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My Travelling Shoes

Mike SteffanosMonday, January 14, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

In about an hour from now I will be leaving on an extended business trip that may keep me away for up to two weeks. I'll have my laptop with me and I hope most of the places I stay have some sort of Internet connection, but I really can't anticipate how much time I will have to put into this blog. Then again, I've only been finding the time to post once or twice a week for quite a while, so you may not even notice the difference.

Perhaps by the time I come back the Mets will have landed Johan Santana, or perhaps it will be that he just isn't in the cards for the Mets this year. Either way, I'm looking forward to this season. By the time I return spring training will be just around the corner.

A couple of items to share to keep some promises I made. The first is from Rob, and is about an experience he and his daughter had attending a Mets game in Houston:


Just to start I live near Jackson, MS and have been a Mets fan for years, when I was growing up we used to have a Mets farm team here known as the Jackson Mets. I have seen Strawberry, Howard Johnson and many others there while I was growing up. Well now I have a seven year old softball playing, Mets loving beautiful little girl. This past Summer I took my daughter to her first Mets game we drove almost eight hours to see them play in Houston, TX against the Astros, we arrived several hours early just for the chance to get her ball signed by maybe a couple of Mets players, when we arrived by their bullpen there were several players around and maybe ten fans trying to get autographs so I knew she would be happy to get just one or two but we waited and tried to get their attention just to name a few Mota , Reyes, Castro, Franco and her favorite David Wright she screamed for them and so did I but to no avail they acted as if they were deaf. It did not bother me much because I imagine they get tired of signing autographs all the time, but to my daughter she was crushed because they were no more than ten feet from us. I just wanted to let the Mets know not everybody is out seeking their autograph to put things for sell on the internet but that there are seven year old girls and boys out there who really look up to them and truly love the game of baseball. Just something for them to maybe think about next time. Sorry your season did not turn out so well, we are still Mets fan but will never travel to another game.

Rob is right in that we've all witnessed small children being choreographed by adults to get player's signatures on items that are destined to be sold for profit. The players know very well what's going on, and I'm sure that does affect their eagerness to sign for these kids. Still, if it was me I'd hate to take the chance of disappointing a kid like that. We've all seen that David Wright is a good guy, but to Rob's daughter he is no longer quite the hero he was before that day at the ballpark.

Gary, another reader, asked me to pass along the following:

I'm an editor at a major newspaper who has held Mets season tickets since 1985. Because of all those years, I have a great seat location behind home plate: Loge Section 3, Row D. I'm looking to sublet two of my tickets for the full 2008 season at FACE VALUE and will also let whomever takes them to use the seats at FACE VALUE in 2009 at the new Citi Field, when few seats will be available at face value. The seats are great for either personal use or for clients. If you know anyone who is interested, please contact Gary at gstoll44@gmail.com.

Rob and Gary were a part of the over one thousand emails I fell behind on answering. I still have a couple left to answer, but for the most part I am caught up. I hope to never fall that far behind again. My apologies to any of you that received a very untimely reply to your email. By the way, if you email me and never receive even a very late reply, chances are you fell victim to the dreaded junk mail filters of my ISP. I receive quite a bit of SPAM, and sometimes the filters junk something that isn't junk. I'm sorry, the volume of mail and the large amount of SPAM make some of this inevitable. Please try again. I promise you that I never purposely ignore any emails that are sent to me.

Same thing with comments. There are automated programs out there that attempt to post comment SPAM to blogs. I get about 2-4,000 attempts per day to post these ads for penis enlargement pills and other such nonsense. All but a handful of these get caught by comment SPAM filters, but occasionally a real comment gets lost in the shuffle. If your legit comment doesn't get posted, please email me and let me know so I can make sure you have your say.

Well, that's all I have time for now. Talk to you from the road.

About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Comments (3)

Mike - So THAT's why you never answered my e-mail about how you really need to enlarge your...never mind.

Safe trip, and here's to a no-more-than-4-for-1 deal for Santana. And definitely not BOTH F-Mart and Gomez. One of them and 3 pitchers is more than fair.

Admit it -- Lisa put you up to it... :)

is it just me? but at this point I just don't care if we get Santanna or keep what we have.I am starting to get a bad feeling about this, that it's not going to be a good investment for the Mets?

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