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As Bad As It Ever Was

Mike SteffanosWednesday, June 11, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 63: Diamondbacks 9 - Mets 5

When the Mets had the successful home stand against the Marlins and Dodgers, they had the look of a team that was finally ready to start playing consistent -- if unspectacular -- baseball. Now they have the look of a team that's looking for an excuse to pack it in on the season.

I'm finding it very difficult to write about these games. On some level, you can only point out the same flaws so many times and then analysis just sort of disintegrates into whining.

Most of us have very difficult jobs, and the Mets are (allegedly) a diversion from the grind of what we have to do to support ourselves and our families. I think I'm going to concentrate on the future and deemphasize the day to day futility in this blog. I have nothing to say about this game that is anything close to constructive or particularly illuminating.

I have some appointments today. Tomorrow we'll be back and finding things to talk about that are at least somewhat hopeful and perhaps even fun.

When I compared this club to the 2002 Mets a couple of days ago I was being sarcastic. I still don't see them collapsing as utterly and completely as that edition of the Metropolitans, but they do have the look of a club that could conceivably start mailing it in if things don't turn around soon. Mets fans deserve better than this. You can accept not having a real championship caliber club to root for, but you want one that comes to play most every day.

If any of the regulars feel like chiming in on potential topics of discussion for this blog going forward, please leave a comment. I'm interested in how you all feel.

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About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Comments (9)

I think the team is wilting under the pressure. Just like the end of last year. But this team is way more talented than the 2002 edition.

So when it finally hits home that the season is lost, I predict that this team will start winning. The pressure will be off and they'll just go out and play to their abilities.

It will probably be too late. They may make a run that falls short.

About 2 weeks ago I wrote a comment that you didnt reply to...I understand that what I relateds at that time was overtly pessimistic...I said I was turning away my head bc I couldnt bear to look...I dont mind them losing games...baseball inherently is about batting a ball for a hit 30% out of ten attempts, as a good average to work towards. So, we as fans understand even overstand what loss is about. This is not simpy about loss, but perception. It cannot be conceivable that professional players,(with a few unseemly exceptions), would not put out 100% effort. The Mets dont appear at surface to not be striving hard, its just that their futility in acheiving any measure of consistency is just not there.
The laws of physics and motion decree that consistent, albeit small efforts, will create tremendous momentum and expansiveness... for example, a small girl weighing 60lbs. will be able to swing a large man of 300lbs, when that much heavier man is sitting on a swing set at a resting position, acheiving its maximum height allowable at our gravity...simply by applying whatever force she can muster, even if its just a few foot pounds of force applied... however it must be done at consistent intervals, performed skillfully at the same time and location, then inevitably this will acheive maximum results. This is called oscillation and this application of hard science can be utilized in any situation. Perhaps the Mets need an on-staff Physicist? On a side note, and I have spoken of this before on this blog, I am trained in biomechanics with which I can say with authority, that the athletes on the Mets team are not utilizing the basic fundamentals of the physics of proper form to their advantage, in fact it is working to their disadvantage. Interested?? Ask Me.

I totally agree with Barry about this team wilting and that they are much better than the 2002 team. I really believe they will start winning the way the Phillies started winning a couple of years ago when they traded away Abreu. I mentioned previously that I believe Omar needs to trade Delgado and good things will start to happen. Delgado maybe playing a little harder of late and is hitting a little better but what he is not doing is hitting the long ball.

As for a recommendation about future blogs, I wish I had a good suggestion Mike but I'm also at a loss. Maybe looking at the 86 team and how they were strategically built by Cashen and how they fell apart due to Straw and Doc's additions and Keith and Gary Carters age and finally by the utterly stupid moves by the front office. Whenever I look at the 86 team I smile and then I get angry for what could have been.

Thanks again Mike.


I may have just turned the corner on how I'm coping with this dismal team. When Wagner gave up the three-run homer in the ninth to tie the score Thursday night, I busted out laughing before I knew what I was doing. It's reached that point. I just tuned the game out after nine. The outcome is not in doubt in my mind.

I read somewhere today that the Mets have not won a game this year in which they were trailing after six innings. Not one. That's just pathetic.

I don't know what to say. Even with the outcome (a win) I am still reeling from the events prior. Pelfrey pitches an outstanding "Pelfrey" game, I would have personally liked him to have continued to pitch in the 9th and if he lost the lead himself would have not been a bit displeased. His performance, hopefully, is a sign of things to come for him, he deserved the win last night in all aspects. I had the feeling before he even entered the game that Wags would give it up, honestly, after the double into the gap, I said between Reynolds and Snyder he would give it up! True to form for the 2007-2008 season, he played the role and cost Pelf a victory. I was so irrate I immeadiately turn the game off and went to bed. It is a shame that a team I have liked, and rooted for since I was 4, endured every twist and turn with, that now I have become so non-chalant with. I appreciate the fact that they won in 13, but as a consumer I need a better product, I need consistancy. I need these Mets (that I was in full support of) to play the way they are capable of playing. If they are not up to the task, then get rid of some parts and bring in/or up some new talent. I could stomach some rookie getting bombed or not getting a two out hit. I can't stand this inconsistant baseball one bit! This is a plea from a life-long Metsie!


Your commnets regarding the 2002 Mets are right on target. This team is going nowhere. As they say, the fish stinks from the head down. Omar should be the first to go. He made some lucky moves when he was the installed GM of the Expos. He was then regarded as an upcoming baseball GM genius. Since he's been given the keys to the Mets kingdom, with a king size budget to boot, his moves have for the most part been horrible. He looks more like the village idiot than the upcoming genius. Delgado, Castilo, Alou, Chavez, Anderson, and Sanchez, are just the current terrible moves he's made as GM. Willie Randolph might be better suited to manage an American League team, but he's only as good as the players he's been given, and those players for the most part stink.

This team is leaderless, and shows no heart.

Barry -- I think I'd rather see them make a run and fall short than just completely pack it in. Maybe something will kick in and they'll make a run while it still matters. I honestly wish I could feel really optimistic about this club as I did in 2006. I'm sure most fans would echo that.
n8 -- I'm sorry. I didn't ignore your comment. I haven't been doing a good job of answering comments lately. I haven't been feeling really well and I've been busy with work stuff. I'll try to do a better job of answering comments.

I would certainly be interested in hearing more about your thoughts on the Mets better utilizing the basic fundamentals of the physics of proper form to their advantage. It would certainly be more interesting than reading yet another snarky piece in the papers about Alou going back on the DL.
Ed - I really like the suggestion about 1986. I'll try to keep it in mind when I get some free time.
Nostra -- See:


They may not do it often, but they have done it. That's why we all started to have hope after the home stand.

LJ - I think many of us feel an annoying sense of disconnect from this team. They've just been running in place for more than a year.
catman - I wouldn't say that everything good that Omar has done has been "lucky", but I do wonder if he is the right GM in this era where guys who build farm systems trump guys who are primarily deal makers.


I was referring to the lucky moves he made while he was GM of the lame duck Expos. He was able to gamble on some younger and older players who came through for him. He had no resources to work with at Montreal, and the unconvential moves he made worked out to his favor.

In some regard, he has tried to make similar moves with the Mets, which haven't worked out as well. Franco, Alou, Martinez, Henandez are just some of the older players he's spent millions on with not much return on the investment.

He traded away the farm system for Santana.

While some of his moves have worked out well, on balance, for every good move he has made, there has been an equally as bad move.

While he has never made a deal as bad as the Kazmir/Zambrano deal, he certainly has had the time to put a competitive team on the field. This current team is going no where fast.

The 3 All Star players on the team are having un all star like seasons (Wright/Reyes/Beltran). The only bright note has been Church, who hopefully can come back. The second tier is horrible: Delgado, Schneider, Castilo, Alou (because of his time out of the line up). Most of the super bench players have been any thing but...Chavez, Anderson.

The bull pen, which was our weak link last year, is still essentially the same as last year: either lights out, or home run city. You can't give the ball to any of these guys without a 6 or 7 run lead. The starting pitchers should refuse to leave the mound when Willie comes a calling.

It now appears that Randolph will be gone by next week. Along with Johnson and Peterson, to be replaced by Manual, and probably 2 more Hispanic coaches. Maybe they can get this overwhelmingly Hispanic team to play. If not, Omar should be the next to go.

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