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Chose Your Scapegoat

Mike SteffanosWednesday, August 27, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 133: Phillies 8 - Mets 7 (13)

Last night the game Mets lost a game in a manner that we've seen too many times this year. While the loss certainly stung, I've gotten beyond any personal need to hang responsibility for it on any particular player or players. One thing I will say, though, is that I find it amazing how much venom is being directed towards the bullpen.

The Mets handed Pedro Martinez a 7-run lead, but he only lasted 5 innings and gave back 5 of those runs. It's the type of performance that has become all too familiar for Pedro against good offensive teams. As much as I love and appreciate him for what he has done here, this Pedro Martinez is frankly not worth re-signing after the season for the type of money he will command. Moreover, as someone who has been a fan long enough to remember Willie Mays hanging around a couple of seasons too long I don't want my last memories of Pedro to be of this pitcher who gives up homeruns by the boatload.

This has always been a season that had the potential for the type of ugliness we endured last night. I don't have to like it, but I have accepted it. Santana needs to step up tonight, and if he does I'll be grateful for the split rather than hung up on what might have been. Those might have beens for the 2008 Mets will drive you crazy if you let them. Life is too short.

The Mets have to find a way to win tonight, despite their bullpen. Some late-game runs wouldn't be a bad thing, either.

Finally, while I don't feel that the nonsense coming from some Philly players, fans and the ridiculously bad writers who ply their trade down there merits much response, I will say this. I understand that Reyes rubs many opposing players the wrong way and I don't really care. It's part of the package you accept with him. I get it that Philly is an angry town that needs to hate players on the other team. There's some of that in New York, too.

If Philly needs to somehow cast themselves as the unassuming heroes in this drama, who could blame them? I've been assured by people who witnessed Brett Meyers beating and choking his wife outside of Fenway Park a couple of years ago that Meyers did very little taunting and celebrating after his convincing victory over her. Now that's professionalism that we can all admire.

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Comments (5)

Hi Mike. I haven't had a chance to comment on your blogs of late but had a need to respond to this one. I agree with you about Pedro and about this season. I don't understand why the Mets are so offensively challenged in the late innings. With the offense the Mets have, last nights game should have had a better outcome. Yes, Pedro blew it last night and Yes, the bullpen did get tagged with the loss, but championship teams find ways of winning games like yesterday. The only conclusion I could come of with which really bothers me, is maybe this team isn't championship worthy. Ed

Ed...I agree 1000%..maybe this team is not Championship caliber..maybe they make the playoffs but with that bullpen I can't see them going any further...

"Some late-game runs wouldn't be a bad thing, either."

Whoooahhhhh...I tip my cap to you, NostraMichael!

Well they win game 2 so while all may not be right, all is not wrong. They jump out in game 1, lose in the 13th. In game 2 they fall behind, and battle back to take the lead, and THE BULLPEN HOLDS! 6-3 win. I think Tuesday may have fired a spark and reminder, that it's going down to the wire. A day to rest today and then back to the grind Friday. Lets hope that the trip to Florida is a good one 2 of 3, while the Cubs handle the Phils for us. Lets go Mighty Mets!

Ed, Pal88 - I suspect that their failure to hit late in the game has something to do with pressing too hard. Sometimes something like this builds on itself. I've seen teams that have struggled in certain areas all year turn it around in September, and that's what we certainly hope. If they don't, then they certainly won't be championship worthy, and I doubt they'll even be in the playoffs.

Nostra - If you think I had anything to do with it, let me know how and I will do it 28 more times.

LJ - Amen

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