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What If Lowe Goes Elsewhere?

Mike SteffanosThursday, January 8, 2009
By Mike Steffanos

The whole Derek Lowe saga is taking on some of the aspects of the Santana pursuit from last year. Everything you read on the subject seems to contradict what you have just previously read.

You can't help but ask yourself at this point what might happen if Lowe signs somewhere else. Say what you want about Ollie Perez, but he's the only other starting pitcher in this free agent class who is relatively healthy and is more than just bottom of the rotation material.

If Lowe is gone, perhaps the action heats up for Perez to a point where the Mets don't want to go. I don't believe this is very likely, but it's far from impossible. If that happens, I don't think there is any question that the starting rotation would be a huge concern for the Mets heading into the season.

There was a time when Randy Wolf was a heck of a pitcher, but there was also a time when mullets were cool. Neither statement is true today.

If the Mets sign Wolf, the pressure will be on Mike Pelfrey and John Maine to deliver. In an ideal world, you'd like both of those young pitchers to have some breathing room.

Perhaps this makes the Mets consider the talented but fragile Ben Sheets. I thought Sheets might have been the best pitcher in the NL back in 2004, but the problem is that he hasn't been really healthy since.

With 198 innings last season, you would think interest would be there among many teams, but Sheets has had nagging elbow and shoulder problems. Those 198 innings mark his first time over 156 innings since that 2004 campaign. He'll be 30 next July, and you wonder if he's not going to be another of those guys who burn bright for a short time and then disappear.

The same questions that have most teams shying away from him make Sheets a possible bargain pickup with a relatively short and incentive-laden contract. Given the Mets recently history with talented pitchers who can't stay healthy, however, you wonder if they really want to go down that road again. It's an interesting question for which I hope we never get an answer.

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Comments (3)

Well if he does, it will be Ollie, and probably one of these 5: Redding, Wolf, Pedro, Garland, & possibly Sheets. I would like Lowe, but if he honestly thinks he should get 60+ million for 4 and the Mets don't budge, I won't be that broke up about it. Sure he is a quality pitcher, showed consistancy, and has good numbers, but he is not an "Ace", the Mets don't need an Ace, and I believe that is too much dough to be shelling out for a guy who most likely won't sniff 190 career wins. As an adult I have had to come to grips with MLB being a business, not the past time I believed it was when I was a kid. It is a profession, and like any other worker, players want to be compensated for their efforts. I am not mad at Lowe, really not Boras either, the only thing that rubs my rubarb is that they drag these things out for weeks. My thing is tell the Mets, "aint no way Lowe signs for less than 60mil & 4yrs and that is final!" Then they can say cool, peace, and move on to the next thing. It's the "negotiation process" that irks me. I think players should be fairly compensated, they perform and depending on how they perform determines their reward. Owners have the venue and they make oodles of money, but I still find it hard to fathom an indivdual making 25+mil a year in anything, except if they were curing cancer, aids, or eliminating worldwide hunger, or something of those likes. Anyway just give me the league minimum, I'll give them 32 quality starts!

right on l.j. i'm getting tired of the whole lowe situation. either sign him or move on. period. we need to get our rotation in order and if omar doesn't have the approved funds lets get the bottom tier guys locked up and ride this by the seeds of our pants and pray that the young guys step up and hopefully catch lightning in a bottle. just too bad having a new stadium and t.v.network that we have to be concerned about salaries but we aren't the big boys so either ride it out or..............

I agree with the prior posts, but I think that what is holding up the Lowe signing is Lowe and/or Boras. If they want a certain number that is higher than the Mets offer, then state what it is and go elsewhere. If there are no other players then negotiate and get on with it.
Actually, I am surprised that the owners are playing Boras' game and allowing him to extend out the market with this one client at a time negotiation thing. Doesn't he have an office full of people, and is it really beneficial for Oliver Perez to wait until Lowe's contract has completed?
I would think that whatever Lowe gets sets the high point for Perez and the negotiation will start way south of there.

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