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Another Hard Day's Night

Mike SteffanosWednesday, April 30, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 25: Mets 5 - Pirates 4 (11)

I'm in agreement with most of what I read about last night's game. Hardly an artistic success, the bottom line is that the Mets managed to pull the game out. In that respect it reminded me a lot more of 2006 than 2007. Whether that's a sign of hope for the entire season or not remains to be seen. (As I sit here and dash this off Oliver Perez has absolutely buried the Mets hope for today, walking the ballpark and allowing 7 runs in less than 2 innings of work.)

I talked with my Mets fan mom last night after the game finally ended and she was concerned about the 7 homers Johan Santana has allowed already in 6 starts. It would work out to more than 35 homers in a full season of work if he stayed on that pace.

I understood where she was coming from, but I don't share her concern. Other than the homers, Santana is off to a good start -- particularly when you consider that he is a traditionally slow starter. The following lifetime month by month splits are from BaseballReference.com:

Johan Santana, By Month, Career

Compare his career numbers for March/April with what he's done in his first 6 starts with the Mets:

2008 March and April

The homerun numbers are a little high, but not completely out of line with his career March/April stats. The rest of the numbers are better (other than a slight dip in K/9), most probably related to pitching in the NL vs. the AL.

View Johan Santana's Full Season Stats

Box Score

Comments (3)

Its time for Wally Backman to step in and fire up this team! Willy can't do it. This team has been dead for a long time now. They are falling apart,no leadership,sloppy no heads up ball.They look forward to go on the ijury list so they don't have to play. Nobody plays hurt. Sore finger, bruised forearm. Go on the DL and call in sick for a few days. I am getting sick of this team and its been awhile now that I felt this way. I get to the point of thinking its time to change to another team! Scarry thought, I've been a Met fan since day one with Casey. But I'm sick and tired of ho-hum ball playing,no fire. Who would I root for?I don't know? The Cubs or Pittsburg. They look like they try to win and play hard all the time. This is a sickness that has been growing in me for a long time and I tried all kinds of meds and helps, it does'nt want to go away. Maybe a change in location will help?Or a change in a manager, a good light a fire type. I am sorry I coughed on you, I hope you don't catch what I got. I didn't see last nights game and only now seen the score. Oh God, I am getting sicker.

I won't follow you there, Rev Al, but I know how you got there. Yesterday's game, to put it simply, was the sort that gets managers fired.

Not today, certainly, not with the Mets holding their heads above water in the division; but if this team hits a really bad stretch, even if they aren't playing too badly, then this game and that one back in Chicago will figure prominently in Jeff Wilpon's pitch to his dad.

Would it be fair? I have little idea; Willie does many small things I don't care for, but overall I have approved of the way he has done the big things, handled the players, provided a calm surface to allow the team to do its work. But there comes a time when the message isn't getting through; I remember it well, Bobby Valentine's interview when he admitted that with Ventura and Zeile gone he didn't know how his points were going to get delivered to the rest of the team. Valentine was an especially bright chap, of course; he foretelling his own departure in that interview. Willie never talks like that, but I wonder if he too feels it slipping away from him.

Hope I am wrong.

Guys, I believe his time has ran out. Bottom line these guys do not want to play under his leadership. I have never been a supporter of him as those of you that have read my posts in the past. I too have been a Mets fan my entire life and I'm over 40. Seen plenty of bad teams along the way. Finally we have owners who are willing to finance a team that should be competitive. That's whats so frustrating. I would have no problem if we were supposed to be an also ran like many teams I've rooted for in the past. This team is supposed to win and win now. Bottom line, if the ownership fails to do something to help wake this team up;we are in for a long season.

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