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Reyes as the Catalyst

Mike SteffanosSaturday, May 3, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 27: Mets 7 - Diamondbacks 2

The D-backs elected to go with Micah Owings as the starter last night, despite the fact that he was obviously bothered by a bad right ankle. It was clear from the get-go that Owings wasn't right. Everything was up in the zone and the Mets were teeing off on him.

It was a great night for Jose Reyes, who led off in the eighth inning needing a home run to hit for the cycle. Reyes gave it a ride, but hit it off the wall in dead center and bounded away from CF Chris Young. Third base coach Sandy Alomar elected to try to score Reyes, but a pair of good throws from Young and 2B Augie Ojeda nailed him by 15 feet. A couple of things here.

As exciting it is to see a hitter go for the cycle -- and on an inside-the-park homer, no less -- Alomar had no business sending Reyes with no outs when they were only up by 5 runs. That could have been an important insurance run, and it was a silly decision by Alomar. Young got to the ball too quickly, and only a misplay on the relay would have scored Reyes.

Secondly, though, it was Alomar who elected to send Reyes. When I was reading about the game earlier today I came across this on the AZ SnakePit blog:

Compare and contrast [Conor] Jackson running through the cycle in a blowout, giving a teammate an RBI opportunity, to Jose Reyes selfishly trying to get home in the ninth for an inside-the-parker to complete his cycle, and being easily thrown out. I know who is the better team player.

With all of the discussion about blogs vs. the old media lately, we don't do ourselves any favors when we write this sort of biased drivel. It would make sense if Reyes ran through the coach's stop sign, but that was clearly not the case. I understand that the animated Reyes is the type of player who goes against the grain when he's playing against your team, particularly when he is having a great game. Still, that's just silly, and gives bloggers a black eye.

Nice comeback for John Maine managing to complete 6 innings. He really hasn't been on top of his game all year, but hasn't allowed more than 2 earned runs since his first start of the season.

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Comments (5)

If that was the case, and Alomar sent Reyes, then I stand corrected - in my defense, it didn't seem like the coach was vigorously windmilling Reyes around third, from the replays I saw at the park, and the clearly-wheezing Reyes was not under any obligation to go either. But regardless, the basic principle still stands: an obscure and meaningless personal mile-stone for a player was put ahead of the best interests of the team. Your opinion of the matter might be very different if, as today, Arizona had scored five runs in the eighth...

As for your seizing of this and blowing it up into a battle in the war between old and new media, I won't even dignify that with a response.

mike, i watched last nite and i thought it was a bad move by alomar to send reyes with nobody out also..playing the game the right way should be the goal of the manager and the coaches, not individual stats..a cycle is a nice individual stat to obtain, but in the long run, who cares..reyes has had some leg problems this year, my first thought on him being thrown out, was what if he pulled a hammy or a quad and missed the next 6 weeks just to get a meaningless cycle. dumb move by alomar..the players and now the coaches are showing a lack of discipline under willie..i'll be suprised if willie is still around by the all star break.. santana and maine and pray for rain..it's going to be real hard to have any long winning streaks with perez, pelfrey and figueroa at 3,4 and five.when does rick petersen, aka the guru get some knocks for the same pitchers who threw 100 pitches by the fifth inning last year still throwing 100 pitches this year by the 5th inning?? hopefully santana will look like a special pitcher tomorrow in the warm weather of arizona..

Jim - Alomar clearly waived Reyes home. When the coach sends you it's your job to go, it's not a suggestion. You're just being silly with the rest of the stuff.

I pointed out in the post itself that I didn't like sending him -- the game was too close, so that's not even an argument.

I get it that you don't like Reyes. You just can't admit that you allowed yourself to be biased because you don't care for the player.

I didn't make it into a battle between old and new media, I just pointed out this was the sort of biased writing that gives blogs a bad name. That is factual, unlike most of what you wrote.
Gary - I agree it was a bad move. The game was just too close to throw away a chance to tack on a run.

[ I just pointed out this was the sort of biased writing that gives blogs a bad name. That is factual, unlike most of what you wrote. ]

You pounce on two sentences in a 1,500-word report and suddenly, this is "the sort of biased writing that gives blogs a bad name." There is absolutely no point in engaging further with someone who instigates this kind of childish name-calling.


Most of what you wrote in the comment I was responding to. The only thing I had issue with in your post was what I called you on.

I am amazed that you insisted on continuing to try to defend the original misstatement. The coach wasn't "vigorously windmilling" Reyes home? He's either sent or not sent. "Not under any obligation to go?" When the third base coach sends you it's your obligation to go, period. The "basic principle still stands?" You're just someone who wrote something calling a player selfish based on the fact you don't like him, and now you're someone that doesn't even have the capacity to admit you were wrong.

I wrote twice that Alomar was wrong to send him, so we're not even arguing on that. And I still feel that what you wrote about Reyes -- and continue to defend against all logic -- is precisely the sort of biased writing that gives blogs a bad name. The fact that you tap dance around with silly rationalizations and attacks on me that overstate what I said doesn't change that.

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