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Mighty Mike

Mike SteffanosFriday, July 4, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 85: Mets 11 - Cardinals 1

This will, of necessity, have to be a quick post. I've got a bunch of people waiting for me to burn some burgers for them.

First of all, I'd like to wish all of you a happy Fourth of July. Enjoy the day -- and try not to blow up any body parts you might need down the road.

I've always been one to advocate patience with Mike Pelfrey, believing that he would become a solid major league pitcher. I saw some positive things from him early on when he was losing one game after another. However, even I can't pretend I thought he'd turn it around so quickly.

When he was knocked around by the Marlins on May 26 and dropped to 2-6, Pelfrey's rotation spot looked like anything but a sure thing. Seven starts later, everything looks different. The kid looks confident on the mound, he's throwing strikes, and I no longer feel as if he's always one pitch from disaster. Not bad for a 24-year-old who some were already willing to label as a bust.

Now the Mets head into Philly for 4 games that might make them relevant again or bury them. All I hope for is that they continue to play hard and give a good account of themselves. They've looked better of late, but I'm still wary of buying into that. Frankly, I don't have a clue of what to expect this weekend. Nothing would surprise me -- good or bad.

Back to the burgers.

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Comments (2)

Happy 4th Mike.....I like the way Pelf has been pitching of late. Challenging hitters, and becoming more confident with each start. If he continues to develope, I will give up my take that he should have been dealt to Minny instead of Humber. I am thankful for the maturity Pelf has shown and his record would be better if the Mets offense, pitching, and defense could string together some consistent games. I guess if that could happen Pelf and Santana would have more wins and we would have a whole different outlook on this sub.500 team. I am just relegated to the fact that no matter how much I wish it, this team is just what they have shown themselves to be, no better than average as a group. The parts just are not all there and that is the reality. So I will relish victory when it happens, and look for the positive in a loss, at this juncture it is all I can do!

I think it is time to sell at the trade deadline and get as many top prospects as we can. Its now or never to build a new team to start a new season in the new stadium. We need everything new. Give up what we have and get maybe 3 or 4 prospects for each player thay has some value, Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Wagner, ect.Chop off all the dead wood and put a team on the field that has a future to win. I would keep our young core of pitchers and thats it. New all new on the fild and off in the sidelines to. Manager, and staff. No band-aid fix it, radical cutting away. Give me 3 top prospects for 3rd, 3 top prospects for s/s, 3 top prospects for c/f.We are not winning with them and paying top dollar to see them. Sell, sell , sell. It's time to clean house, And I would not shed one tear for any one of them.Boy that felt good. Thanks Mike, make my burger well done please.

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