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Pulling One Out Of the Fire

Mike SteffanosWednesday, September 10, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

Game 144: Mets 10 - Nationals 8

Not all that long ago, a night this bad from a starting pitcher would have led to a dreary blowout loss for the Mets, particularly when that starter had given up two leads.

Given the uncertainty in the bullpen and the bottom of the rotation, the fighting instinct the Mets have rediscovered will stand them in good stead. September is all about winning, and how pretty it looked matters not at all.

Just a few quick notes:

Carlos Delgado's September numbers (7 Games):
11-26, 5 HR 10 RBI, .423/.483/1.000

Interestingly enough, though, only 3 BB. At what point do opposing managers just walk him every chance they get?

By the way, I stay out of the MVP talk because nobody can define to my satisfaction what an MVP actually is. Everyone has a different definition, including whether the MVP has to come from a playoff team. What they should probably do is have a position player equivalent to the Cy Young and reward a player like Pujols for being the best in the league. MVP should be simply that -- the player who contributed the most to a team's playoff run.

I could care less if Delgado receives serious consideration for the award. What I care about is him helping us win.

Damion Easley is writing a nice story for himself for a guy who many criticized the Mets for re-signing.

Brian Schneider is slugging .356 on the season. If that seems unimpressive, consider that his slugging percentage was under .300 as late as August 5. Schneider has slugged over .500 for the past month and has been a legitimate (if not awesome) bat in the lineup against right-handers, against whom he is hitting .279/.358/.403 on the season. Keep him away from left-handers (.185/.185/.293 in 65 AB) and he gives you reasonable offense. Too bad Ramon Castro can't stay healthy for a full season.

View Oliver Perez's Full Season Stats

Box Score

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Comments (2)

DELGADO WOW!!!! i agree with u mike..just win baby..could care less about mvp..just make the playoffs..one more dumb thing the media is starting..d wright's supposed poor #'s with men in scoring position..imho, a lot of noise about nothing..he has 106 rbi's, 25 hrs, 38 doubles, will bat close to .300 and is playing a dynamite third base.plus he never misses a game.my question to writers trying to drum up this nonsense is "who in the nl would u trade him for to play 3rd who is better"? after the parade of bums at third for the mets all these years how can any met fan criticize wright? LETS GO METS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree on the Wright talk, the guy is still having an outstanding year. He tends to get into that pull everything funk, but he somehow remembers rightfield and begins to hit the opposite way. I think if there is not one negative thing really happening to or about the Mets, someone always has to drum up some nonsense. It's nice to be marked and hated this time of year!

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