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Not Even Cowardly Umpiring Can Save the Yankees

Mike SteffanosSunday, May 18, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

I can live with umpires making mistakes, but there was absolutely no excuse for Bob Davidson to overturn a correct call on Carlos Delgado's fourth inning home run. Moreover, the discussion didn't even last that long.

The only explanation in my mind was an incompetent group of umpires making a horrible call to appease the home fans. If you or I performed as poorly at our jobs there would be consequences. There will certainly be none for these spineless individuals, and that's too bad. They should be very thankful that the Yankees didn't win this game.

Kudos to Jerry Manuel for being so passionate and getting tossed from the game. Willie should pay whatever fine he gets, since Manuel was doing what Randolph failed to do. Actually, I'd like to see Bob Davidson assessed the same fine as Manuel, since it was his gross incompetence that initiated everything.

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Comments (6)

110 per cent correct assesment mike.mlb needs replay for home run calls.that's 2 we lost this year (beltran in florida)and we've only played 43 games..how do u feel about replay just for home run calls?

I totally agree about this. This is now the 3rd blown home run call against the Mets this year, and it's starting to look really bad for the umpires. If I was the MEts, I'd start giving the umps more bruises, and if they ask, remind them WHY.

For instance, batting, the MEts could "accidentally" hit the umpire with the bat. Or when pitching, throw something that could "accidentally" hit the umpire. And tell them "for every stupid play you intentionally blow for us, we'll get our pound of flesh from you". Sure, it's harsh, but I think the Mets would get their point across (especially since the League offices don't give a damn) rather quickly. Hockey has it's goons, Baseball needs it's own variant.

And as for Willie Randolph, today was another case in point of why he should go. The whole umpire situation DEMANDED him to come out there, pull a Lou Pinella, and have a massive temper tantrum, and get thrown out. Today Willie proved that he's not willing to take one for the team, and it's just one more nail in his coffin as coach.

I don't think baseball needs instant replay, but I think the umps should be held responsible for making the right calls. In this case, Willie Randoplh should have argued and gotten tossed instead of the bench coach. I posted the rest of my observations here:

The Mets looked good, Willy looked bad.He missed a open window to stick-up for "his guys" and didn't show-up.

Willie should have argued with a little more intent, Manuel gets tossed, and gets the team fired up to score 11. Maybe Manny should manage and Willie goes to the bench. Next up the Braves.....go Mets!

Best Game of the Season for the Mets last night Mike , even with the Bad Call on Delgados No Homer shot . Kudos to Jerry to , maybe he is campaigning for a better Job in the not to distant future with his little show of support ? Hmm......

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