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A Weekend on the Sunny Side

Mike SteffanosTuesday, May 20, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 41: Mets 11 - Yankees 2

I apologize for being late again with this. To be honest with you, I've been having some health problems related to pushing myself too hard. I decided I needed to take a couple of steps backward for a while and I'm starting to feel somewhat better.

I've got some pieces planned for the site, but will probably go real light on the game analysis for a while. I'll get a post up there with whatever observations I had that you'll be free to add your comments to.

As much as I enjoyed how well the Mets played this weekend against the Yankees, and how well Oliver Perez pitched Sunday, I'm honestly not convinced that the "patient" has made anything more than a temporary recovery. I think this team has some deep problems, particularly offensively, that will preclude any real runs of winning baseball in the near future. I hope they prove me wrong.

If the above sounds pessimistic, it's because I honestly feel that way. I guess, other than my health problems, that's the main reason why it's taking me so long to get even brief recaps posted lately. I feel like I'm just writing the same things over and over. I refuse to do that.

Anyway, if anyone has some analysis of the Yankees series, please feel to append your comments.

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Comments (6)

First and most important, take care of yourself Mike. Your health is primary and I'd rather see you miss some time than make any conditions worse. Your a good guy and as you know we appreciate your dedication to providing this site. With that in mind take it easy and I'll keep you in my prayers. Unfortunately exactly what we expected to come to pass, Glavine throws 3-hit ball for 6 and the Mets fall 6-1 in game one. Maine was roughed up and Heilman continues to be another "TNT" on the fire. Mets manage only 6 hits. Well looking forward to the night-cap, get some rest my friend.


Take care of yourself. Your health is the most important thing. As for the Mets, I wish I could say I am surprised by the result of Game 1 of today's doubleheader but I am not. If you take an objective look at this team, you'll see a mediocre team. Maybe a managerial change will change that, maybe it won't. Unless this team starts hitting well on a consistent basis, it's not going to matter who is managing this team. Hopefully, we can salvage the nightcap tonight.

mike, feel better..after reading willie's comments today, i understand why he was never hired for a managerial job.too thin skinned and not very bright.nice time to play the race card, willie!!it's gonna be a long season..

Mike, take care of yourself first. Your on my prayer list. I think it's time to shake up the Mets and clean house.Fla. does it often and has good seasons after and with less money too. Right now we are a yo-yo team, and we should cut the string.This team isn't working and needs a overhaul, a new engine not just a tune-up.We need some major parts replaced.The sooner the better. The only thing Iam looking forward to right now is the June trading deadline with hope we make some changes and get rid of dead wood.Iam sorry but this team has made me bitter.Just last year while recovering from my heart attack and stroke, we were all happier and lighter in our comments,you were all telling me I can't watch the 9th inning untill my heart gets stronger and we all had our moments of putting our heads in the oven jokes but this team has rubbed off on us and took away our joy of baseball. It's time to change and make it fun again for them and us.I would be happy with a new 2nd basemen and a first baseman for starters, I wouldn't mind a new firey manager to stir the pot and I think then I could live with a .500 ,yo-yo team It would be fun watching the manager throw 1st base into the outfield and yelling at the umps for a missed call... Thank you this was good for me,.... I'm going back to bed now!

Well here it is sports fans, Mets get swept in a day/night DH'er. Besides the rain delay, Mets inability to score, Vargas & Maine being less than sharp, Mets losing to their most hated rivals, Glavine & Campillo looking like Koufax & Drysdale, "our first half MVP Church gets injured". Enough is enough. A change has to come, management, players, something. I said it a million times, there is far too much talent for this team to be playing so inconsistent. The manager is panicking, the players seem unmotivated, and so far the outcome is less than what was expected. I don't want to hear it's still early, they have time, wait til so-n-so gets back, etc, etc, and so on! The product they have put on the field is sub-standard and I want a refund. This is my franchise, has been since I started watching baseball with my father....in the sixties! I been through the good, the bad, and now it's just gotten ugly. I still believe in this franchise, it's the team that currently takes the field that I am having a hard time with. Please, get it together, play some inspired ball, run through a 15-4 stretch, at least win games in your own division. Or is it that maybe what everyone outside of Metsville has been saying is true? This team is just not that good!


I was at work for the Glavine game and chose to watch Pistons-Celtics after seeing that the Mets were losing in Game 2. Hope you missed this doubleheader too. As the other posters have said, your health is more important. Of course, at the current rate this team is playing, there may not be many more game accounts from you this year.

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