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Bats Abandon Maine

Mike SteffanosMonday, May 26, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 48: Rockies 4 - Mets 1

If you're a starting pitcher for the New York Mets these days, you may think that you can't afford to make a single mistake. Sadly, this is often true.

John Maine battled through 120 pitches over 6 innings yesterday in the rubber match against the Rockies. A mistake in the fourth inning yielded a 3-run homer, and -- given the somnambulant state of the Mets offense these days -- that pretty much sealed his fate.

The aforementioned offense managed 4 singles and a run as Aaron Cook pitched a complete game against them. Cook is a good pitcher, but this is something we've seen all too often this season. It's why I find it hard to dwell on the struggles of some of the pitchers in the early going. The offense has been, and seemingly will continue to be, the Achilles heel of the club this season.

Enjoy your Memorial Day.

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Mike, This is real sad isn't it? I thought we would be a little better that we are but should I? The Mets did little to improve offensively from last year. They signed Casillo, to a gulp, four year deal. This had stink written all over it. He will never live up to it. How can you just throw money around not thinking what he will look like in four years? If he was the caliber of, lets say, Rod Carew, that would be one thing. But Castillo? Not a smart move. Know, the relievers. Outside of Heilman, whom sounds like they are trying to deal, haven't been too bad. They got rid of the long man and after dealing Heilman, promoting Muniz, they will look good. Pedro will be back now that the weather is getting warmer, a la Clemens, we should be in better shape. The offense is another thing. Delgado at times appears to be breaking out of his slump. Beware! No hitter at second base. Reyes,I thought, was Willie's fault but amstill not sure. Wright is currently 40 points under last years ave. Alou should have never been sighned. Beltran, I just don't understand. Church, thank God, is playing hurt half the time. Schieder, isn't doing what we expected, but La Duca looks to be done.

William - I really don't see anyone being responsible for Jose's struggles other than Jose. I do think he'll turn it around. It's also possible that he's not quite as good as we all thought, but I think he's plenty good enough. I think this offense can be better, but I think they're going to be an issue all season.

The Mets starters need to pitch better, period. Enough of these four, five or six inning outings with walks, wild pitches and just crappy execution. The Mets lead the league in hit batters and it isn't because of their nasty attitudes. They just can't throw strikes. How the hell do you pitch your whole life and not be able to consistently throw strikes? Do we search for these guys? Is there a special Mets scouting section devoted to finding guys who can't throw strikes? Is it player development or Mr. fix it aka Rick Peterson? Just horrible...and the pen ain't much better.

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