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(Still) Not Getting It Done

Mike SteffanosTuesday, April 8, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 6: Phillies 5 - Mets 2


For the third consecutive game, the Mets were offensively inept and came up on the wrong side of the score. While I stick to my guns and refuse to panic, I don't think you could have scripted a worse early-season stretch for alienating the fan base than these past 3 games.

Remember when we were all worried about Carlos Delgado. He seems to be the least of our problems offensively right now.

The bullpen, which looked good this spring, has reverted back to the mode they were in last September.

I'm going to chew on things and come back later tonight with more thoughts. As usual, feel free to vent and share your own observations.

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I just think that this is a somewhat mediocre team that is top heavy. What I mean is, their rotation is really 2 guys you can rely on (Santana/Maine) with a big ? (Perez) and the offense has only 2 consistent players in Wright/Beltran. You cannot win many big games vs competitive teams with that structure and, as we saw, they simply will not.

They need a big year from Church, Schneider, Heilman, Duaner and another starter before they can think of going deep into the playoffs. Consider that in 2006, everything looked great. We had Pedro for the first 4+ months, Duaner wouldn't give up runs, Heilman was damn good and we had Bradford. Now we repalce Bradford/Duaner with Sosa/Mota in 2007 and Sosa/Schoenweis in those situations and we pay the price.

Sadly, Delgado likely won't hit like he did in 2006 for the entire year and the offense is nothing compare to what it was 2 years ago. It's a scary thought, but I think the best Mets team we saw was 2006 and they are just not the same team. Granted the NL East is thoroughly mediocre, however, that doesn't mean the Mets are a good team. We'll see what happens. I just don't think (Nor did I coming in) that this team is as good as people want it to be. Wins/Losses in April be damned.


I have to say I am confused with willie's quick moves to the bullpen. Santana was taken out before throwing 100 pitches, and perez taken out today, and in his first start(yes it was a blowout, but at least try to get him through the game) without giving up any runs. Trust me I've watched perez unravel, and it's so painful to watch, but he won 15 last year, and maybe it's time to show a little faith. With the bullpen looking sub-par, and being a concern of the Mets why aren't they allowing the starters to come even close to end. The middle reliever is something that baseball has had to embrace, but willie seems to abuse this, and completely take away the mirage that is the complete game. He got away with this before with a great bullpen in previous years, especially with darren oliver.

It's still early right? Though losing the last Shea home opener was a bummer, I still maintain that this club can put it together, my only reservation is that it may not be under Willie. I like Randolph, but some of his in game decisions I am begining to question. I think he should have let Smith go into the seventh, then brought in Blowenweis for the Howard matchup if it dictated it. I realize situations, numbers, and even hunches dictate a managers move. The manager has to show confidence in his staff, but these guys are killing the team. Saturday, the pen crumbles, Sunday, they blow a good(not great) Santana outing. Yesterday, Perez is removed, and the next inning the pen says here ya go to the Phils and drop the game witnessed by the largest crowd in Shea history. Now I'm not saying this is all Willie's fault, but some of his moves leave me questioning him quite a bit since August of 2007. I believe this team needs a spark, a guy that can light a fire under this team. A guy that will take a chance on youth while keeping his vets sharp and in the game. Who, I could not tell you at this time, but they need somebody to take the reins and get these guys going. Reyes seems to be just going through the motions, I want the old Reyes back NOW! Castillo is not 100% and doubt he will be all season (boy wouldn't Gotay look good until Castillo's return). D.W. will get hot and be clutch, Beltran,Delgado, & Pagan are the only offense. Church & Schneider will be major contributors, I hope. Starters have keep the Mets in all but one game really. The pen and the Manager have been what has been keeping the Mets from sporting a better record. Kudos for putting Muniz in the game, but we know Willie had little else to go with. Scho, Sosa, and in some very critical situations, Heilman have become train wrecks. I don't know what to think anymore. This is my team and has been all my life since I started watching baseball in 68 with my father. I guess this is what it means to be a supporter of Mets baseball, valleys and peaks. I am just tired of being in the valley.

6 games into the season and the manager and the team seems like we are in a coma.5 and 12 to end the season.2 up 4 down to start the season.thats a 7 win 16 loss stretch.to me, there is too much talent here to play that kind of baseball.we have to get jose going.the question is, how long do we wait before we possibly move him in the lineup.if we bat endy lead off for a few games, where do we bat jose?2 hole, 7 hole..the downside is it could make things worse.knowing willie, he probably won't do anything, which might be ok too..just wondering out loud here friends.pelfry tonite off a 12 day layoff.we better score some runs tonite.going to wash dc for 4 days..have tickets for next teus and thursday at shea..looking forward to some happy recaps..LET'S GO METS!!!

I think you can pullup 95% of last years comments and they all will fit this season so far. It is still some kind of team problem? That is being ignored and whishing it rights itself, soon we'll be saying it's only April, then we'll be saying it's only May. etc. Maybe its a master plan that at the end of the season the fans will tare down the stadium with no regrets or help from the constrution crews. I fall into the same quicksand every year, I jump in with so much hope and find myself little by little sinking to hopeless situations, my faith in this team is hanging on to a string and that something is wrong and not being addressed. If and when they fix that we will right the ship.The Phillys have it. Atl. has it, we don't have it, and I am not sure of what we don't have that they have. Maybe A deep desire to win? We just can't seem to get that old team spirit.I know it's only 6 games, but it's the same kind of games as last year maybe worst because everybody's older" and nobody's getting younger.Even Reyes looks "older"Something is missing?

I hear everyone, and I did encourage you to get it off your chest, but I still believe it's too early to judge this team.

Well mike should I need to say more? Willie and offense. We need a change and we need it now!!! Once again, Reyes looked like he's having fun.

William - If you're trying to say that Reyes' struggles have anything to do with Willie Randolph I have to honestly tell you that I don't buy into that one. If you want to criticize Randolph for how he uses a bullpen or his inability to get his team out of their stupor last fall, that's fair. If you're one who believes that Willie somehow crushed Reyes spirit and that was the cause of his slump then I'm sorry, but this isn't Little League.

Mike, You're the best. I mean it! You know what? I am a Little League coach having just started my practices as the weather up here is just allowing. Still some snow towards the backstop but we're dealing with it. Back to Reyes, all I'm saying is he is not allowed to be himself and that's what we loved about him the most. Sure the hand shakes might put a little pressure on him. More than once haven't you thought while watching him, that he's one of the only guys in baseball that truly enjoys playing not only for the money but for the love of the sport? Why was lastings traded? because he hit his first homer and slapped a few hands going back to r.f.? He was in willie's doghouse right after that incident. Mike, I'm going to try not to beat this up but our problem is #12.

William, I just think Randolph takes too much blame for the performance of the players. As for Milledge, I absolutely blame the NY media on that one more than anyone.

Reyes is a kid and has to grow up, and that won't change no matter who is the manager.

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