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Mets Drop Stinker in Braves Opener

Mike SteffanosSunday, April 6, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 4: Braves 11 - Mets 5

On afternoon where so little went right, it's hard to find much to talk about. Maine wasn't really sharp, throwing 96 pitches in 4 innings and taking the loss. The Mets had to reach deep into their bullpen as Joe Smith, Scott Schoeneweis, Jorge Sosa and Nelson Figueroa were all called on. Only Schoeneweis didn't personally allow a run, but he allowed the one runner he inherited to score.

Some timely hitting could have made a game of it early, as Tim Hudson hardly dominated. Sadly, that was in short supply when it still mattered. For myself, this was a game I'm glad only counts as one loss. If anyone has some thoughts or needs to vent, the comments are all yours.

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Well, well, well, Since "we" (I speak as an unofficial, but regular poster over at some New York Braves blog, Chop-n-Change.com) were visited by 1 or two wandering Mutts who lost their way, I thought I would return the favor ;-)

I have to still be humble, but....I am biting my tongue...I would really cherish a wish to have Chipper out stat Wright by the end of the year. Would the devil grant this wish, even at the cost of all other possible attainments by the Braves? Probably not. I look forward to tomorrow. Yeah, I am expecting Smoltz to give up 2 runs and lose...but, please can DW go 0-fer-5 tomorrow?
Final comment, I was a frequent visitor last season. I enjoyed your history, and comments.

Wow!!! John Maine was up in the zone right from the start and if you follow him that's not good. Watching the game, I had the feeling this was going to be a long one. What hurt was the fact that we could have gotten to Hudson early but let him off the hook. Boy, do we miss Alou! It seemed like everything the Braves hit seemed to fall in for hits. They are good, but not that good. Today is another day as the sun did rise again and Santana will pitch. The pen needs a rest and we can only hope that he will go deep or we're in trouble. Yesterdays game could be one that we'll look back as a pivital one for our season. Bottom line, our offense needs to be more consistant and so far we're not seeing that. I hope Willie doesn't get the bright idea to sit his regulars today as Santana will need a couple runs to work with.

Maine was clearly affected by the extra layoff. That being said, the umpires iddn't give him the corners, and that's one of the major reasons why he was up all day in the strike zone. As early as the first inning you could tell he was pissed with the strike zone, and it didn't get any better. Oh, and Hudson got the corners. I think he looked embarassed out there getting those calls.

It was more of the same with the umpiring in the 5th inning where the Mets were staging a rally. Two runs should have scored on that play; and the runner at first should have been on third with 1 out and Castillo coming to bat. Mets shouldn't have gotten 2 runs in the 5th; they should have gotten at least 3, which changes the game. Hudson's out in the 5th inning, Braves have to use different relievers to face a Mets team that has the lead.

First the bad umpiring in Miami, now agains the Braves. Willie needs to take a page out of the Lou Pinella handbook sooner rather than later.

Edo - People like you and the Mets fans that anonymously post on other team's blogs only after their team wins are gutless punks.

You tell em Mike. Point is Mets have to get it together and rise to the occasion, and put the brakes to these teams. They should have swept the Marlins and should have won yesterday. I agree a combination of things went wrong for the Mets, but the bullpen has to hold. It was 4-3 Braves when I finally got home to watch the game, and Maine had just exited. Bullpen holds, Mets win 5-4, but they allow 7 more runs. Even if the offense was clicking that is a huge deficit. Got to get it in the minds that this is going to be a full season fight. Have to start knocking these teams to the dirt.

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