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Like it or Not, These are the Mets

Michael SimonThursday, April 30, 2009
By Michael Simon

Two weeks after sounding an early alarm on the 2009 Mets season, I am still waiting and hoping to be proved wrong. The lineup still NEVER gets a big hit, and when Santana isn't pitching the rotation is below average.

Yes, I realize that the season is young and records in April don't mean much. But at some point the "it's still early" excuse gets old. The Mets have shown no reason to believe that they will break the spell of the last two seasons, mainly because they are showing many of the same exact flaws.

At some point we have to accept that this group of hitters, led by David Wright, will put up good stats but rarely come through in the clutch. Not one Mets hitter has shown an ability to get the hit that puts the other team away for good, or the hit that completes a comeback. If the team is down by a couple of runs in the late innings, you might as well change the channel.

Fortunately the bullpen problem has been fixed, but that doesn't matter much when the starters consistently leave in the fifth inning with the team trailing. And while Oliver Perez may fool us once in a while, we should all realize by now that he is simply just not a good major league pitcher.

The poor record can and most likely will be overcome, but the lingering flaws from years past are likely to doom this team. Until they can break out of these bad habits, the 2009 Mets will never live up to our expectations as an elite team. Maybe it's time we lower them for our own sanity.

About Michael: I graduated from Union College in '06 with a Bachelors in Political Science and Spanish. I currently live in New York City and work for an internet marketing company. My love for the Mets started when I was about 5 years old and started going to games at Shea with my dad. Aside from watching and following the Mets, some of my favorite hobbies include skiing, reading, and traveling to new places.

Comments (4)

People want to break this core group up already.....now that's insanity. Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Church, Santana, Pelfrey, Frankie, & Murph too,
I say must stay. I always thought an upgrade at catcher and the rotation was a must. It's easy to armchair G.M. after the fact, but I was all for paying and getting Lowe instead of Ollie. Then again I was one who though Garcia would have been good by mid-summer, and if added Sheets would have made this an elite rotation. Now with Garcia released & Sheets having under gone surgery, some of my choices don't look too smart. Anyway, this crew is not that bad, but they are playing very uninspired baseball. Something needs to happen to these guys to get them going. Someone mentioned a brawl, maybe a hit by pitch, a hard take out at second, trucking the catcher? I don't know, something! But then again, maybe this group is just not like that at all, collectively they may just be a mellow bunch of fellows. So we who support them that maybe "hard-core", might have to change ourselves into a much more accepting, kinder, gentle fan. Roll with the punches, say the glass is half full, be glad in the fact that our team has been over .500 4 straight years and contended right up til the last game! Hoooooraaaaaahhh! Whatever, come on guys, your getting paid a lot of money and when I come home this summer to visit Citifield, in the flesh, I want to see my Mets atop the division, and playing quality baseball. So pull your heads out of your rears, and start playing some old fashion hardnosed baseball! Make Keith Hernandez the hitting coach.....lol....do something! Go Mets 2009!

just spent 5 days in fort lauderdale..went into a bar thursday afternoon to watch last 2 innings of the game..saw putz morph into heilman right before my eyes.right before putz came into the game, jorge cantu who is a fill in first baseman goes gold glove on church and saves 2 runs.in the bottom of the eigth, bonifacio goes gold glove and saves a run.than we get to the ninth, bases loaded and manuel has a brain cramp and bats a righty for a righty who pops up to end the game..all the marlins fans around me stand up and cheer..thank u omir santos!!at this point, it's still april amd we could be leading the division by memorial day..that's the good news..the bad news is we could be 10 games out by memorial day and it wouldn't surprise me either..really don't know what to say anymore, other than i'm really tired of this group of guys finding different ways to lose games all the time.going to philly sunday for the game.maybe the short fences will wake up a few bats ..

"the 2009 Mets will never live up to our expectations as an elite team"

Is this a serious comment? The season is some twenty games old and we're already claiming that the Mets are "doomed" again? The one game I was able to make it to saw the Metsies clobber the Marlins 7-1, and featured strong starting pitching, and clutch hitting - or, the two things you say the Mets suck at. While I know this is only one game, it seemed that this was a sign of things to come. So before you start going all pessimistic on us Met fans, try looking at the schedule. We got 140 more to go.

Well, I liked what I saw of John Maine last time out; and Pelfrey bought himself some more time. In retrospect we should have expected an adjustment period from Maine -- no doubt his shoulder feels very different than before -- and personally I DID expect Pelf to struggle a bit this year.

I'll be watching Perez' outing very closely, and no doubt Manuel will as well. But, you know, if he pitches poorly I bet they keep running him out there for a while longer, waiting for the miracle. Do they have a better option?

I am not enjoying this, not the lousy hitting in run-producing situations, not the shaky starting pitching, not the realization that the Mets now play in a horrificly overpriced ballpark with notable drawbacks that could have been avoided. But Wright will start hitting, the offensive sequences will extend and things will look much, much better. Soon, I hope.

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