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Friday the Thirteenth Lucky For the Mets

Mike SteffanosSaturday, June 14, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 66: Mets 7 - Rangers 1

Two starts ago, Oliver Perez pitched against one of the worst offenses in baseball (SF) and was absolutely torched. When he went out there of Friday the Thirteenth to face one of the best offenses the confidence level of Mets fans was understandably a little low. Since Perez has a knack for defying logic, it probably shouldn't come as any surprise that he pitched his best game of the year last night. We know he can get on a hot streak almost as easy as he goes through a rough patch, and can only hope his last two starts are the start of that.

The lunacy of the Willie Randolph watch goes on for at least another day. It will fire up again as soon as the Mets lose a game, and 2 losses in a row will stoke the fires back to white hot. Even though I've never felt Willie was completely to blame for this team's play, if ownership has no faith in him they should end this farce.

I'm heading to today's game. I just hope they play decently.

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Oh, man; if the Mets are to fire Randolph and his coaches, I hope there is enough distance between the firing and Wagner's blown save opportunities that he doesn't carry the guilt around with him. Otherwise they might as well trade him, because costing three guys their jobs is sure to mess with his head.

Unless the manager is the cause of a team playing poorly, I think it's better to ride out the season with what you have, and make your changes in the off season. Randolph gets much of the blame for the roster composition, which I believe is the biggest problem with this team; but how to fix that in mid-stream? Otherwise I don't think Willie is making the guys underperform. I wouldn't give odds on his making it through the season, though.

okay,,,,,heres the "o" for coherency

Our 17 game crash dive last year, should have triggered change in what was made bright and clear in that strench run. Nothing in my mind has been done to correct that as of yet and the outcome is still having a team that is crashing. Unless we have a farm to replace the worn out parts, we have nothing to trade for decent change,and you have the same team problem to hand over to any new manager. First base, second base, outfield power and r.b.i's, rel. pitching all need to be fixed. If that was done at the end of 2007 ,Willy would be fine and so would be the Mets this year.I am trying to get myself to ride out this year,save what we have keep building it with vision on the future of a young team with a strong inner core to feed on.I look at our AAA and AA teams and try to manage with them as replacement parts and some fit in very nice,just by calling them up would be a breath of fresh air and change.And Willy could stay.

rev Al, bullseye!! i've been saying this since the end of last year..how do u have an epc collapse and bring back the same players?? blame for that decision falls 100 per cent on the wilpons..

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