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Belated Sunday Reading

Mike SteffanosMonday, March 23, 2009
By Mike Steffanos

I know, it's not really Sunday any more, but after missing a couple of days I thought I'd ease back into posting with the usual Sunday feature.

Both my Mets-related reading and writing suffered this week due to a backlog of work and ill-timed back issues, but there were a couple of items I did have time to look at that I thought were outstanding.

As a long-time Mets fan, I've always appreciated the quality of the men who called the games. Hearing a recording of Bob Murphy immediately calls to mind sitting on the porch on a balmy summer evening listening to Murph on the radio. Ralph Kiner might trip on a few words here and there, but he also was excellent at both analysis and storytelling.

While even most younger Mets fans are familiar with those two, Lindsey Nelson is another story. It's been over 30 years since Nelson moved on and broke up the broadcast team that had been together since day 1. If younger Mets fans know Nelson at all it as probably as the guy who wore the really hideous sports jackets.

As a service to both those of us who remember him well and those who don't, Mets Geek's Alex Nelson put together a really nice piece on a terrific broadcaster. It brought back some really good memories for me. Check it out.

In the continuing saga of people around baseball writing and saying nice things about Daniel Murphy, ESPN's Buster Olney has tabbed Murphy as one of his Ten players to watch in 2009, saying "Everybody who sees his at-bats walks away thinking they've just seen one of the most savvy young hitters in the sport."

I like Murphy, and have been on board with the Mets giving him a shot since back before it was fashionable to do so. I still think the big test for Murphy is how he reacts when he's in his first prolonged slump and some folks start calling for his head. I do think he has the makeup to survive it, but you never know.

Finally, got an interesting email from Mike, who is one of the principles in a new Mets blog named The Wright Stache:

My friends and I have started a new site called The Wright Stache. Our goal: Convince David Wright to grow a mustache.

We focus on reasons why David should grow a mustache, great mustaches in Mets history and, once the season starts, we'll monitor David's performance in mustache-related terms.

Of course, we are Mets fans. We're doing this to engage more fans, amuse ourselves and our readers and support David and the Mets in a unique way.

I've had a moustache for more than 25 years. I grew it for no special reason and kept it because it suited me. My moustache has seen only one title for the Mets, so I'm fairly skeptical about the power of facial hair. Still, these guys seem to be having fun, and that's what it's all about.

About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Simple times, fun baseball and Lindsey Nelsons voice from spring training Fla. Some of my Met foundation, I am still building on.A good read by
Mets Geek Alex Nelson, for us old guys, Thanks.

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