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Generic Hot Stove Blog Entry

Chuck RothmanMonday, November 3, 2008
By Chuck Rothman

Provided as a public service for Mets bloggers everywhere (select the options below to fill any blog entry):

If the Mets want to be in the postseason next year, it's clear they must address their problems [in the bullpen/at second base/at left field/at catcher/on the bench/other position]. And in order to do this, they need to consider [name of player].

Last year, [name of player] went [Insert statistics]. [If a batter, indicate he is a good fielder, the positions he plays, and how the person he replaces can be traded for someone even better]. [If a reliever, indicate he can get both lefties and righties out]. He also [list several other sterling qualities] and is [a great clubhouse guy who always gives 100%/not the clubhouse cancer people say he can be]. He is available [as a free agent/through a trade] and Omar should expend every effort to acquire him.

[If free agent]

[Name of Player] will probably be willing to sign for [dollars] for [number] years. [If player is under 30, he is in his prime/if player is over 30, too many years may be a problem.] He [has/has not] shown an interest in playing for the Mets [If "has not," he may decide to sign if [insert reason ­ usually a ton of money]]. [Add additional reasons why the Mets are front runners ­ climate, new stadium, tickets to Broadway shows, etc. However, [Point out two potential pitfalls of signing], but it's a risk work taking.

[If trade]

[Player's team] is looking to [reduce salary/go with youth/add a veteran]. If we put together a package of [random list of Mets prospects and players], they might be willing to part with him. He will be under contract for another [number] years. [if "number" less than 2] We should have him sign a new contract as part of the trade. Critics have said [insert criticism], but [a change of scene will help/the problems were overhyped/the numbers disprove it]. But it's a risk worth taking.

The deal might be just what the team needs to do to bring the postseason to Citi Field. Omar should seriously consider it.

About Chuck Rothman: I haven't always been a Mets fan, since I started following baseball one year too early. But I've been rooting for them since 1965, and is so much a fan that I actually remember Sean Fitzmaurice's big league debut, that Chuck Estrada was the winning pitcher for Tom Seaver's first big-league start, and that Newsday predicted the Mets would win the pennant in 1969. For forty years, he's been living and dying with the team. Mostly the latter, alas, but it hasn't shaken my confidence -- if you root for a team, you stick with it.   Read More -->

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Comments (1)

Chuck - It's good to hear from you again; it's been far too long between posts.

The only minor tweak I'd make in your boilerplate is to change "[random list of Mets prospects and players]" to "[Aaron Heilman, Luis Castillo, and two random Mets prospects]". Other than that, you've created the template for the entire winter. Now none of us have to buy a Newsday or New York Post, unless we want to do the Sudoku. Bless you, sir!

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