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Curtains for the Jacket?

Mike SteffanosMonday, June 16, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus is reporting that pitching coach Rick Peterson has been fired by the New York Mets:

Sources tell me that Rick Peterson has been fired as pitching coach of the New York Mets. As yet, this cannot be confirmed, though reports this weekend have been leaning this way. We'll know more shortly.

I kind of figured this was coming, but it just seems pointless to me. I think Peterson did a pretty good job given what he had to work with. It seems like the Mets felt that they had to fire somebody, and Peterson drew the short straw.

Then again, I have yet to see confirmation of this from any other source, and Carroll states that he can't confirm the rumor.

Stay tuned.

Update: Carroll has updated his item:

UPDATE: The sources were both incorrect. My apologies for the error. I consistently got "no comments" from Mets sources and do believe that Peterson remains in jeopardy. However, that decision has not yet been made ... or made public.

I don't know. Those "no comments" he mentions are mighty telling. Perhaps the rumor is correct and they're waiting for Minaya to arrive out there for the axe to fall. Again, stay tuned.

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Comments (5)

I don't think it happened yet, but it looks like it will. A very big mistake if they do this. Petersen has been great; in many ways that are not obvious. Like game-plannning. When he came to the Mets, the ERA of the staff was immediately lowered.

The Mets will regret this. Definitely long-term, but also I think in the short-term. The starters have been great this year. If the pitching takes a nose-dive after he leaves, of course, people will say it's a coincidence. It won't be.

My biggest nightmare is about to come true. The Yankees wanted him a couple of years ago and spread rumors of him leaving in order to force the Mets hand. Now the Mets are giving him to the Yankees on a silver platter. Watch what he does with their young pitchers. What a disaster.

I think overall Peterson has been a success. Maine has vastly improved, and working on being a consistent starter. Ollie did good the past two years, I just think he's putting pressure on himself in his 2008 contract year. His grade for the past few years should be a B-. If he would have never said that he could fix Zambrano in 10 minutes it could be higher. He's had to work with some "bum" bodies too, and more oft than not, has gotten good miles out of many of them. For what he has been given I think he has done pretty well. He can't be held accountable for injuries, guys not being able to repeat the same motion and release points. For every implosion you can think of someone who thrived under his watch.

ding dong the wicked willie is gone..management finally decided to fold a losing hand..should have done it last october.if they stink it up the rest of the year, show minaya the door and hire a new gm and a new manager..as far as firing him at 3am, who cares..willies leaving with a nice amount of money..thanks for 2006 willie.let's see if manuel can get most of this team to hustle and run the bases hard ALL OF THE TIME!!something willie failed at big time.i'll be watching..

I found the baseball standings in my desk drawer for 6/15/04. Why? they were there I don't know. But The Mets were in 4th place with a 29 and 33 record 51/2 games out, behind Fla. Phil. Atl. So if we take away our "good" years 2005 and 2006 and 2007 we are almost right back to were we were on June 15th 2004 and starting to build a winning team. The best is yet to come, I think I've said that before.

Holy smokes, Willie gets the axe in the middle of the night along with Peterson & Nieto, did not know that til this morning. Now first off, I admit I thought the Mets needed a managerial change, I did not think it was all his (Randolph's)fault. We were all under the guise that this team was ready to redeem itself from last year but it has not played at all like a team ready to make a move. This was a punk move by ownership in my opinion, and people are saying it was Wilpons all the way. They allowed this team to be fielded, an old, brittle bunch. Injuries, wrong personel, and some questionable manager moves were easily enough ammo for the front office to damn Wille, and bounce him. Omar shares much of this blame too, but I dont think he really wanted to fire Randolph, especially at this juncture. What I want to know is it really how the team has performed this year, 2007's collapse, or just missing the series in 2006? Or could it have been a combo of all three? He's a good baseball man and should have not been fired in this manner, can't say I hate to see you go, just did not like the way it was done.

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