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Ollie Says Uncle

Mike SteffanosTuesday, June 3, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 56: Giants 10 - Mets 2

This was a game practically screaming for a strong start from Oliver Perez. The Mets were on a nice mini roll, and Perez really needs to turn his season around if he hopes to have a nice payday next winter.

I've never held it against Perez that he is playing out his option and looking to cash in. I'd probably do the same thing if I was in his position. At least he had the guts to bet on himself. I'm just not quite sure where those guts were last night. Perhaps he left them in New York.

Unfortunately, it's looking like a bad bet right now. Hopefully it will shock him into going back to what worked for him last year. Either way, unless he finishes really strong the rest of the way, he's probably already cost himself some ching. If I was a GM I don't think he'd be the guy I'd be looking to open the bank vault for, but pitching is in short supply right now.

Let's turn the page on this one. Unlike the last time a lame-duck southpaw pitched this poorly for the Mets, at least it didn't end the season.

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I hope Perez turns it around and forces a tough decision on the Mets brass, as do we all no doubt.

But tell me, is pitching really in THAT short supply? Pitching in particular? Kansas City, Minnesota, San Fran; three teams off the top of my head with pretty good pitching that probably aren't going the distance because of a severe shortfall of position players.

I mean, how hard is it to come up with a decent second baseman? They don't even draft amateur second basemen, they are assumed to be playing there to hide a weak arm. But the Twins, in a fight for the Central Division title, have run seven guys out there this year, almost all of them career minor leaguers. They've been filling in at shortstop and third base, too. And those Twins are half a game out of first in their division.

Hell, the Mariners, who at least had pretensions of competency back in April, recently started Miguel Friggin' Cario at first base seven games in a row I think. We know this guy; and today his batting line looks worse than Johan Santana's. Then there's the Mets' first base situation; is there a shortage of first basemen?

I think good players are in short supply and always have been. But I don't think the shortage is especially loaded towards pitching.

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