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Pelfrey Dominates, Sanchez Returns

Mike SteffanosWednesday, April 16, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 12: Mets 6 - Nationals 0

For one day at least, life is good again.

After looking like a lost soul this spring, Mike Pelfrey has looked like a legitimate pitcher in his first two starts of the year. Given the setbacks that Pedro and El Duque have experienced, this couldn't be more welcome news. Both of Mike's wins have been against division rivals, the Phillies and Nats, and have stopped losing streaks of 2 and 3 games, respectively.

Sometimes a young guy can pitch a couple of nice games and still look a little shaky, but Pelfrey really looks like he's getting a clue. He was economical this time around, needing 100 pitches to negotiate 7 innings, mostly because 65 of those pitches were strikes. It was a nice step forward for the kid. If he becomes a legit major league starter he might start a trend with that mouthguard.

If there was a disappointment tonight, it was that Odalis Perez was able to negotiate 6 innings and only give up 2 runs to the Mets' offense. Still, they broke through against a Nats bullpen which often stymied them last season, David Wright's bat continues to awaken and Jose Reyes returned with a strong 4-5.

Then Duaner Sanchez comes in and pitches a scoreless ninth. All in all, a promising night in Flushing.

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Hey, did you went to my new Mets website called Mets Magic Team. We could talk there and you could leave a comment on the chat box or comment section.

This and the last--both good pieces. Agree that it's too soon to be booing. Understandable that the fans (we) aren't forgetting September when this year's regular season start hasn't made us forget. More like the bullpen is sending reminders.

Hey Guys, Last night we looked like the Mets!! Did anyone notice right from the start Reyes was fired up? It was great to see that and I even seen him hand slapping in the dugout. Maybe he is back. I hope so. Batting Church second in the order doesn't seem to be a bad idea. He makes contact which we need there. Pelfrey is starting to have confidence in his stuff which is all he has ever needed. The big thing the Mets need is a boost from someone on the staff and Mike could very well be the man. To win the division, we need a sleeper to step up and Mike and Pagan seem to be those guys. Every team that gets to the fall classic has them. Sa said in earlier posts, booing them this early isn't good. We need to support the players. The manager is another issue..........

Respect yo' Pelf!

Hey, while the game was winding down and I was trying to quell concerns that Sanchez might not be so effective, long-term, if he can't find those missing three or four MPH's, a thought occurred. Does anyone else get the notion that baseball may have tuned down the Juggs guns to give us more believable readings?

Because, if that's not the case, then Heilman and Santana and Wagner, an maybe Pelfrey have all lost a few feet per second too. All of which could have happened, but my money is on a recalibration of the guns.

dd - Could be. I always thought the guns were padding the speed.

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