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Mike SteffanosMonday, September 10, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

Sorry again that my work schedule is hindering my ability to keep this blog as up to date as I would like to. I will be posting a piece from Dana Brand, the author of Mets Fan Book, which has now been published. One of the all too many things that I have not been able to have the time for lately is posting my review of Dana's wonderful book. I do recommend Dana's book wholeheartedly, by the way. Don't wait for me to review it to read it.

One of the big questions that we Mets fans are now beginning to bandy about is the question of which starters we want to see in the playoff rotation. Specifically, has Pedro Martinez shown enough yet to grab one of those spots? It's an interesting question, as Pedro has shown an awful lot in his first two outings. Still, he has yet to really dominate a game. He'll have probably 3 more starts to hone his game before the playoffs, and I'd really like to see him put it together before then. Better command of the curveball and the ability to put hitters away would be important signs.

Don't take that as me being down on Pedro -- I'm thrilled at what we've seen so far. What do you guys think?

Mets 3 - Astros 1
Played Saturday, September 8, 2007

Once again Tom Glavine struggled mightily at times in the middle of the season, and once again he rights the ship as the regular season wanes. Once again he is likely to surpass 200 innings. It's not necessarily always pretty, but it works.

Tom Glavine (Last 5 Starts)
Season (30 Games)182.183801898258183.951.3518-12

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Box Score

Mets 4 - Astros 1
Played Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pedro Martinez (2-0)
Season (2 Games)1032118401.801.502-0

Box Score

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Comments (4)

I loved watching Pedro, just seeing that electric smile lifts me up. I had to change channels as soon as Mota came in, I added him to the list you guys gave me of who I can't watch, and checking back after a inning or two, I was glad I did.I pray he does not make the playoff roster.Once again I was able to hang in there and watch Wagner finish up. He has looked good but the test will be against Atl. and Philly. Two out of three from each one would be great. It was a joy watching the day games with my wife, she yells for me for now. We both remembered the years we had a every home day game package. It was great,lunch in the diamond club watching batting practiice,Jane Jarvis playing the organ. In those days they had Banner Day, which was a very big fan day, with 100,s of fan made banners marching around the field. I miss those simple times and the old fashion organ music. I think I will miss the Old Shea too, and yet looking forward to the new field.If the Mets just play .500 ball the rest of the way, they finish like 90-72. The Phillys and Atl. can't come close, they would have to play 17-5 and 19-3 to tie. We are getting close to wrapping this up.Lets Go Mets.

Call me simple but I want a tad more velocity out of Pedro before he has to face Adrian Gonzales or that Ryan Braun kid with a pennant on the line.

But yeah, I too am thrilled to have Pedro back.

Tough game tonight, facing Hudson without Delgato in the lineup; he has always hit Hudson well, which none of the rest of the Mets team can claim. Personally I am ready for the Phils to implode.

Holy camel snot! Tom Glavine can pitch. Aside from that clunker against the padres, Tommy has been the mutt's nuts over the last 12 starts.

I remember banner day, Al. I think I made it to one of them once, though I didn't carry the banner. Wise move on avoiding Mota.
dd - I'll take some more velocity, but I still think the breaking pitches will be more important.
bmc - He has been good. He really turned it around.

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