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The Ship Sinks Deeper

Mike SteffanosTuesday, May 27, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 49: Marlins 7 - Mets 3

These games are starting to blur together, aren't they?

The Mets are losing games for so many of the same reasons, it's hard to tell these losses apart.

The Mets haven't won a game that Mike Pelfrey has started since mid-April. A couple of those starts -- May 10 against the Reds and May 15 vs. Washington -- showed some real promise, but the last two against the Braves and Marlins were a big step in the wrong direction:

Mike Pelfrey (Last 5 Starts)
Season   (9 Games)49312963232445.331.782-7

I honestly don't see any more how it serves the Mets or Mike Pelfrey to keep running him out there. If the choice were mine to make, I would send him down. Perhaps a different voice and a lot less limelight would help.

The offense... same old.

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Well, there is the opinion afoot that the difference between the season Pelfrey is having and the relative success of the Rays' Andy Sonnanstine (picked, I suppose, because he is a tallish righthander some nine months older than Mike)is a matter of Sonnanstine pitching in front of a better defensive outfit. I have little doubt there is some truth to it, though neither lad is exactly setting the world on fire.

We all got spoiled in 2006 and over the first few months of last year, having such a tight defensive team to watch. I sure miss that part of the Mets fannish experience. The really discouraging thing is, much of the regression is from "our" guys, Reyes and Wright and to a lesser extent Beltran.

It is a bit painful to watch the offesive output by a team capable of doing so much more. I'm not saying they should go out and rip off 7 or 8 runs a game, but I still believe they are capable more oft than not. They are just not gelling together. One guy gets hot and the other 5 prime players are in a slump. To their credit, Wright, Beltran, and even Delgado have hit the ball hard but into tough luck. Then there are times that the whole lineup looks lost at the plate. Also it does not help that Church cannot play every day. Oh, "woe is the Mets"

Baseball Toaster has a piece on Church's situation well worth reading:


For those who won't try the link, it deals with the considerable risks of Ryan coming back too soon, a la Corey Koskie. Koskie feels that coming back before he was ready was the cause for his early retirement.

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