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Déjà Vu

Mike SteffanosMonday, June 9, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 62: Padres 8 - Mets 6

This team is staring to make me flash back to 2002.

High expectations to start the year? Check.

A roster filled with aging, high-priced veterans who enjoyed their best years with other clubs? Check.

A GM who is sitting on the hot seat and needs a deep playoff run to turn the heat down? Check.

A veteran closer with tons of talent, mounds of saves, but a penchant to come up short when the team needs him most? Check.

A manager with one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel? Check.

A team that seems to have a flair for finding painful ways to lose games? Check.

Want to hear one thing that's really sad? As bad as Mo Vaughn was, Carlos Delgado would have to have a pretty good second half to match his 2002 production. Vaughn's numbers were .259/.349/.456 with 26 HR and 72 RBI in 487 AB. Even with his recent hot streak, Delgado numbers are .245/.325/.414 with 8 HR and 29 RBI. That would translate to about 18 HR and 64 RBI over the equivalent number of ABs as Vaughn. We could well have a new standard to judge failed first baseman after this season.

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Comments (5)

I agree with you most of the time Mike, but honesty I feel you are way off comparing this team to 2002. Don't misunderstand me, I'm just as disappointed with this team as the next guy but I really feel there are major differences with the teams and there names are Reyes and Wright. In addition Beltran, Church, Santana and Maine are not so bad either. Where I agree with you is about Delgado. I'll even go as far to say that he could be our biggest problem. His defense sucks and his power numbers are awful. But more importantly, he may be cancer in the clubhouse. I could be wrong but maybe Reyes lack of hustle on several occassions could be from watching Delgado. Delgado was able to get away with this type of play in the past because of the numbers he generated but quite frankly Ed Kranepool put up better numbers than Delgado is right now. Not to mention Delgado's ability to wear the same uniform every day since he never gets dirty.

Another thing to keep in mind about this team is that the team has only played a handful of games with all of its starters on the field. I'm not just talking about the old guys like Alou and Castillo, but losing Church has really hurt the team. Not only that but Pagan was doing a good job and he got hurt along with Marlon Anderson. If Pedro and Santana could stay healthy the ballclub could turn it around.

My final point is that Omar needs to make a move or 2 and the most important move will involve first base. Hopefully Delgado will continue to hit so that his value will increase. Ship him to the American League and I really believe the Mets will start to turn it around. Just a hunch.


I was being somewhat sarcastic, Ed. I don't think the bottom is about to fall out, as it did in 2002, but I do think this is a club that is heading in the wrong direction. I do worry that they might be inclined to make the same mistakes they did back then, in trying to put bandaids over problems that are more serious.

Ultimately I don't feel very optimistic about this team. It's not hopeless, but they just seem to want to hang their heads when things go wrong. The "can-do" attitude of 2006 seems a thing of the past.

I agree with you Mike although I don't believe Omar will make the same mistakes Phillips made. It really seemed like Phillips went from a good young GM to a horrible GM overnight with some of the decisions he made back then. Roger Cedeno, Mo Vaughn, Burnitz, should I say more. Alomar was also a bad move but at the time it did look pretty good. Just the fact that Omar traded for Church and held onto Pelfry and young Martinez makes me believe Omar is no Phillips. In addition, the loss of Glavine helped with 2 draft picks which will hopefully improve the farm system.

I do worry that this team has lost its confidence and that they have lost its fight. I too am not optimistic and have a very hard time watching them play.

As I mentioned before if Omar can trade Delgado it may help wake up this team. I really think Delgado is the equivilant of Bobby Abreu. If you remember, the Phillies started winning as soon as Abreu got traded and yet Abreu was considered a good player. I also think Heilman needs to go but I believe he does have some value.

Thanks again for your good work Mike.


Some shake up is in order, but I don't know what value who has that is tradeable. I think some of the guys at AAA could come up and provide a spark and replace some of the vets that are not producing. Again my main thing is consistency which has seemed to evade the Mets in 2008. The baseball Gods are truly not smiling on the Mets.

fire willie..it's way overdue..that's all i have to say for the rest of the season.

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