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Tough One for Pedro

Mike SteffanosSunday, June 22, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 73: Rockies 7 - Mets 1

I had a long day working in the yard yesterday. It was real back-breaking stuff, and I'm nowhere near as young as I used to be. Last night I dragged my tired old body to the couch in the hope of another solid effort from the baseball team that I root for.

It worked for four innings.

After that it kind of fell apart. Pedro wound up getting rocked, and the Mets couldn't score any runs against a pitcher who had been struggling all season. The Mets fell back to a game under .500, and continue their dance marathon with mediocrity.

I'll give Pedro somewhat of a pass. I don't think Denver is the best place for an older pitcher who depends upon location and lots of off-speed stuff to win. Still, if the Mets are ever going to make a real run this season, Pedro most likely will be a big part of it. Right now he's been giving up a lot of hits. In 4 June starts opponents are hitting a robust .340/.380/.468 against Pedro, and that's not going to cut it.

As I was finishing off this short post, Billy Wagner finished off a nice win by Mike Pelfrey. That did make Saturday night's game a bit easier to take. I caught the end live, but recorded the rest of it. I'll be back with a post once I've watched it.

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Comments (3)

Mike - Two out of three is just fine with me. Continuing to gain ground on first, and in fact not losing ground on the Phillies for the eighth day in a row, is even better. Those Pedro stats are scary, though. Could this year's deadline deal be for a starter? If so, we are in deep trouble.

I had big hopes that Pedro would be a true top of the line # 2 pitcher.

And up until last nights 5th inning it looked like he could be that good.

But after that implosion it leaves me with the feeling that it can never happen.

When he came back he really showed some improvement, especially his last game, but after yesterday, I am really concerned.

Has he lost it or what?

Nostra - I still think you have to give him some time, but I'd love to see him put some good games up.
fredsaid - Too early to say. His velocity hasn't been bad at all. His control has been off. He needs to be a lot more perfect with that to compete against good hitting teams.

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