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Mike SteffanosThursday, April 10, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 7: Mets 8 - Phillies 2

I'd hardly call this win over the Phillies an unqualified artistic success, but there were good things in what was certainly a sanity win for Mets fans. The offense still left a little to be desired, but Mike Pelfrey pitched to the blueprint that can lead to some success this season and grabbed a win his first time out. Although he did burn 100 pitches in his 5 innings of work, Pelfrey was aggressive with his fastball and kept it mostly down in the zone.

Jorge Sosa gave the Mets a perfect 2 innings out the bullpen after getting a little beat up recently. Pedro Feliciano worked around a bases loaded situation in a scoreless eighth inning, and Carlos Muniz contributed a scoreless ninth.

Angel Pagan continued his strong start with a 2-run double.

For a change the Mets took advantage of some sloppy play by the Phillies, who walked 9 batters and committed 4 errors. Other than the win, the best part is a one day reprieve from all of the negativity of the past few days.

So, what's the feeling out there? I know I'm in a better mood tonight.

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Mike, I have crawled back in from the "ledge" and back inside the window. Still at the window though (laughing). I appreciated the effort by Pelfrey last night and I think if he did not have that long lay-off, and the long inning he may have pitched into the 6th, possibly beyond. Bullpen looked good, but dare I say was it because of the lead and there was no real pressure? Looking at the glass half full it was a needed win and stopped that awful losing streak against the Phils. I agee the offense needed a better showing, but if they can continue to score runs without hits, and win games, I won't be too disappointed. All in all I thank the baseball God's for this win (along with Pelfrey) and hope it continue's tonight and beyond. Thank for being the sane voice and cool head through these "torrid" times Mike.

L.J. Icouldn't agree with you more. Looks like Hernandez might be at the end of his career. What a sad way to go out! Wonder who we'll go after next?

A win is a win; much needed and welcomed. Dare I say typical "good" Pelfrey; 2-3 runs, 100 pitches in 5-6 innings while being aggressive. I guess the Mets would take that everytime out, but it's time to stretch that into 7 innings at least, and hopefully with a regular rotation turn, he can finally achieve some level of consistency. As a lifetime "ledge-dweller" (in both my everyday and Met fan lives), I have mellowed in middle age and now have been able to put a nice recliner on the ledge, and can even put the recliner all the way back and rest my feet when the opposing team feels so giving as the Phillies did last night! But, I hope the team is not fooled by the gift, and the Mets didn't exactly remind anyone of the '86 team out there last night. The Mets have real problems if Reyes isn't on base 2-3 times a game and Wright and Beltran aren't hitting at the same time; any production from others (Pagan, Delgado, Church?) really helps, but this team is going to rise or fall with those 3 guys and what kind of years they have. So far, this looks far too much like last year's team (lack of clutch hitting, Reyes struggling to get on base consistently, etc.) and I still maintain they could have used a "scrapper" or two (guys that can still play though) like Eckstein, to ignite something resembling a flame in them. Since that isn't happening, they have to get very good pitching most of the time and hope for Reyes, Wright and Beltran to be "on" (with the occasional RBI or two from others); otherwise, we'll see a lot of games like Santana's the other day. The bullpen scares the heck out of me, and I forsee the arms of Sosa, Heilman, and Feliciano falling off by June if no one else steps up, since Randolph is such an excellent tactician and handler of the 'pen (excuse that last sentence, that's one of my perpetual gripes about Willie and has no bearing on last night's game....just thought I'd throw that out there). Hoping for a big night from Maine tonight, and maybe the team can get on a little roll.

Mike - All this ledgewalking reminds me of a TV spot I saw while I was visiting Houston, for the NBA's Rockets. Guy's on a ledge, with a transistor radio in one hand listening to the game and a concrete block in the other hand. A heavy rope is tied around the block on one end, and around his waist on the other.

The radio play by play announcer sets the scene something like this: "Rockets down by one...ten seconds left...Olajuwon in the post...passes out to Horry...dishes to Cassell...top of the key...he shoots...NO GOOD!"

Our guy tosses the weight off the ledge, and as the rope spools out, the radio voice adds, "But wait....he was FOULED!...."

We Mets fans act like that sometimes. Don't toss the concrete overboard just yet.

I'm glad that we're all taking a step backwards and a deep breath. Believe me, it bothers me to watch them lose these games to the Phillies and Braves as much as anyone.

It's early in the season, but I'm happy that Pelfrey looked good out there. Also, Delgado and Pagan continue to hit very well, and I've been happy with Church and Schneider so far as well. The biggest problem has been that Wright, Reyes, and Beltran have been killing rallies, or not getting on base enough to start ones.

Pelfrey earned himself at lest another start with his good preformance. Let's hope that Reyes doesn't make another error to screw up his pitch count again.

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