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The Bad Mets Return

Mike SteffanosMonday, August 25, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 131: Astros 6 - Mets 4 (10)

First off, I have to confess that I was sick all weekend and didn't watch much of this game. I can't really dissect what I saw from Oliver Perez or provide answers on why this offense can be so completely shut down for innings at a time.

I don't have any wise words of solace for fans who had to endure uninspiring baseball this weekend while the Phillies were sweeping the Dodgers. (By the way, does anyone else notice that whenever the Dodgers become a trendy pick for the post-season they fall to pieces?)

I've personally come to terms with the frustrating aspects of the 2008 Mets. I understand that they carry the potential seeds of their own destruction in their shaky bullpen and unfathomable ability to hit the ball late in games. Like a recovering alcoholic, I take each day with them one at a time. I don't let myself get too high when they do well, nor too low when they don't.

Some smart entrepreneur should put together a 2008 Mets fan survival kit, because they can be endearing one moment and maddening the next. I guess the bottom line for me is that I am grateful they found their way back into a pennant race after so much lousiness early on. If that sounds like rationalizing, it probably is.

I'm leaving in a few moments to head to tonight's game. I'll be meeting our terrific unofficial photographer Gary for the first time. I'm hoping Mike Pelfrey can stop the bleeding. I'm looking forward to it despite their recent struggles.

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Comments (4)

Hopefully they will pull out tonight's game and pump out some victories. I can't be mad at them for I am too recovering and don't want to jump off the wagon. It will be alright Mike.

I expected the Mets to split the 4 game series against the Astros- I didn't like their chances against Wolf, and they haven't figured out Moheler before the series. I expected them to win a squeaker in Game 1 with the duel of the aces of Santana/Oswalt, and win the Backe/Maine game, and lose the other two.

Instead, the Mets won the first game, as I predicted. They lost the Backe/Maine game, largely because of Maine's injury, and the good Backe (who the Mets haven't seen much of) showing up. They also lost, as predicted, the Wolf game (even though they did touch Wolf up for 4 runs) where Manuel made one of the few mistakes in his tenure as Mets manager- he put Heilman in the 7th, and blew that one. And then Pelfrey pitches like the ace he is becoming, and the Mets finally figured out Moheler (or at least Delgado and Reyes did).

So, I'm not worried about losing 2 games and splitting a series with the Astros. It'd have been great to see the Dodgers actually win a game or two against the Phillies, but I guess Joe Torre wanted to annoy Mets fans more by losing. Oh well.

Mets have Pedro and Johan going against the Phillies next- let's hope they bring their A games!

Wow! two compleat games in a row and almost a shutout, Big Pelf. has been a breath of fresh air for us in this strange year for the Mets. Man it's a good thing I am not the G/M because I had him going in almost every major trade when they would ask for one of our top prospects.I think Castillo back in the line-up is a good thing and if you have Castillo and Murphy back to back it gives you two guys who can work the count.If we get to the play offs we will be fine with our pitching. The trick is getting there. And now it looks like we will have to work it with smoke and mirrors and a few rabbits out of the hat to pull it off. I still think we can do this.

Thanks, LJ.

Good point about Torre, Jason. The Mets have a mighty tough road trip coming up, I wish he was managing some of the teams we're playing.

Al, that's a good point about Castillo being willing to work the count. I'm working hard at believing, but I'm not making any playoff plans yet, particularly with Maine shut down (although I think it was the right thing to do).

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