchers in New Orleans who might possibly pitch in New York this season. Since that time Brian Lawrence has been promoted to the Mets and Mike Pelfrey has made some more major league starts. Jason Vargas was torched in a July start, as was Dave Williams, who probably wasn't ready for it. Let's take a look at what Williams, Pelfrey, Vargas, Phillip Humber and Adam Bostick have been doing in the Big Easy since we last checked in on them.

I not sure what Jason Vargas has been working on in Triple-A this year, but his results down there aren't any more promising than his 2 bad starts for the Mets. His ERA is just under 5 with a WHIP of 1.53. After a promising June Vargas endured a terrible July. In 5 July starts Vargas had an ERA of close to 10 and a WHIP over 2. It's hard to imagine that this guy was one of the Marlins' best young pitchers 2 years ago.

Jason Vargas (7-7)
4/6@NAS62264003.001.0065-50   76.9%
4/11@MEM61084000.001.3394-62   66.0%
4/17MEM61115301.330.6784-46   54.8%
4/22@ALB5.27676219.531.59100-61   61.0%
4/28@OKL465712013.502.2582-48   58.5%
April   (5 games)27.217142920714.551.30 
5/3ROU3.144833110.803.3097-58   59.8%
5/8@TUC4.24357505.792.14104-62   59.6%
5/30CSP63365214.501.3394-54   57.4%
May   (3 games)14111019151026.432.07 
6/5SLC6.21137101.350.6096-63   65.6%
6/11@ROU64452226.001.1794-61   64.9%
6/16OKL63373204.501.5095-60   63.2%
6/21OMA61177111.331.33101-68   67.3%
6/26MEM62272013.001.1773-52   71.2%
June   (5 games)30.211112921643.231.14 
7/8@IOW5.1771172311.812.4498-65   66.3%
7/13ALB298623136.004.5061-34   55.7%
7/18NAS70027200.000.57106-66   62.3%
7/23@ALB55596219.002.20101-59   58.4%
7/28POR3.1441052010.803.6091-56   61.5%
July   (5 games)22.2252438271159.932.16 
8/3@SAC61143101.500.8399-60   60.6%
8/8@FRE55564219.001.6077-51   66.2%
August   (2 games)1166107314.911.18 
Season   (20 Games)10673651259037135.521.53 

The other young southpaw acquired from the Marlins was Adam Bostick. He was terrible through mid-June when he missed more than a month with injuries. He returned in mid-July and had 3 straight impressive outings before scuffling a little his last time out.

Adam Bostick (5-5)
4/9@MEM52244423.601.6080-46   57.5%
4/15NAS5.15532418.441.3176-46   60.5%
4/20MEM60024200.000.6770-47   67.1%
4/26@OKL4.277940113.501.9374-51   68.9%
April   (4 games)21.0141418141046.001.33 
5/1ROU265631122.503.5065-40   61.5%
5/6IOW5.21153211.591.2490-53   58.9%
5/12@LVG52163401.802.0081-44   54.3%
5/21ALB21131104.502.0033-26   78.8%
5/25@OMA64463026.001.0090-58   64.4%
5/31CSP2.255742016.873.3773-42   57.5%
May   (6 games)23.1191733171046.561.84 
6/7@IOW497931220.252.5077-52   67.5%
6/12@ROU5.12277223.381.6987-54   62.1%
June   (2 games)9.11191610348.682.04 
7/19NAS2.10033100.001.7150-26   52.0%
7/25TAC50014100.000.4072-48   66.7%
7/30POR600310100.000.6785-54   63.5%
July   (3 games)13.100717300.000.75 
8/5@FRE53378225.401.80102-60   58.8%
Season   (16 Games)724743816628145.381.51 

If you're looking for a bright side to Phillip Humber's yo-yo season in New Orleans it is that he has stayed healthy and pitched 117 innings in 21 starts. He has allowed 18 home runs in those 21 games and has been inconsistent. After coming back so strong last season from Tommy John surgery maybe it's understandable that there would be some setbacks. If not quite what he (or we) hoped for, however, he's still enjoying a solid year in what is essentially his first full minor league season.

Philip Humber (10-7)
4/5@NAS51114301.800.8088-54   61.3%
4/10@MEM344461112.001.6763-40   63.5%
4/16NAS61154201.501.1774-45   60.8%
4/21@ALB71163011.290.8677-51   66.2%
4/27@OKL55563319.001.8098-52   53.1%
April   (5 games)26.012122220934.151.19 
5/2ROU55574209.001.8088-54   61.4%
5/7IOW63377014.501.1787-64   73.6%
5/13@LVG71156101.290.8689-60   67.4%
5/19OMA54443317.201.4085-48   56.5%
5/24ALB54336315.401.2094-57   60.6%
5/30CSP622107013.001.6789-66   74.2%
May   (6 games)3419183633944.761.32 
6/4SLC6.23375104.051.20103-66   64.1%
6/10@IOW5.133134015.062.4496-60   62.5%
6/15OKL5.26686139.531.5999-65   65.7%
6/25MEM70033000.000.4393-58   62.4%
6/30MEM73373123.861.1478-51   65.4%
June   (5 games)31.215153821364.261.29 
7/5@IOW4.24357325.791.71102-61   59.8%
7/16NAS7.21144201.170.7894-63   67.0%
7/22@ALB52256223.601.4081-49   60.5%
July   (3 games)17.1761417743.111.21 
8/1@SAC41124402.251.5076-42   55.3%
8/6@FRE465544111.252.2581-49   60.5%
August   (2 games)87678816.751.88 
Season   (21 Games)11760571179936184.381.31 

After his one poor outing with the Mets, Dave Williams has been pretty solid, if unspectacular. Given the struggles of the younger pitchers he could be next in line if Lawrence falters.

Dave Williams (2-1)
6/27@OMA6.13364214.261.2687-55   63.2%
June   (1 game)6.13364214.261.26 
7/2MEM72234012.570.4391-61   67.0%
7/24TAC5.12275213.381.6981-56   69.1%
7/29POR54281003.601.6088-57   64.8%
July   (3 games)17.1861810223.121.15 
8/4@SAC5.14343315.061.3197-60   61.9%
8/10ROU60043200.001.0081-52   64.2%
August   (2 games)11.14386512.381.15 
Season   (6 Games)3515123220943.091.17 

Mike Pelfrey remains somewhat of an enigma, but has pitched well enough since his second demotion to be in the mix for September.

Mike Pelfrey (3-5)
5/18OMA5.21173201.591.5999-60   60.6%
5/23ALB61144001.500.6796-58   60.4%
5/28@OMA3.25471219.822.4598-59   60.2%
May   (3 games)15.176188413.521.43 
6/3SLC50032400.001.4091-52   57.1%
6/9@IOW62237103.000.6797-58   60.0%
6/14@ROU52267213.601.6098-60   61.2%
6/22OMA5.14485116.751.69105-73   69.5%
June   (4 games)21.1882021823.381.31 
7/17NAS63373004.501.00102-62   60.8%
7/22@ALB64473116.001.6789-57   64.0%
July   (2 games)1277146115.251.25 
8/2@SAC72292202.571.5799-63   63.6%
8/7@FRE62275113.001.33108-66   61.1%
August   (2 games)1344167312.761.46 
Season (11 Games)61.2262564461953.651.35 

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Note - Thanks to Ben from Sacramento for noticing that I left out one of Phil Humber's starts against the Sacramento River Cats.

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