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Winter Meetings Day Two

Mike SteffanosWednesday, December 10, 2008
By Mike Steffanos

To the surprise of nobody, the Mets and Francisco Rodriguez are on the verge of a deal. However, still needing a bridge to K-Rod and a couple more starters, Omar's work has barely begun.

There were reports that the Mets are pursuing Raul Ibanez, which still doesn't make much sense to me. While I can't deny he has been a durable guy, playing 162 games for Seattle last year, Ibanez will turn 37 in June. I find it hard to believe the Mets want to roll the dice with another older veteran after being burned so often recently. By all accounts, Ibanez is looking for more than a 1-year deal, too. Plus he's a lefty, and the Mets lineup is badly in need of some RH bats to balance it out.

Unless the Mets plan on using Ryan Church in a deal for a pitcher, I still like the idea of going with the Tatis-Murphy platoon in LF and looking for a right-handed 1B/OF type with some pop to spell Delgado and Church.

They still need to get a eighth inning reliever and two starters. Rather than invest a lot in a guy like Ibanez I'd like to see them put together a really strong bench. Depth was a big problem in 2008 -- not as obvious as the bullpen, but it cost them some games in a season where just one more win would have meant everything.

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Comments (2)

I do not want Ibanez. I think he is a good addition to any team, just not the Mets lefty heavy lineup at this time. As you said previously, we have to see how recovered Church is, we saw a sample of what he could do knowing he was the full time rightfielder in the lineup everyday. I realize his numbers early probably did not indicate accurately what he would do over a full season, but I though and still believe he could put up roughly 20+ HRs and 80-100 rbi's while batting between .285 and .300. I would give him the benefit of the pre-2nd concussion until he shows otherwise. With that said I do believe the Mets need a solid righthand bat, that could potentially provide the same numbers if your not going to platoon Tatis & Murphy. I have confidence in that platoon scenario, each would get significant amount of atbats, rest, along with giving a blow to other position players. I would have liked to have had a guy like Casey, but his potential money + years, and then he would have to have the playing time to justify both, so X that. Mets need a righty off the bench with some pop and pinch hit experience. Of course two more bullpen arms and another starter or(2)and decide what to do with the catching situation. The Schnieder to Boston rumor aside, the catching was not that bad, but could be improved, but where and whom is the question. Well step one down, Hello K-Rod and welcome to NY! Now what other goodies can Santa provide?

Omar has now plugged the biggest hole in the boat. Surprisingly, the deal also makes good financial sense as well. Here's the controversy du jour - what uniform number does K-Rod get? The number he wore for the Halos (57) is kind of taken.

Despite others' misgivings, I have no problem with a Tatis/Murphy platoon in left. Both Mets championship teams made use of platoons very successfully, and these guys complement each other well. Next step, in my view, is working backwards from the ninth inning. Get an 8th inning guy, get a 7th inning guy, and get a starter.

I hear tell they're even considering making Pedro a one-year offer. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

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