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It Doesn't Smell Like Victory...

Mike SteffanosFriday, May 23, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 45: Braves 4 - Mets 2

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words:

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We've put together our take (admittedly from a Marlins-biased perspective) on each team's odds of taking the NL East. You can read our explanations here:


Here were the final probabilities:

Marlins: 25%
Braves: 30%
Phillies: 25%
Mets: 18%
Nationals: 2%

We'd love to get your thoughts.

Well , I can see the Marlins making a serious run at a division title this year considering their steady play since the start of the season . As for the Braves and Phillies , I might think the Phillies have the edge over the Braves right now Talent wise , so maybe the Phills should be ahead of the Braves in your list ? Now for the Mets , 18 percent is just Sad . How could this Team be that Bad because we All know they are not ? The Nats at 2 Percent sounds just about right considering the competition they have to deal with in their division . Will any of that change between now , and Sept. ? I dunno , I am to depressed to think about it now because my Team is Falling apart at the moment............sigh .

Mike - That IS a sweet, glazed, sugary, fattening, chocolate donut, isn't it? I mean, some would have us believe that. Those same folks believe we'll eat this unquestioningly, and come back for more.

Me, I'm off to Tampa today to see the Rays take on the O's. While the Devil-less Rays are off to a nice start, there'll be plenty of elbow room for me in the stands this evening. The donut-makers at Shea better be careful what they present as good eatin', or there'll be elbow room like that in the new ballpark much sooner than anyone can imagine.

I give the Marlins more like a 10% chance. I think their bullpen will come down a little and I just don't see them being ready to seriously contend. Mostly it's between the Braves and Phillie right now. The Mets have to prove they can play winning baseball for a length of time before they can be taken seriously again. I guess I'd be happy if they'd just win a game at the moment. One thing I will say about the Marlins, it would be fun rooting for them right now. We haven't had much fun since 2006.

One gets hurt running to first, another gets hurt standing in the outfield. Next we will hear someone fell in the shower. Sounds like an assisstant living care unit.I think we lead the league in hamstring injurys.I know we have the top ten in mri's. Bringing up Evans is a good start to get some young guys into the clubhouse. Thats where I think the real problem is.I heard there was a lot of fun with the new kid coming into the clubhouse today, thats what they need to get happy and play fun baseball again, they should bring up some more kids. Carp and Murphy looked good when I last checked them at Binghamton.They are hungry, willing and able to play nine innings.(9 innings a game, that is!)

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